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Watch: Ky. Police Officer Fatally Shoots an African Immigrant


The surveillance video shows a man stagger away from a police officer and out of the frame. He charges back into view seconds later, a 7-foot flagpole reared over his shoulder, and he swings it wildly at the officer. The man, a 35-year-old African immigrant, was shot twice by the Louisville Metro Police officer Saturday afternoon and died, sparking a ...

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We are about to take you back! Way back! Back into time! Before Janet Jackson was a singing sensation, she was an actress on a few well known sitcoms in the 70’s and 80’s. In this video, she actually shows off her love for singing while on the popular television show ‘Different Stokes.’ Enjoy.

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In this rare clip, Malcolm X and literary legend James Baldwin discuss the protest tactics that black people, specifically college students, were practicing during that time. Malcolm X, who was known for his unconventional methods of thinking, felt that the “sit-in” movements that were being held all across certain places in America, weren’t effective. He felt that what were natural ...

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Benjamin Dixon: Let’s Stop Lying About Black Fathers (VIDEO)

Everthin Youve Been Told About Black Fathers is A lie

By Benjamin Dixon Several months ago, a woman observed me caring for my kids as I walked them down the sidewalk to their doctor’s appointment. As we walked towards the building, the woman approached me and said, “You’re such a good example of a black father.” I didn’t understand it at the time, but what she meant to be a compliment ...

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Dr Samori Swygert: Are HBCU’s still relevant? Hell yes!


Dr Samori Swygert has a great deal to say about HBCUs. He discusses the fact that many people consider HBCUs to be irrelevant, as if racism no longer exists and black people have achieved economic and educational parity in America. Most indicators say that this is not the truth. Listen to the video below and tell us what HBCUs mean ...

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7 things you might do to ruin your chances at a relationship


Ladies … you need to get over yourselves! During my 12 years as a relationship expert, I’ve noticed a trend repeating itself over and over (… andover) again. What might that trend be, exactly? Bright, beautiful, professional women succeeding at everything except one thing — Dating.  But more specifically, online dating, with a great majority of women who go out on a first ...

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How to talk about religion without it turning into a fight


Reported by Liku Zelleke “According to various strangers on the Internet, I’m going to H*ll,” writes John Pavlovitz. “I’ve got told so several times a week by Internet commenters who disagree with things I write.” The sobering line instantly catches readers’ attention and makes one wonder what it could be that has had him d*mned for eternity by strangers who ...

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Dr Roosevelt Mitchell III: Some “black” movies are flat out depressing

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 8.27.19 PM

Roosevelt Mitchell III speaks with film director Marcus Small about his latest film, The Melanin Code. The Melanin Code is an instructional video for black people to create a better community and world for the race. The film, inspired by Dr. Umar Johnson and Tariq Nasheed, includes a new “code of conduct” for black people. The code of conduct addresses ...

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Principal of majority-black school says Mckinney cop should be commended


by Dr Roosevelt Mitchell III Alberto Iber, a South Florida Principal of a majority black school, has been removed from his position because of Facebook posts that he made defending McKinney, Texas police Corporal Eric Casebolt. “He did nothing wrong. He was afraid for his life,” Iber posted on a Miami Herald story. “I commend him for his actions.” Miami-Dade ...

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