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Dr Boyce Watkins: BET, Sheila Johnson and the price of Economic Servitude (Podcast)


Podcast: Play in new window | Download by Dr Boyce Watkins Sheila Johnson is the co-founder of Black Entertainment Television, which she founded with her ex-husband Bob Johnson in 1980.  The network has been consistently criticized over the years for providing content for black people that is either brainless or self-destructive.   Johnson has taken some hits for this and ... Read More »

A Dose of Optimism: A Time for Everything | Latisha Renée Hooker


By Latisha Renée Hooker It has truly been a wondrous year. Alot of information, confirmation, and revelation, and learning to count it all joy. I have another “clean” bill of health with exceptional hearing and eyesight. Yes, I literally see and hear all. I have meet some amazing people and have truly been blessed and humbled in being a catalyst for ... Read More »

ESPN’s Chris Broussard: Violent hip-hop music is racism against black men

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 11.51.14 AM

ESPN’s Chris Broussard has gotten into trouble in the past for speaking his mind and being honest.  But as a devoted black man and Christian, Chris doesn’t flinch in the face of controversy.  This week, Chris sat down with Dr Boyce Watkins to discuss the state of black men in this country and what we need to do in order ... Read More »

Signs Your Relationship Is Going To Fail | Dr. D. Ivan Young

divorced-couple (1)

By Dr. D. Ivan Young The fact you’re reading this article right now is no coincidence. Your subconscious, Your Spirit, is trying to protect you from a future disaster. Before you say I do, before you move in, before you introduce this future mistake to your friends and relatives, there are some things you’d better beware of  – Those Apocalyptic Warning Signs. In ... Read More »

Dr Samori Swygert: Ladies don’t search for men


By Samori Swygert Successfully navigating the dating scene for African American women can sometimes be daunting and depressing. This isn’t just my assertion, this is a repetitive concern expressed by many of my female friends, colleagues, and sisters of the young men in my life. The idea of being married and having a family by your early 30s can stimulate ... Read More »

10 signs that you might be depressed and not even know it

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By Victor Ochieng Estimates released by the Center for Disease Control indicate that up to 19 million Americans are victims of depression. There are several kinds of depression that ranges from causing extremely serious side-effects that may last for weeks and even years, while other forms are quite mild. There have been reports by CDC that 10-25% of women and ... Read More »