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Why is hip-hop ghost-writing so taboo?

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Grammy award winning artist Drake has been accused of not writing his own lyrics. Rapper Meek Mill asked Drake to rap a verse on his album and then later stated that Drake had someone else to write the rap for him. Meek Mill went to twitter and instagram blasting Drake about it. Drake has responded by releasing two diss records ...

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The Columbian government says US soldiers have been molesting young girls and filming it

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Here’s a shocking news story you probably haven’t heard about: American soldiers and contractors based in Colombia are alleged to have sexually assaulted dozens of young girls between 2003 and 2007, with some of the attacks being taped and sold as adult films. In the article titled “Blind to Latin America,” nationally syndicated columnist Esther Cepeda brings attention to this ...

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“I don’t talk about race with white people,” says writer


Reported by Liku Zelleke For a writer who claims he is “quite likely the worst writer in the world,” John Metta does have an eloquent way of putting his thoughts on any subject on paper – or rather a website, to be more precise. The former Park Ranger, Navy Submariner, Army medic and a current writer, wrote an article entitled ...

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Ryan Mack: F**k the Confederate Flag, I want a job!


Written By Ryan Mack, Author of Living in the Village On the morning that Governor Nikki Haley signed the legislation to take down the Confederate flag of South Carolina, I was in Baltimore spending time with young adults aging out of the foster care system. Most of these young people in this program had previously been arrested for a crime.  ...

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Dr Roosevelt Mitchell III: This man is the new Black Muppet for Fox News

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Fox News really deserves a standing ovation for being great at their jobs. Somehow and someway they seem to find one black “Manchurian commentator” or black puppet after another for their network. Now they have found Kevin Jackson, director of BlackSphere.net and author of Race Pimp, as the next in line. This guy has recently spoken some outlandish and idiotic ...

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