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This Week in Black and White: Why this woman hates Al Sharpton

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From Dr Boyce Watkins: I’ll admit that these conversations with Susan Patton (aka The Princeton Mom) are among the most stressful conversations I’ve ever had in my life. But I realized that in order for all of us to learn, we should do something that most people in America aren’t doing right now: Talk to people who disagree with us. ... Read More »

8 Celebrities That Have A Reputation For Being “Difficult”


When working as a successful entertainer, a great part of the gig is the access that you have to anything you want. Which can be good and terrible at the same time. When a person is not used to hearing the word “No,”  it can really influence the way they deal with others. With enough negative interactions they can come off entitled, arrogant, ... Read More »

Why are so many black boys placed in special education? (Podcast)

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Podcast: Play in new window | Download from Dr Boyce Watkins According to the National Educational Association, black and brown boys make up 80% of all kids in special education. While special education can be an important and necessary supplement to help students obtain an equal and high quality education, it is often used as an excuse for setting low ... Read More »

How To Maintain A Level Head Under Pressure| Kristie Kennedy


By: Kristie Kennedy It is very easy at the onset of experiencing a disagreement with another, being corrected for poor performance whether just or unjustly to breathe fire from our lips. Often the path of humility is not our first course of action. When we feel as if we have been misjudged, treated unfairly or had our notable acts of grandeur ... Read More »