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Dr Boyce Watkins discusses Empire on Access Hollywood

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In this clip from Access Hollywood, Dr Boyce Watkins explains his concerns about the hit television show “Empire.” Watkins defines himself as a “conscientious objector” to the show, but not someone who holds ill will toward those who choose to watch. The show has become a huge hit, with millions of fans. But there are some social commentators who are ...

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Missouri Governor says DOJ is filled with “black radicals”

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According to the New York Post: Missouri’s lieutenant governor is accusing Justice Department officials of “fanning the flames of racial division,” as the federal agency is criticizing Ferguson police for alleged racial biases following the fatal shooting of Michael Brown. Republican Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder on Tuesday also asserted that the department was “staffed with Marxists and black radicals” and ...

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Dr Boyce: Common, when speaking on racism, you must NEVER forget the past


Podcast: Play in new window | Download Here I talk about remarks made on The Daily Show in which he said that to achieve racial harmony, blacks should “forget about the past” and extend their hand in love to whites. My argument here is that racism is far more complex than that. Understanding history is the key to eliminating racism; ...

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Dr Boyce & Nomalanga: Does RHOA star Claudia Jordan hate black people?


Podcast: Play in new window | Download Here, Nomalanaga and Dr Boyce Watkins discuss controversial comments by Real Housewives star Claudia Jordan. She was recently criticized for comparing one of her facebook fans to a gorilla. This led Claudia to reach out to Nomalanga to try to clear the air. That’s what this conversation is all about. You can either ...

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Zaza Ali has concerns about Tariq Nasheed’s “Hidden Colors” audience

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There’s been an interesting back and forth between Tariq Nasheed, Zaza Ali and Professor Griff that has gotten the attention of large online communities. Nasheed is the creator of the film, “Hidden Colors,” and a lot of people were surprised to see these three going at it in this way. Zaza says she is concerned with a picture of women ...

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Dr. Sinclair Grey III – The Double-Edged Sword of Racism


By Dr. Sinclair Grey III The recent actions by some members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon that went viral has sparked outrage. Watching and listening to students chant racial slurs was disheartening. What’s even more problematic is the fact than an apology was given by the perpetrators and for some reason, we are supposed to accept their apology. Okay, let’s deal ...

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Dr Wilmer Leon: Do the Obamas and Clintons hate each other? (Podcast)


Podcast: Play in new window | Download Many conservative media outlets recently claimed that Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett was responsible for the leaks which led to a costly investigation into the activities of Hillary Clinton right before she was set to announce her candidacy for president.   There have been other claims that Obama stepped in front of Hillary’s place ...

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Dr Boyce Watkins: About Creflo Dollar and that $65M dollar Jet……


Recently, Pastor Creflo Dollar asked his members to help him raise $65 million dollars for a private jet. The request seems a bit audacious on the surface, for good reason. But there are other ways to analyze this move in the context of what the black church actually means to many black people. The fact is that the church may ...

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