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Benjamin Dixon: Here’s what Facebook did to the white guy who spoke on racism

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Facebook has, yet again, taken down the video by “Dixin White” — the self proclaimed “redneck” that spoke out against racism and white supremacy. The sad irony is that Facebook has yet to remove videos with graphic violence, sexually explicit content, or hateful racist videos. But this video they remove. As if we didn’t know why. There is a serious ...

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Entrepreneur lost business making six-figures because she grew too fast

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Roosevelt Mitchell III speaks to an entrepreneur who lost it all because her business grew too fast. Many people think businesses fall apart due to a lack of profitability, but that’s not true. Actually, most businesses die due to a lack of access to capital and liquidity problems that result from growing too fast. Check out the video and tell ...

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Dr Boyce Watkins: Deion’s intervention is what a father is supposed to do


by Dr Boyce Watkins I read with curiosity the very interesting public exchange between Deion Sanders and his son, Deion Sanders Jr.  The Twitter talk between the two evolved from a father-son check over the use of the term “hood doughnuts.”  Here’s how it went down: Deion Sanders Jr:  “Gotta get the hood doughnuts almost every morning. If my doughnuts ...

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No Bueno: 47 Percent of Black Households Do NOT Have an Emergency Savings


Reported by Taylor Miller Many Americans are faced with a lot of financial problems, and this is a fact for 47% of African-American families. According to Neighbor Works America, a survey conducted in its second-annual consumer finance report found that approximately 34% of Americans don’t have any emergency savings and 25% of Americans have only enough to support themselves for ...

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8 Community-Oriented Programs The Black Panther Party Started That Black Churches Lack


Reported by Liku Zelleke Before it was dismantled after government infiltrations and the death of its leader, Huey Percy Newton, The Black Panther Party (BPP) was known for implementing a few social programs that were critical in helping black communities across the country. Below are eight such programs: The Black Student Alliance – A union of Black students that was founded ...

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Meet the Man Who’s Exposing Systemic Racism to Save Our Kids


Reported by Maria Lloyd Rahiem Shabazz, a New York native, is an award-winning filmmaker, a father, and an entrepreneur.  Of all the titles he sports, the one he’s most known for is activist. Shabazz has been on a crusade to expose the school-to-prison pipeline, a form of systemic racism that funnels poor children of color through a cycle to imprisonment. His film ...

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Dr Samori Swygert’s touching tribute to our fallen heroes

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Dr Samori Swygert has set the world on fire with his amazing commentary. But he also has a creative spark, spitting the kind of poetry and lyrical content that you’ll always remember. Here Dr Swgert talks about our fallen heroes and those we’ve protested for in the black community. The movement started a few years ago, and it continues. Check ...

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