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A Staggering 78 Percent of Former NFL Athletes Are Facing Financial Ruin


Reported by Victor Ochieng Apart from the numerous cases of injuries associated with football, many people admire the lives of NFL players. During their prime, they have all the glamour, enough cash to purchase sleek cars, and homes that are out of reach for many Americans. However, in retirement, most of the players find their luxury lives elusive due to ...

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Ludacris’ child’s mother writes open letter to get her baby back


Tamika Fuller is the mother of a daughter conceived with the rapper Ludacris. The two engaged in a nasty custody battle, which led to the rapper getting full custody of the child. Tameka wrote an open letter ot the public explaining that the rapper didn’t want her to have the baby and begged her to get an abortion. It’s ugly. ...

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If you love your family, make sure your insurance situation is right

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by Angela Braden Take out a life insurance policy on yourself. Your family and friends shouldn’t have to beg, borrow, and/or steal to come up with the money to put you in the ground or cremate you. The one guarantee we have in life is that we will surely die. Therefore, it is wise and responsible to get a life ...

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Benjamin Dixon: Here’s what Facebook did to the white guy who spoke on racism

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Facebook has, yet again, taken down the video by “Dixin White” — the self proclaimed “redneck” that spoke out against racism and white supremacy. The sad irony is that Facebook has yet to remove videos with graphic violence, sexually explicit content, or hateful racist videos. But this video they remove. As if we didn’t know why. There is a serious ...

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Entrepreneur lost business making six-figures because she grew too fast

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Roosevelt Mitchell III speaks to an entrepreneur who lost it all because her business grew too fast. Many people think businesses fall apart due to a lack of profitability, but that’s not true. Actually, most businesses die due to a lack of access to capital and liquidity problems that result from growing too fast. Check out the video and tell ...

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Dr Boyce Watkins: Deion’s intervention is what a father is supposed to do


by Dr Boyce Watkins I read with curiosity the very interesting public exchange between Deion Sanders and his son, Deion Sanders Jr.  The Twitter talk between the two evolved from a father-son check over the use of the term “hood doughnuts.”  Here’s how it went down: Deion Sanders Jr:  “Gotta get the hood doughnuts almost every morning. If my doughnuts ...

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