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Cornel West fires back at Dyson: “Deep integrity must trump cheap popularity”


The Internet was abuzz this week after a scathing 10,000 word article was released in The New Republic by scholar Michael Eric Dyson.  The article, titled “The Ghost of Cornel West,” was a shock to some, fully unveiling the long-standing feud between two of black America’s leading intellectuals.  The piece may end up going down in history, since it defines ...

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Here’s Michael Eric Dyson being very critical of President Obama five years ago

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 11.45.05 AM

Some were surprised about Michael Eric Dyson’s ardent defense of Dr Cornel West.  But what people don’t recall is that Dyson said some pretty interesting things about Obama a few years ago.  Here’s an interview Dyson did five years ago, claiming that President Obama has been ineffective on race.   The question to ask is, “Why did you change your ...

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Dr Wilmer Leon notes: Dyson never actually proved West was wrong about Obama

The West – Dyson Exchange; Less Personal Animus More Policy Analysis By Dr. Wilmer J. Leon, III In response to Dr. Cornel West’s public criticisms of individuals such as Rev. Sharpton, Melissa Harris Perry, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson and others (especially President Obama); Dyson published his personal response entitled The Ghost of Cornel West. In this more than 10,000 word ...

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A Staggering 78 Percent of Former NFL Athletes Are Facing Financial Ruin


Reported by Victor Ochieng Apart from the numerous cases of injuries associated with football, many people admire the lives of NFL players. During their prime, they have all the glamour, enough cash to purchase sleek cars, and homes that are out of reach for many Americans. However, in retirement, most of the players find their luxury lives elusive due to ...

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Ludacris’ child’s mother writes open letter to get her baby back


Tamika Fuller is the mother of a daughter conceived with the rapper Ludacris. The two engaged in a nasty custody battle, which led to the rapper getting full custody of the child. Tameka wrote an open letter ot the public explaining that the rapper didn’t want her to have the baby and begged her to get an abortion. It’s ugly. ...

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