Black Women

5 writers that the FBI considered to be too dangerous


by G. Brown They were artistic, smart and in tune with the plight of Black Americans. Their writings explored and illuminated the intricate and  oppressive traps of racial, sexual and class discrimination in this country. They have been praised for their prose and commended for their civil rights awareness and work. They also were deemed dangerous by the Federal Bureau ...

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Two NOLA Teens Allegedly Killed Oil Company Executive and Son “execution style”

oil exec killers

By Victor O. Police have reportedly slammed two teenagers with murder charges in connection with the killing of a Louisiana oil company executive and his son. Police revealed on Sunday that 17-year-old Dexter Allen and 18-year-old Haraqyon Degruy have been arrested and charged with the execution-style killing of 56-year-old David Pence and his 25-year-old son, Nicholas. The crime occurred in ...

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Why is America more concerned with a Looted CVS than a fractured spine?


Podcast: Play in new window | Download The death of Freddie Gray has sent the city of Baltimore into turmoil, as a mix of peaceful and violent protests has led to something that the nation hasn’t seen since the 1960s.  In this video, Yvette Carnell and Pascal Robert discuss incidents within the city, as well as President Obama’s response to ...

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Watch: Anchor appears to congratulate twin for looking white

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 7.26.53 AM

“Good on her!” That’s the very subtle, fleeting remark made by a news anchor who is now being accused of racism for what appears to be a congratulatory remark toward a twin who is whiter than her sister. Samantha Armytage is the person being asked by online communities to apolgize for her comments in the midst of the outrage. Most ...

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Mattel Honors Director of ‘Selma’ With Custom Made Barbie – Naturally Moi


By: Naturally Triece It is official! Mattel, the company which is responsible for manufacturing the famous Barbie doll, has announced that they will be creating a campaign to honor today’s influential women. There are six influential “Sheroes” who will receive their own “one-of-a-kind doll.” One of the women in particular is Oscar-nominated director Ava Duvernay. Duvernay is the Academy Award ...

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We TV tried to do something crazy, and they were shut down in their tracks


By Nigel Boys Although hosts of the new S*x Box show, featuring real-life couples having intimate activity before a national television audience, thought the show would be “groundbreaking,” they have since cancelled it after only airing five episodes. The show, which features a panel of so-called experts giving advice to couples after they have been in a soundproof box on ...

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