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Teen Claims Cops Knocked Her Teeth Out for Holding Up Traffic


A St. Louis teen claims police knocked her teeth out for holding up traffic in an intersection. Kenisha Gray, 19, has broken bones and missing teeth after being shocked with a Taser and beaten by police. Gray was having a conversation with another person and holding up traffic in an intersection. Once she saw St. Louis police officers approaching her, ...

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Woman Explains Why Being Named After Beyonce is the Worst Thing Ever


By blogger | April 7, 2015 Celebrity culture is in full swing in the U.S. and some people are naming their kids after celebs as a way of honoring their idols. Although parents may think naming their children after celebrities is cute, the children don’t always agree. Many say all they want is to lead normal lives, but being attached to celebrity culture ...

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Report Suggests That White Americans Think Police Brutality Is Permissible

police brute

By Angela L. Braden Another independent research study has been released that proves how divided White and non-White Americans are as it pertains to police responsibility and conduct. According to a major trend survey conducted by the University of Chicago, 70% of White Americans overwhelmingly feel that there are indeed some instances that it is appropriate and/or permissible for police ...

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Beyoncé Partners With Luxury Nail Polish Brand to Sell $118 Nail Art


Reported by Liku Zelleke It looks like Beyoncé’s fans now have one more thing to rejoice about. Queen Bey — as her fans affectionately call her — has just launched a new version of her nail art to add to the collection that was launched last December with NCLA. The one design that stands out among her current set features “a golden ...

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Says People Think She Was Born A Man: 6 Facts about Wendy Williams


by G. Brown You either totally love Wendy Williams or totally hate her, but this Queen of Gossip is often the center of the conversation. From humble beginnings in radio, to stand-up comedy to Broadway, Wendy has done it all and shows no signs of slowing down. Here are 6 Facts about Wendy Williams 1. Started as a “shock jockette” ...

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Domestic Violence In Hip Hop: A Symptom of Power, Fame Or Success?


By Joshua D. Copeland Hip hop as a genre has always been full of messages that promote violence and misogyny among other things.  And while we would look down on a man who actually does put hands on a woman, hip hop fans tend to give hip hop moguls like Dr. Dre and Damon Dash a pass. And while abuse ...

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Did Tyler Perry “save” OWN?


By Angela L. Braden Tyler Perry is bringing record numbers to OWN with his hit dramas, “The Have and the Haves Nots” and “If Loving You is Wrong.” While critics of Perry call his writing “lazy” and “underdeveloped”, Perry’s original dramas on OWN are a huge success for Perry and the network.  According to Deadline, the two shows averaged 2.5 ...

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Do liberals actually believe in free speech? The Trevor Noah controversy


Podcast: Play in new window | Download by Dr Boyce Watkins On Black, White and Politically Incorrect, Susan Patton and I discuss the recent controversy over Trevor Noah, the man slated to take over for Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. We also ask whether or not extreme liberals are so caught up in not offending anyone that they end ...

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