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Bill Cosby’s daughter steps up to defend her dad

at the launch of pb&Caviar on August 7, 2008 in New York City.

Reported by Kacie Whaley Evin Cosby has been supporting her father, Bill Cosby, against rape allegations via Facebook all month.  She started off by thanking singer Jill Scott and actor Faizon Love for showing their support of her father on their social media pages: “Thank you Jill Scott and Faizon Love!!,” she wrote.  “I would also like say THANK YOU ... Read More »

Nomalanga: Camille Cosby should not be shamed for standing by her husband


By Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses In recent weeks and months while the media has covered stories about her husband, Bill Cosby drugging and then r@ping women, Camille Cosby has remained completely silent. While most of the allegations are decades old, the women consistently accused TV-Dad, Cosby of drugging and r@ping the women. On Monday, Camille Cosby finally broke her silence and came ... Read More »

Camille Cosby finally speaks about her husband’s nasty allegations


Camille Cosby has been criticized by writers like Angela Braden and many others who felt that she’d been too silent about the numerous disturbing allegations against her husband.  Right after Braden wrote about the issue on NaturallyMoi.com, Camille came forward with a statement about her husband’s situation. Camille seems to feel that her husband’s situation can be compared to the ... Read More »

Financial Juneteenth | Co-founder of Miss Jessie’s natural hair care line dies of apparent suicide


Titi Branch was best-known as the founder of a popular line of natural haircare products.  But now, she is no longer with us.  According to The Washington Post, the founder of Miss Jessie’s natural hair products has died.  NV magazine says that the death occurred on December 4 and appears to be a suicide. However, there has been no independent ... Read More »

Frat puts “suck a n*gga d–k” on birthday cake


by Angie Braden Hat Tip: The Baltimore Sun University of Maryland’s chapter of Delta Gamma is clamoring to do damage control after an Instagram user posted a picture of a birthday cake with a racial epithet scrolled on the cake. While whomever may have thought that a cake displaying the words “Suck a (epithet) d*^k” would be a harmless joke, ... Read More »

Two women on CNN get into a big fight about rape: Is it wrong to ask women to protect themselves?


This is a really good interview between Susan Patton (aka The Princeton Mom) and Carol Costello of CNN.  The two are talking about sexual assault on campus.  Carol is saying that it’s blaming the victim to ask women to protect themselves from bad men.  Susan is saying that a smart woman is careful about having what she calls “regretable sex,” ... Read More »

How To Survive Crisis Or Change As A Family | Mia Redrick


By Mia Redrick In March, my husband had a successful kidney transplant after being on dialysis for five long years. He is doing amazing and our family has learned the transformative power of change after spending the last five years responding to frequent change as a result of adjustments to schedules, vacations, medical considerations and activities that daddy could not attend ... Read More »

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