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Has Any Employer Ever Told a White Woman How to Wear her Hair?


by G. Brown There is still a lot of fallout from Giuliana Rancic’s disrespectful remarks about actress/singer Zendaya’s dreadlocks at the Academy Awards. E!’s Fashion Police host Rancic said “I feel like she smells like patchouli oil or weed.” Rancic apologized, but her sincerity is questionable as sources say Rancic did three takes of the segment and was warned by ... Read More »

How does a wife confront a husband who’s been accused of rape?

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One of the questions someone may ask after seeing some of the scandals that have been witnessed in media is this: How does a wife react when her husband has been accused of something that is otherwise unthinkable? The latest deposit from Your Black World films is a creative exercise that goes into the dilemmas that husbands and wives face ... Read More »

Dr Boyce & Nomalanga: Umar Johnson’s confrontation with a feminist

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Dr Umar Johnson had a very interesting confrontation with a feminist in Kansas City.  Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses and I thought it would make for an interesting topic of discussion.  You can either watch the video or download the podcast. The topic is interesting mainly because African Americans are working to find their own alternatives to feminism and liberal thought, and it’s ... Read More »

Jeremiah Wright’s daughter sent to jail and may get time in prison

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Jeremiah Wright reached the national media a few years ago after being known as the fiery man of God who stood up against racism.  He was criticized for nearly derailing the Obama campaign, but also cheered by some who appreciated his honesty about America’s distressful racial history. Pastor Wright’s family has met with tragedy this week, as one of the ... Read More »

Woman killed by the cops for answering her front door


By Yhanick Scott A Bastrop County sheriff’s deputy shot and killed a woman by the name of Yvette Smith last February for answering her front door. Her family is now filing a lawsuit against Bastrop County, Texas and Sheriff Terry Pickering for the unlawful death that continues to haunt them today. The story sounds almost unreal and one wonders what ... Read More »

Nomalanga: Here’s what men say they want out of their relationships

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What do men want out of their relationships? Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses, founder of HealthyBlackWoman.com, gives insights from a recent survey she did among men, asking them what they would change about their relationships if they could. The survey provides interesting insights that you may want to pay attention to, if you care about managing your relationships. Check it out. Read More »