Black Politics

Dr Sinclair Gray: Let’s focus on holding politicians accountable


You’ve heard it before — “GET OUT AND VOTE!” At the beginning of every election year, there’s a call for people to get registered to vote and cast their vote. However, what many people oftentimes fail to do is follow up and hold their political officials accountable. Whenever people are so “party-loyal” that they overlook issues, something wrong is bound ...

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Yvette Carnell: Why does Obama feel the need to play daddy to black America?

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Podcast: Play in new window | Download Do you ever notice that when President Obama speaks to black people, the tone seems to change? Some welcome the shift in conversation as a reflection of cozy familiarity. Others, however, feel that the president tends to shift his focus from policy to preaching, or from advocacy to finger wagging. What if the ...

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As riots ensue, U Maryland-Baltimore President investigated by NAACP

by Lachin Hatemi M.D. Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has issued a citywide curfew after the death of Freddie Gray, whose spine was 80 percent severed while he was in police custody. Police says as many as 15 officers have been injured in northwest Baltimore in the early days of the protests, where a large group of juveniles converged and began ...

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Dr Roosevelt Mitchell III: Parents should sue for educational malpractice

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Podcast: Play in new window | Download “Parents Should Sue for Educational Malpractice” When school districts are failing sometimes the State Board of Education will step in and take control of it instead of closing it. The State typically cleans house, makes all the current staff members reapply for their jobs and don’t rehire most of them. On the surface ...

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United Nations gives scathing review of US criminal justice system


April V. Taylor Every four years, each United Nations member country must submit to a public hearing as part of a Universal Periodic Review, and the United States’ human rights record came under fierce criticism recently as part of their review. More than 100 international leaders voiced their concern regarding human rights violations related to police brutality, the death penalty, ...

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Invisible women left behind when black men are being sent to prison


By Dr. Sinclair Grey III Let’s face it – incarceration is big business. Because incarceration is big business, you’re more likely to see the faces of African-Americans and other minority groups behind bars. Statistics don’t lie. While the number of men who are incarcerated has and continues to affect what happens in families and communities, we cannot forget the number ...

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Benjamin Dixon: Why White Supremacy Will Only See Riots and Never Protests


White Supremacy will never distinguish between the method and motivations of protesters and rioters when it involves marginalized groups–particularly black people. To those who are willfully or tacitly blinded by white supremacy, the peaceful protests against police violence that were held on Saturday in Baltimore are equivalent to the rioting we witnessed on Monday. OnSaturday, elders and young people gathered to let their voice ...

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Is Israel the New Face of Apartheid? Black Jews and Palestinians May Agree

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By Evette D. Champion Now that Palestine has joined the International Criminal Court, a former U.N. special reporter, John Dugard, is speaking publicly about how an apartheid case may be brought against the Israeli nation in the ICC. “I’m a South African who lived through apartheid,” Dugard said. “I have no hesitation in saying that Israel’s crimes are infinitely worse ...

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