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This former cop is offended that prisons are making people rich


by Dr Boyce Watkins The War on Drugs has been a hugely destructive force against the black family over the last 40 years. The damage has been enormous and some wonder why there hasn’t been a greater effort by our politicians to deal with this very serious issue. Mr. Ken Williams is a former officer with the Brockton Police Department ...

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Rampant attacks on immigrants in South Africa leave thousands in fear

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By Stephan Kanyi Recent days have seen the rise of violence in South Africa. Foreigners in the country have been attacked and some have lost their lives. The attacks have been rampant particularly in Durban and Johannesburg. According to a South African Aid group, about 2,000 immigrants have lost their homes in the attacks. The attacks began with some leaders and ...

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Cornel West fires back at Dyson: “Deep integrity must trump cheap popularity”


The Internet was abuzz this week after a scathing 10,000 word article was released in The New Republic by scholar Michael Eric Dyson.  The article, titled “The Ghost of Cornel West,” was a shock to some, fully unveiling the long-standing feud between two of black America’s leading intellectuals.  The piece may end up going down in history, since it defines ...

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Eric Harris Is Dead; His Killer Is on Bahamas Vacation After Pleading Not guilty

eric harris

By Dr. Sinclair Grey III Reserve Deputy Robert Bates, 73, of Oklahoma made the news recently when he—a White man—shot and killed 44-year-old Eric Harris—who was Black. The wealthy retired insurance executive claims that he mistakenly shot Harris on April 2.  Since the shooting and killing of Harris, family members, as well as those within the civil rights community, have ...

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Here’s Michael Eric Dyson being very critical of President Obama five years ago

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Some were surprised about Michael Eric Dyson’s ardent defense of Dr Cornel West.  But what people don’t recall is that Dyson said some pretty interesting things about Obama a few years ago.  Here’s an interview Dyson did five years ago, claiming that President Obama has been ineffective on race.   The question to ask is, “Why did you change your ...

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Dr Wilmer Leon notes: Dyson never actually proved West was wrong about Obama

The West – Dyson Exchange; Less Personal Animus More Policy Analysis By Dr. Wilmer J. Leon, III In response to Dr. Cornel West’s public criticisms of individuals such as Rev. Sharpton, Melissa Harris Perry, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson and others (especially President Obama); Dyson published his personal response entitled The Ghost of Cornel West. In this more than 10,000 word ...

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Michael Eric Dyson body slams Dr Cornel West in his latest article

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The battle between Dr Michael Eric Dyson and Cornel West has raged on since President Obama was elected.  Before that fateful moment when Obama went into the Oval Office, Dyson and West were as thick as thieves.   But things change, and Dyson has come out of nowhere with a broadside that is sure to get Cornel West’s attention. After ...

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South African citizens march to stop attacks on foreigners


By Stephen Kanyi South Africans joined a march in the coastal city of Durban to show solidarity with the country foreign nationals who have been attacked in the recent days. According to Colonel Jay Naicker, the police spokesperson, the attacks against the foreign nationals have left at least five people killed and 74 arrested. This was the main drive of ...

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Judge speaks against racism and gets called a racist


Podcast: Play in new window | Download by Dr Boyce Watkins In this video, I speak with Benjamin Dixon about Justice Olu Stevens in Louisville, Kentucky.  Justice Stevens has been the subject of intense scrutiny for standing up against a problematic victim damage assessment in which a woman said that her daughter now fears black men after being robbed by ...

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