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Member of Nebraska School Board Called on to Resign After Calling Obama a “Half Breed” | Black Like Moi


A member of Nebraska’s school board is being called on to resign after making racially inflammatory remarks about President Obama. Pat McPherson’s blog included repeated references to President Barack Obama as a “half breed.” McPherson, however, said he didnt’ write the posts and expressed his disapproval before deleting them. Concerned citizens have called in to complain about McPherson’s comments, causing ... Read More »

Why are most white people afraid to talk about race?

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Podcast: Play in new window | Download Susan Patton, aka “The Princeton Mom” and Dr Boyce Watkins discuss the reasons that whites fear black people. Of course and as usual, they don’t agree on nearly anything, but that’s what makes it into a fun discussion. Susan also talks about a recent appearance on a black radio show, where she was ... Read More »

Historic Number of Exonerations In 2014

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April V. Taylor For the first time since the National Registry of Exonerations started keeping records in 1989, the number of people who have been exonerated after having been found guilty of committing a crime reached triple digits in 2014.  A total of 125 people were found to have been wrongly convicted last year, and perhaps more shocking than the ... Read More »

Marissa Alexander Released From Jail | Kulture Kritic


April V. Taylor After being sentenced in 2012 to 20 years for firing a warning shot into the ceiling during an altercation with her abusive husband, Marissa Alexander has finally been released from a Jacksonville jail under a plea deal that capped her sentence to the three years she has already served behind bars. Alexander had the original conviction overturned ... Read More »

2 Chainz wants to run for mayor and people clown him for it

2 Chainz Signs Copies Of "Based On A T.R.U Story"

You can say a lot about the rapper 2 Chainz, but you can’t say that he’s not ambitious. The artist recently told the Atlanta Journal and Constitution that he plans to run for mayor of his hometown of College Park, right outside of Atlanta. “I am looking forward to running at the end of this year or next year. [I’m] waiting ... Read More »

NY Governor Cracks Down On Cases Where Police Officers Kill Unarmed Suspects


Reported by Liku Zelleke New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said in his State of the State address that he would like an “independent monitor” to review any grand jury that fails to indict officers in cases where they kill unarmed suspects. Reports state that the monitoring body could recommend the governor appoint a special prosecutor, thereby bypassing local district attorneys. ... Read More »

Why is Hollywood putting so many black men in dresses?

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Podcast: Play in new window | Download Terry Crews, Jamie Foxx, Martin Lawrence, Tyler Perry, Ving Rhames, these are just a few names of black male celebs who’ve been asked to put on a dress in Hollywood.  Actually, the numbers for black men are far higher than those for white men, even though white men make up the majority in ... Read More »