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Nas Says Racial Injustice Is Making U.S. Look Weak


When Rapper Nas sees a problem, he confronts it. Like when he challenged FOX News anchor Bill O’Reilly to a debate after gathering more than 625-thousand signatures on a petition accusing the network of race-baiting and fear-mongering. . Nas calls it the way he sees it. Right now, he sees the U-S as a laughing stock for not dealing with ... Read More »

Mike Epps posts “racist” MLK picture, then apologizes

Mike Epps

Comedian Mike Epps is good for getting laughs on social media.  But there are times when the laughs come at too high a price. That’s when you end up apologizing and hoping that it doesn’t hurt your career in the long-term. Epps was accused of posting a racist picture on his social media page.  The picture, which was funny for ... Read More »

Russian AK-47s To Be Made In US Now


April V. Taylor The recent tightening of US sanctions against Russia have made the inventory of Kalashnikov AK-47s drop significantly, and with demand for the weapon surging after the sanctions, arms company RWC has decided to begin manufacturing the weapon here in the United States.  RWC is the official importer and distributor of Kalashnikov AK-47s. RWC  is based in Tulleytown, ... Read More »

Poverty’s Devastating Effect On Education As The Great Equalizer

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 1.27.48 AM

April V. Taylor One of the major foundational aspects of the American Dream being accessible to all, no matter what their circumstances are, is the idea that education is the great equalizer.   However, the equalizing effect of education is more myth than reality based on several statistics that reveal that poverty negates the equalizing impact of education.  The achievement gap ... Read More »

Hundreds of Inmates Died In Florida Prisons In 2014


While many people are aware of the fact that no other country in the world imprisons a larger percentage of its population than the United States, what many people do not realize is that hundreds of people die in U.S. prisons through tragic and violent circumstances that are completely preventable. These deaths are happening at unprecedented levels, often times at ... Read More »

Reggie Love Says President Obama Walked in on Him in Bed With Woman


Reggie Love began working for Barack Obama when the president was just a senator and is preparing to publish a memoir about his close relationship with the president. Photo Credit: White House, Pete Souza Love worked as Obama’s closest assistant, a position known as the president’s “body man”, and revealed in his new book what it was like working for ... Read More »

Lawyer Rips Don Lemon: Your ‘Racist Dumb-A$! Question’ Made Me Famous


Don Lemon is no stranger to making a mockery of himself as a journalist and even won Columbia Journalism Reviews Darts And Laurels’ Worst Journalist of 2014 Award for his long list of mishaps as a CNN anchor.  One of Lemon’s most recent mishaps occurred during an interview with Muslim-American human rights lawyer Arsalan Iftikhar where the two were discussing ... Read More »

President Obama criticized for his response to French attacks


President Barack Obama has been under heavy political fire lately after recent terrorist attacks that occurred in the country of France.  CNN’s Jake Tapper criticized Obama by noting that the president decided not to attend the first major rally that took place in Paris right after the attacks. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest admitted that someone of a higher level from the Obama ... Read More »