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Recent Survey Results Prove Black People Hate Fox News


Reported by La Verne Amigo Results of the Nielsen survey on the distribution of people who watch cable news according to race showed a huge discrepancy among the three biggest networks: CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. The survey suggests that Fox News has only captured 1% of the black audience during prime time, which is the lowest percentage of Black viewership ... Read More »

Black Cop: We’re Not “Sellouts”, We Care About Our Community


A black police detective who encountered demonstrators protesting police brutality says many black officers have been called sellouts by  young crowds. CBS San Francisco describes a scene where a black police officer was engaged in a standoff with protesters on Black Friday. The largely African-American crowd, who were out in force after the Ferguson decision, lashed out at the black ... Read More »

Stacey Dash blames Al Sharpton for NYPD officers being shot

ABC's "The View" - Season 16

After the recent tragic shooting of two NYPD police officers at the hands of a lone gunman, it was only a matter of time before people began the process of politicizing the tragedy for their own personal gain.  Stacey Dash, a former actress and recent political commentator, might be the first prominent voice to make very strange statements in public. ... Read More »

Roland Martin Yells at Snarky MSNBC Host Over Reality Show “Sorority Sisters”


NewOne’s Roland Martin doesn’t like reality TV, but being a member of a black fraternity himself, Martin is doubly opposed to any reality show that threαtens to disrespect his Greek letters. Appearing on Morning Joe, Roland Martin said that the “ratchet” VH1 reality TV show “Sorority Sisters” portrayed members of black sororities in a negative light. Martin named black women, ... Read More »

Obama says Sony screwed up in its response to the hack attack


By Hira Waqar The recent hacking of Sony Pictures has put the industry on-edge and even gotten the White House involved.  This has led to an interesting dispute between the White House and Sony over how the hack attack should have been managed.  The president doesn’t seem to feel that Sony did the right thing, but Sony is firing back. ... Read More »

Dr. Samori Swygert: 9 Instances When the Law Has Been Tweaked For the Elite


by Samori Swygert American citizens are growing increasingly agitated with the redundant pacifist recommendations of the administration.  Each monumental case of blatant police brutality seems to summon the clichéd response, “We ask for peaceful remembrance” and “We are a nation of laws.” The response of “We are a nation of laws” is really getting under my skin.  The socio-political climate that we’re ... Read More »

Bill O’Reilly Says Black People should wear “Don’t Get Pregnant at 14″ T- Shirts


Bill O’Reilly always feels he needs to share some advice to African Americans on how to live our lives.  He recently made another jab Black people.  Mocking the trending “I can’t Breathe” shirts being worn by celebrities and millions of protesters, O’Reilly has succeeded in making another ignorant and insensitive remark, suggesting that we wear shirts that say “Don’t Get ... Read More »

White Police Chief Holds “Black Lives Matter” Sign Alongside Protestors


Reported by Kacie Whaley Among the many protests occurring throughout the country objecting law enforcement’s disregard for black citizen’s lives are residents who may have known someone who died at the hands of officers, or those who are black and fear for the future of their children’s lives or their own.  Some protesters are simply showing support to those who ... Read More »

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