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You can now die by the gas chamber in Oklahoma


By Nigel Boys While awaiting the ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court later this month on the controversial three-drug mix used for lethal injections, Oklahoma decided to add another backup method of executing death row inmates along with the three ways they already have. Republican Governor Mary Fallin signed into law a new bill which will come into effect November ...

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This ex-pastor thinks he can fix Baltimore in 90 days

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Roosevelt Mitchell III spoke with retired Missouri Police Officer Glen Rogers. Glen Rogers became a police officer after being stopped numerous amount of times and wanted to be on the other side of the law. Now retired, Glen Rogers is outspoken about his thoughts and views on police officers, churches, society and everything else. He believes that the politicians are ...

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Police are getting attacked in Baltimore over Freddie Gray’s death

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The situation in Baltimore grows more violent by the second over the police killing of Freddie Gray.  According to USA Today, protestors clashed today with the cops, leading to the injury of seven police officers.   A state of emergency has been declared by Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, who has activated the National Guard to deal with the escalating situation. ...

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Residents call for Obama to deal with Baltimore man killed by police


By Doshon Farad Baltimore, MD—Two weeks after his death at the hands of police officers, 25-year-old Freddie Gray’s friends, relatives and supporters took to the streets on Saturday to demand justice on his behalf. Gray—who is considered by many to be the latest victim of what several activists are referring to as a nationwide pandemic of police killings of Black ...

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Dr Boyce Watkins: You weren’t born to work for your oppressor

01 Sep 2000 --- Worried businessman --- Image by ©LWA-Stephen Welstead/CORBIS

Podcast: Play in new window | Download One of the most interesting things about being black in America is that many of us are raised with the same message: Work hard, go to school and then, you can get a good job. Most of these jobs are given by companies that are run by white people. Yes, the same white ...

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Michael Eric Dyson won’t like what this guy just wrote about him


You may not know the name Max Blumenthal, but he’s a prominent writer in liberal circles.  He’s also deeply in-tune with the inner-workings of black leadership, particularly the recent divide between Dr Cornel West and Michael Eric Dyson.  Blumenthal was offended by the attack posed by Dyson on Dr West in The New Republic this week and wrote a scathing ...

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SC Drug Dealers To Go Into Special Educational Program Instead of Prison


By Victor O. Drug dealing is a serious crime in the United States, and to be caught in the act ordinarily means having to spend several months or even years in prison. But the unexpected happened in the case of seven drug dealers caught red-handed in Conway, South Carolina. When the seven drug dealers walked into a recreation center in ...

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