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Facebook Refuses to Take Down Picture of Black Baby as Chimp

Facebook is certainly not known for being a free social network. In fact, The Raw Story reported in 2012 that Facebook pays low wage workers to take down content based on its censorship list. But although Facebook regularly takes down pro-Palestinian posts, images of breastfeeding,  and  “any photoshopped images of people, whether negative, positive or neutral”, it has thus refused to take ... Read More »

College Football Recruit Alex Collins Says He Couldn’t Commit to Arkansas Because His Mom Stole His Paperwork

In one of the strangest stories of football’s National Signing Day, recruit Alex Collins says he has been unable to commit to his school of choice, Arkansas, because his mother stole his paperwork. Collins’ mother reportedly swiped his letter of intent because she does not want him to leave the state. They are looking for her and the paperwork she ... Read More »

Harvard Study Reveals Google Displays Racially Biased Ads Against Black People

A new study that was partially funded by search engine Google and conducted by Harvard University researchers, finds that Google search ads show racial bias.  In other words, personalized ads posted next to searches for common African-American names, such as “Trevon Jones,” were more likely to promote services related to criminal activity (e.g. background checks). According to the study, “Trevon Jones, ... Read More »

Gun Supply Sells “Barocky” Target Zombie Which Resembles President Obama

After Trayvon Martin was murdered, his hoodie was turned into a popular gun range target, which eventually sold out. If that weren’t bad enough, there are now “Barocky” gun range targets which eerily resemble President Obama. Zombie Industries, the creators of  gory zombies targets, also produces one named “Rocky,” or “Barocky”, as it is commonly called,  which appears to be ... Read More »

Report: Grandson of Malcolm X Arrested by FBI en Route to Iran

Iranian news outlet PressTV is reporting that the grandson of Malcolm X has been detained by the FBI en route to Iran. Malcolm Shabazz, an outspoken activist, was reportedly arrested on Monday while en route to Tehran for a Hollywoodism conference. According to sources, the FBI is refusing to provide any details as it relates to the reason for Shabazz’s arrest or his whereabouts. PressTV provided additional detail on the conference Shabazz was scheduled to attend: Tehran hosted the third Hollywoodism International Conference, on the sidelines of the 31st Fajr International Film Festival in the Iranian capital Tehran on Sunday.  Many filmmakers, directors, actors, and movie critics as well as politicians and economists took part in the conference.  Mike Gravel, a former US Senator who attended the conference, condemned Hollywood’s role in imposing imperialistic views on the people of the world. “Hollywood is just a tool of the American government and European governments to pursue their imperialistic views whether it is in economy…culture…or religion,” Gravel stated.  During a previous interview with Iranian television, Malcolm Shabazz said slavery still exists in America. While speaking out  about the murder of Trayvon Martin, Shabazz said,  “There are hundreds of Black Americans who are being murdered in the United States every year with impunity. And police officers serve no time,” he said. “They always get off.” Shabazz said that minorities would always be on the bottom in America and added, “We should take down the system completely, and set up a new system of our own, which is more just,” he said.   Read More »

Obama Signs Bill To Allow More Debt For U.S., Increasing Deficit by Billions

When you borrow money whether it be for a car, a house, or just to pay off some bills, you are expected to pay it back in a timely manner, most of the time with interest. When you borrow, the money comes from a bank, or a payday loan company. Many are in debt these days, and the numbers can seem overwhelming to them. If you think you have a lot of debt, take a look at how much the country owes and you won’t feel as bad! The current national deficit is $16.4 trillion. This number has increased by billions per day. It is hard to imagine having borrowed that much money and still being able to borrow more. Where is the money coming from? Certainly not a small time bank, or even a bank like Bank of America. How are we going to go about stimulating the economy enough so that the debt can begin to be paid off? President Obama is not so much worried about paying the debt off these days as he is about borrowing even more money to keep the growing economy from being sent into a state of financial panic. He signed a bill today that was passed by the Senate that raises the borrowing limit for the government. This will hold off on a default and will delay any argument about the deficit until the end of the year. With the limit temporarily suspended on borrowing, it will allow the government to borrow around $450 billion to pay interests payments and some other repayment obligations it currently has. Don’t you wish you could borrow that much money and keep getting bills signed so that you could borrow even more? President Obama was more concerned with a fiscal cliff fallout than putting the country in more debt than it is already in, however the economy has been coming back slowly but surely, and he doesn’t want that progress to go to waste Read More »

Male Fertility Threatened by Too Much TV & Lack Of Exercise

Watching too much TV with limited exercise is partly to blame for a possible decline in male sp-erm production, according to a new Harvard School of Public Health Study. In a study published in the British Medical Journal, researchers assessed sp-erm quality in 189 college students aged 18 to 22 and found that those who routinely exercised rigorously and who watched no TV had the highest quality and quantity of sp-erm compared to the couch potatoes that exercised less. The research reverses prevailing wisdom that male athletes have lower sp-erm count, when in fact exercise increases sp-erm count.  Dr. Jorge Chavarro, an assistant professor of nutrition and epidemiology at the School of Public Health emphasized that the study findings need to be replicated by others to verify the association in male populations. He likewise noted that moderate exercise of any kind appears to cause no harm to a man’s fertility and is likely beneficial. Both too much TV and a sedentary lifestyle independently raised a man’s likelihood of having fewer viable sp-erm, but men who exercised and watched a lot of TV didn’t fare as poorly from their excess TV watching as those who didn’t exercise at all. There were several limitations in the study, which included a relatively small sample size, and the study was not designed to prove that alternative exercise forms or TV viewing habits could improve male fertility. Men with fertility problems should avoid biking for extending periods of time, choose boxers instead of briefs and remove warm laptops from their laps. Anything that raises the temperature of the test-icle can destroy sperm. Read More »

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