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Kenyan Police Arrest Three Suspects Who Were Allegedly Involved In Recent Election Violence

By Victor Trammell According to Kenyan police officials, three members of the Mombasa Republican Council (MRC), a Kenyan separatist group, are scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday for charges related to murders that occurred during Monday’s elections. In the coordinated attacks, a group of well-armed men ambushed a police checkpoint in the port city of Mombasa. At least 10 people were reported dead in the Monday attacks. Kenyan officials also confirmed that two of the people killed were police officers. A spokesperson for the state council of prosecution in Kenya said that the three suspects have been charged with four murders. Nic Robertson, a journalist for CNN reported the following information about the deadly election violence: “David Kimaiyo, inspector general of Kenyan police, said a group of men approached police officers manning a post between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. and refused to comply with orders to stop. Police fired on the men, who fled into a nearby slum. When police called for backup, about 200 men ambushed them on a road. Prime Minister Raila Odinga blamed the attack on the Mombasa Republican Council, a separatist group that wants Mombasa, the second-largest city in Kenya, and its surrounding coastal area to secede.” (CNN.com) Civil unrest occurred in Kenya after previous elections in 2007 as well. The well-populated East African nation has been the epicenter of political instability since violent factions of the population in the Mombasa area began seeking political independence. Read More »

Beyoncé Slammed By Former Smiths Rocker For Alleged Cruelty To Animals

It appears that everyone wants a piece of Queen Bey these days. Riding high off of her whirlwind success, Bey just can’t get a break. First is was Harry Belafonte calling Bey and husband Jay-Z out for being “selfish.” Then it was Donald Trump voicing his irrelevant opinion about the singers halftime performance, at the SupeBowl. Now legendary rockers are calling her out again. In a concert at the Staples Center, on Friday night, Morrisey called out Beyoncé for her choice of purses. He says that her choice has led to the extinction of rhinos. His rant segued into his song, “Meat is Murder” .  Morrisey ,or “Moz”, has been known to call out his fellow music colleagues, in the past. Moz was once upset with Paul McCartney for supporting Queen Elizabeth. He also got upset with Jimmy Kimmel for booking reality show hunters of Duck Dynasty on the same night as he was scheduled to perform. Beyoncé is no stranger to criticism, when it comes to animal cruelty. The singer was ambushed by PETA, back in 2006, as she was having dinner with the winners of VH-1’s Save The Music . PETA’s concern was over Beyoncé’s fashion line, which they claimed used real fur in their designs. But PETA has not stopped since then. Just last week, PETA was upset with the singer for giving a shoe maker the ok to make a pair of shoes for her that use exotic animal print. She was also slammed by the organization for wearing a python, iguana, and cow skin Rubin Singer bodysuit during her halftime show. Asa Lovechild is an accomplished actress and singer out of New York City and a supporter of One Billion Rising Follow @asalovechild www.facebook.com/asaentertainmentgroup www.asalovechildworld.com   Read More »

Police Officer Allegedly Punches Three-Year Old Baby in the Face

Jason Sharp is the kind of cop who probably won’t be getting anymore accolades anytime soon.  The 37-year old detective was arrested after getting into a fight with his wife and allegedly punching his three-year old son in the face.   The officer, who works with the NYPD gang unit sent the poor baby to the hospital with bruising on ... Read More »

Feds Say They Were Right to Arrest Man For Wearing “Occupy Everything” Jacket

The U.S. Department of Justice says it had was right to arrest a man inside the Supreme Court for wearing an “Occupy Everything” jacket, and the man is lucky he was only charged with “unlawful entry.” The man who was arrested for wearing an “Occupy Everything” jacket, Fitzgerald Scott, is seeking $1 million dollars in damages. The Feds aren’t budging though, saying they had every right to arrest Scott, a former Marine, because the Supreme Court is not an are protected by free speech. Fitzgerald was not disturbing anyone while he was inside the Supreme Court, but was repeatedly told to remove his jacket or leave.  Fitzgerald was later arrested and charged with “unlawful entry” as he was quietly viewing an exhibit on slavery. Prosecutors later dismissed the charges, and that’s when Scott sued. According to  Wired,  Fitzgerald may have an uphill battle: To be sure, the courts have upheld convictions of those wearing inappropriate clothing inside the high court’s building — once in 2011 for individuals wearing orange shirts that said “Shut Down Guantanamo” and in 2007 for protesters wearing orange jump suits and black hoods — all in violation of the so-called “ Display Clause .” “It also bears noting that, while plaintiff was initially charged with violating the unlawful entry statute, his conduct also violated the Display Clause of section 6135, and he could just as easily have been charged with an independent violation of that statute as well,” the Obama administration said. So according to the Obama administration, Scott should be happy he got off so easy.       Read More »

FYI: Medicare Payments Will Be Reduced by 2 Percent Starting April 1

Reported by Malcolm Morrow Medicare doctors will be experiencing a pay cut very soon. The news is disheartening for many people, as the federal service helps a lot of people attain proper medical care who would otherwise not be able to afford it. As reported by Money.CNN.com, under the so-called sequester, Medicare payments to health care providers, health care plans and drug plans will be reduced by 2% starting April 1, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Service. The bottom line is that doctors who treat Medicare beneficiaries will only be reimbursed 98 cents on every dollar for a vast array of services. Reimbursement for low-income beneficiaries is exempt. Overall, the cut will mean $11 billion less for doctors, hospitals, and other providers in 2013. Last year, the agency doled out more than $500 billion in such payments. While it may not seem like much of a loss to doctors, the cut also affects the level of treatment and care that patients receive from doctors in clinics and other privately owned medical facilities. Dr. Jeremy Lazarus, president of the American Medical Association said, “ Over the last 12 years, Medicare payments to physicians have increased by only 4%, while the cost of providing care has jumped 20%. The cuts could make it harder for patients to get care. One in five Medicare patients already is facing difficulties in finding a doctor to take them . “ I hope that doctors can find a way to stay afloat and provide services for citizens of low economic status across the country. Do you believe the 2% cut will have a significant impact on Medicare patients? Malcolm Morrow, a  Your Black World Network contributor, is a senior, criminal justice major at The University of Southern Miss Read More »

Racial Thugging in Massachusetts and Mississippi: Kinder, Gentler, Still deadly forms of Race-based Domination

By Brenda G. Juarez   Is Massachusetts more racist than Mississippi? Chief Justice Roberts recently raised the issue of racism and the historical U.S. North-South divide to justify his argument against renewing sections of the Voting Act, which requires some jurisdictions with a history of racial discrimination (particularly those of the South) to obtain federal approval before any changes to voting laws are made. Federal approval is no longer needed, so his logic goes, because such progress has been made in the fight against racism in those southern states that Massachusetts is now just as racist, or perhaps more racist than Mississippi, a state known for its White racial violence against African Americans—its bold, brutish, unapologetic forms of racial thugging. In short, according to the Roberts logic, racism is no longer a problem in the America. In actuality, contrary to the conclusions of Chief Justice Roberts and many others, there is overwhelming evidence to suggest that racism does indeed still remain deeply embedded in U.S. society today. Race-based disparities in arrest rates, schooling outcomes, employment, access to quality healthcare and housing, and more suggest that race remains a significant factor structuring the lives and life chances of many Americans. That aside, let us take a moment to consider the other question raised by the arguments of Chief Justice Roberts—Is Massachusetts more racist than Mississippi? For most people in the U.S., this seems to be a ridiculous question best answered with a resounding “No.” Massachusetts, of course, is a key player within the regionally-based, historically-established paragon of racial righteousness, well known for its part in pushing forward anti-slavery sentiments and endeavors. By contrast, they are often presumed to be anything but a racial thug. Yet, Frederick Douglass—the great Abolitionist that he was, did not appear to be completely convinced of any obviousness of a negative answer with respects to the northern states. In his famous 4 th of July speech, for example, he wondered aloud to the audience members in Rochester, New York if his listeners and those Abolitionists whom had invited him to speak at that meeting on that particular momentous holiday were trying to insult him in asking him to speak on the matter of freedom. After all, July 4 th was a day that he could not celebrate as his brothers and sisters still languished in the chains of chattel slavery in other parts of the country. Like the Cadillac, to paraphrase Malcolm X, racism in the U.S. continues to come out in new models. Racial thuggish-ness is constantly updating and emerging in ranging variations of patterned, race-based, systemic exclusions. Massachusetts, often defined and self-defined in some ways as better educated and, apparently, more culturally and otherwise refined than Mississippi, has in some ways gone about racial thugging using approaches that have regularly been less overt, but no less effective than the more bodily-directed approaches adopted by states in the South. As part of a colonial relationship, the South and North are dependent on one another, but in different ways, impressive fortunes were made off the backs of enslaved Blacks in the cotton trade and brought home to Massachusetts from northern-owned cotton mills and businesses located in Mississippi and Alabama. The Fugitive Slave Bill of 1850 was fiercely enforced in Massachusetts, even as anti-slavery sentiment circulated. Law abiding citizens regularly followed the letter and spirit of this law, which required them to refuse food and shelter to enslaved runaways. And in later generations, buses were burned in Massachusetts to protest the racial integration of classrooms. Officially presumed to be the genie bottle from which equality, freedom, justice and other democratic ideals have erupted to fill the United States, Massachusetts has yet to realize the ideal of a beacon of racial righteousness put forth as its official self-definition and public image. As one of my students has argued, the apparent progressiveness of Massachusetts, in taking the lead in matters against systemic exclusions based on sexuality, regularly serves as a screen that obscures matters of patterned racial exclusions. Following Malcolm X, anything South of Canada is Southern; the South is a rattle snake and the North is a grizzly bear—both will kill you.   Read More »

Amazon Slammed for Selling T-Shirts Promoting Violence Against Women

Reported by Malcolm Morrow Is anything shocking anymore these days? A company that was operating through Amazon.com released a collection of shirts featuring promotion of r@pe and other violent acts against women. The company, Solid Gold Bomb, released shirts that featured a play on the popular World War 2 slogan “ Keep Calm and Carry On,” which has seen a major resurgence in recent months. The shirts featured slogans such as “Keep Calm and R@pe Them” and “Keep Calm and Knife Her.” Amazon users began reporting the company and their products in droves. Solid Gold Bomb claims that the shirts were randomly generated by a computer program that utilized words in the dictionary. Which has many people questioning how could the computer program post such designs on the site without the owner knowing. Wouldn’t there have to be some sort of approval process in place to keep things like this from happening? Company founder, Michael Fowler stated, “No words can express how I feel about what has occurred and in no way do I condone or promote this serious issue. Both myself and our company and it’s associated Solid Gold Bomb brand have never had any intention of the spread of violent slogans or even poor taste humor t-shirts. This was a computer error of my creation and I accept my responsibility in the matter.” Do you believe it was a computer glitch? Malcolm Morrow, a  Your Black World Network contributor, is a senior, criminal justice major at The University of Southern Miss Read More »

12 FAMU Students Charged With Manslaughter Following Deadly Hazing Incident

By Victor Trammell Twelve former students at Florida A&M University are facing charges of manslaughter following  a November 2011 hazing incident that left drum major Robert Champion Jr. (pictured) dead. Champion, 26, died after a band hazing ritual in which he was beaten aboard a school bus following a football game in Orlando, Florida. The initiation process requires pledges to run down the center of the bus while being punched, kicked and assaulted by senior members, according to band members who have cooperated with the investigation. Jeff Ashton, a prosecutor with the Florida Attorney General’s office said that he “thought the proper charges in the case would be manslaughter and hazing with death.” (CNN.com) Craig Brown, an attorney representing one of the former students charged in this case said: “ I really find this to be a tactic by the state to pressure all of the defendants into some sort of prison time. Clearly a manslaughter charge could have been brought about initially.” (CNN.com) A medical examiner for the state of Florida ruled that Champion’s death was a homicide and died within an hour of being beaten. Champion suffered multiple blunt trauma blows to his body and head. An attorney for Champion’s family also stated: “ Robert Champion wasn’t injured by hazing, he was killed by hazing. The family is encouraged by … that (and feels) this is the right message and hopes that this is the right message regarding hazing.” (CNN.com) The former students charged in the beating death of Champion face up to 15 years in prison if convicted. The next hearing in this case is expected to occur in September. Read More »

Black Women Debate “Appropriate” Hair-Styles for Corporate America

Photography: Nhophotos.com by Maria Lloyd African-American women in professional careers often share stories of their frequent battle with their hair and the workplace. Because women of African descent are the minority at most large corporations, we are often questioned about our hair. If we’re natural, our co-workers are curious to know how the hair turns into an afro. If we add hair extensions, our co-workers are curious to know how we keep the hair attached to the scalp. If we wear locs, we’re often perceived as a “militant, pro-black” woman, which (unfortunately) makes people of other ethnic groups feel uncomfortable. Despite Corporate America’s attempts to be more diverse, more than 35% of African Americans say they “need to compromise their authenticity” to conform to their company’s standards of demeanor or style, according to a new research report from the Center for Talent Innovation. An alarming 40% of African Americans said they feel like outsiders in their corporate culture — compared to only 26% of Caucasians. One African American executive bluntly describes their experience in Corporate America as: “… a theater, and I try to remember to stay in character .” In fear of being labeled as the stereotypical “angry black woman,” career-oriented black women often suffer from what Ella Bell, a professor at Tuck School of Business, deems as “bicultural stress” — the need to hide their real selves at the office. Georgia State University recently hosted a discussion centered solely around black women’s struggle with their hair and the workplace. The event, titled “Black Women, Their Hair & The Work Place – A Dialogue,” provided strategic advice from panelists on how to transform their hair. Natasha Daniels, a legislative analyst for the City of Atlanta, told the 100+ attendees: “ You can pull your hair back in a nice bun and it’ll be accepted and it can look polished. ” Nakisha McNeal, a student at GSU who sports locs, challenged the panelists’ advice. “ You’re talking about being polished and (having) interview skills and yet no one is addressing the fact that natural black hair has been traditionally seen as not polished on its own whether it’s well cared for or not. So basically it’s all about maintaining the Eurocentric standpoint .” The “hair issue” for African-Americans in the corporate environment has an affect on black men as well. The dean at  Hampton University’s School of Business , Sid Credle,  decided to ban male students from wearing dreadlocks and cornrows. Credle argues that the ban has been effective in helping students land corporate jobs and that they should look the part when searching for employment. Conformity should not have a place on any college campus, especially on the campus of an HBCU. Aside from building wealth in our own communities, investment in black entrepreneurship could probably drastically decrease, or abolish, the day-to-day stresses of identifying with African culture at the workplace. Do you believe African-American women should wear their hair a certain way to keep a job? Maria Lloyd ( @WritingsByMaria ) is the Business Manager for the Your Black World Network. She is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University and an advocate of dismantling the prison industrial complex, increasing entrepreneurship, reforming education, and eradicating poverty. Read More »

Woman Dressed in Fancy Fur Coat Robs NYC Cab

A woman dressed in what appears to have been a fancy fur coat is wanted in the robbery of a NYC Bronx cab on Sunday, according to police.  The woman, who was uncharacteristically dressed for a robbery, assaulted the cab driver and made off with an undetermined amount of cash. The robbery occurred at 145th Street and Third Avenue in the ... Read More »