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Friend’s Testimony Contradicts Police Version Of STLPD Killing Of Teen


According to police, Ball-Bey and the 14-year-old fled out the back of the house that was being raided, running into a nearby alley. However, Ball-Bey’s friend testified that neither of them were inside the house when the search warrant was executed. Police also claim that Ball-Bey pointed a gun at them prior to being shot, but the friend says that ...

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Former FBI Agent Writes Book “How Not To Get Killed By The Police”

How To Not Get Killed By The Police

Former FBI agent and federal prosecutor M. Quentin Williams speaks in this segment about his book “A Survival Guide; How Not To Get Killed By The Police.” Mr. Williams states that his motivation for penning the book was his unborn son at the time. In the video he discusses some of the strategies that he included in the book, for ...

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