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Jersey Cop Who Sent Racist Texts Is “Not Credible” as Witness, Says Prosecutor

edison police

A New Jersey prosecutor claims that a police officer suspended for sending racist text messages can no longer be considered a credible government witness in criminal cases. “The Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office is ethically bound to consider (Officer David Pedana) as not credible as a State witness in any future criminal/quasi-criminal matters,” wrote Edison prosecutor Brian Gillet to Edison Police ...

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CIA Does Not Recruit or Promote Minorities, Study Reveals


A new study found that the CIA is not hiring significant numbers of minorities. Director John Brennan announced Tuesday that the agency would be implementing a new diversity initiative to increase the number of minorities at the mostly white government agency. CBS DC reports that Brennan discussed the topic with a handful of reporters at the agency’s headquarters. There Brennan ...

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LAPD shoots man in the head when he flags them down for help

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 1.52.32 PM

By Nigel Boys How would you feel if you had a towel wrapped around your arm and when you tried to get help from a passing police vehicle, instead of helping you, the officers shot you in the head then proceeded to handcuff you on the ground while you were bleeding? That’s exactly what happened to a Los Angeles man ...

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Florida Cop Fired Over “Typical Hoodrat Behavior” Post About Black People

hoodrat behavior

A Florida police officer is out of a job after sharing a derogatory post about black people on Facebook. Forty five year old Jeffery Feldewert, who had been with the Fort Lauderdale Police Department for 20 years, was fired for a racially offensive Facebook posting about “typical hoodrat behavior” among black people. According to Local 10 news, the department notified ...

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Ga. Security Guards Banned From Mall After Repeatedly Punching Unarmed Teen

Stonecrest mall

Three security guards have been banned from Stonecrest Mall in Georgia after video captured them beating a teen. The incident occurred at around 7PM on Saturday in Lithonia, Ga., according to local affiliate WSB-TV. In video of the incident, later posted on YouTube, the security guards can be clearly seen repeatedly punching the unnamed teen. Witnesses say the security guards ...

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Prominent Lawyer Shot By Contractor He Was Suing for “shoddy” Work


By Andre Jones A well-known attorney, Ellis Pittman, was shot and killed in his office in Clarksdale, Mississippi Friday afternoon. The suspect, 38-year-old local contractor Recardo Frazier, has turned himself in to the police. Authorities say that the shooting happened during a deposition held in Pittman’s office on the 200 block of Sharkey Avenue. Clarksdale Mayor Bill Luckett was among ...

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