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Parents of Abused Detroit Boy Found in Basement Charged With Tοrture

parents charged

By Nigel Boys When Charlie Bothuell IV reported his son missing from his Detroit condominium on June 14 last year, the whole nation saw the nurse’s tearful pleas on TV for his child’s return, but when the boy was found in the basement 11 days later, a gruesome story came to light. Bothuell’s 12-year-old son, Charlie Bothuell V, was found ... Read More »

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Says Detroiters Are Going To Need a White Man to “Save Them”

Kwame Kilpatrick

By Victor Ochieng In a yet-to-be released documentary, former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick says that the people of Detroit “are going to be begging for a White savior” to pull them out of their socioeconomic problems. The 44-year-old former mayor made the comment before going to prison to serve a 28-year jail term over corruption charges. His comment also came ... Read More »

Byron Allen Files a $20 Billion Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Against Comcast, Al Sharpton

al-sharpton (1)

By Victor Ochieng Entertainment Studios owner Byron Allen went to court on Friday seeking $20 billion in compensation for losses accruing from alleged racial discrimination against his company by Comcast Corporation and Time Warner Cable. Allen’s company owns a few channels, including Cars.TV, Justice Central, and Comedy.TV. The entrepreneur filed the case against the companies citing his company’s unsuccessful efforts ... Read More »

Black Actors Popular With Public, But Not With Top Studio Execs, Who Are 94% White

12 years a slave

When you look at both television and the Hollywood box office, one thing is clear: People like diversity. But although Americans are fans of more diverse casts, top mostly white Hollywood executives don’t always follow popular demand. “Viewers like diversity, with broadcast scripted shows 41 percent to 50 percent diversely cast scoring the highest ratings in black and white households ... Read More »

Will MSNBC Fire Al Sharpton? It Looks That Way

al sharpton

By Victor O. There appears to be no end in sight to the recent shake-up at MSNBC, with reports making rounds that Rev. Al Sharpton’s “Politics Nation” is likely to be the next show to get the ax. The shake-up is said to have been kicked off with the six-month suspension of the highly-popular “NBC Nightly News” anchor, Brian Williams. ... Read More »

Black Men In U.S. Prisons Could Fill The Prisons of 8 Countries Combined


By Lyonel Laverde-Hansen When President Barack Obama said that “more young Black men languish in prison than attend colleges and universities in America,” at the NAACP Democratic Candidate Forum several years ago, that information moved many listeners emotionally. Studies have since debunked that statistic, but this in no way means that the number of Black men who are incarcerated is not ... Read More »

6 Things Black Americans Invented That May Shock You

Madame-C.J.-Walker-225x264 (1)

by G. Brown Some of the inventions are common everyday items. Some were groundbreaking and life-saving. Here are 6 Things Black Americans Invented. 1-Potato Chips We can thank George Crum for this tasty little treat that’s ruined plenty of diets. The New York Chef was irritated by a customer complaining his potatoes were too thick and mushy. The Chef did ... Read More »

Dr Boyce & Nomalanga: Umar Johnson’s confrontation with a feminist

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Podcast: Play in new window | Download Dr Umar Johnson had a very interesting confrontation with a feminist in Kansas City.  Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses and I thought it would make for an interesting topic of discussion.  You can either watch the video or download the podcast. The topic is interesting mainly because African Americans are working to find their own alternatives ... Read More »

Byron Allen: Al Sharpton Allegedly Rewarded With “Chicken Dinner Payoff” for Keeping Other Blacks Off TV


Street preacher Al Sharpton was allegedly paid millions to keep his mouth shut while cable TV discriminated against black programming. According to a $20 million dollar lawsuit brought by the National Association of African-American Owned Media, Sharpton and his shell non-profit, the National Action Network, took cash donations in exchange for not protesting against the lack of black programming on ... Read More »