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Officer Who Hit and Kicked Suspect After Allegedly Being Called Racial Slur Found Guilty in Federal Court

Brett Russell, left, beating victim Gary Hopkins, right. Photo Credit:

A federal grand jury found that an Alabama police officer violated a suspect’s rights by hitting and kicking him while in custody. Huntsville Police Officer Brett Russell was found guilty on Thursday of not only beating a suspect, but also of trying to cover it up. According to, federal prosecutors objected to allowing Russell to remain free on bond ...

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Four confederate flags found around Historic Black Church: Your Black World News

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 9.23.26 AM

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Police say that two men were caught on surveillance video putting four confederate flags around Ebenezer Baptist Church. Georgia civil rights leaders launched an effort to remove the confederate flag from state lands including Stone Mountain. This act is assumed to be one out of hate to send a message to the civil ...

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Africans to Obama: “Our Brothers and Sisters Are Suffering in the U.S.”


by Yvette Carnell During President Obama’s visit to East Africa, he pushed for gay rights and gave the same “tough love” speech he routinely reserves for African-Americans. And although most East Africans were excited at Obama’s visit, many young people couldn’t help but notice the hypocrisy in the president’s comments. In Nairobi, Obama compared the gay rights struggle to the ...

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Top Companies Flexible Enough For Employees to Work From Home


By Robert Stitt Imagine a job with no more dressing to impress, no more ironing, no more ties, or skirts, or uncomfortable items that keep the fat in so we appear slimmer than we really are. No more snide comments in the break room, nobody taking your yogurt from the fridge, no more boss peeking around the corner and above ...

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Can African Americans Use Buying Power To Fight Racism?


By Robert Stitt Black Americans comprise 13.7 percent of the United States’ population, making us the second largest racial minority group behind the Hispanic/Latino population. Of that percentage, nearly half are under 35 years old. So, many black people are in their peak earning years, contributing a great deal to the American economy. In addition to African-American population growth, consumer ...

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Jamal Jackson, JD|MBA: Is Your Letter of Intent Legally Binding?


Many complex business transactions, and 99% of M&A deals, will begin with the two parties entering into preliminary negotiations and drafting what is called a Letter of Intent (LOI). Why draft an LOI? Letters of intent provide a basis of understanding between the two parties and allows them to come to an initial agreement of some of the major terms ...

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South Africa’s Only Billionaire Donates Half Of Wealth To the Poor


By Victor O Does it seem likely that a billionaire would promise to give away half his wealth for a worthy cause? As unlikely as that might sound, that is what South Africa’s only black billionaire Patrice Motsepe has pledged to do. Motsepe who has a net worth of $2.65 billion, has pledged to donate half his fortune to help ...

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Confederate Flaggers Who Allegedly Interrupted Black Child’s Birthday Party Say They’re the Real Victims

Confederate flag truckers

A group of white men caught on video interrupting a black child’s birthday party insist that the media has gotten the story all wrong. The Georgia men, recorded with Confederate flags waving from behind their trucks, allege that they weren’t the ones who started the altercation. Video of the incident, which occurred over the weekend, shows several pickup trucks leaving ...

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Confederate Rally Organizers Warn Supporters: “No Racial Slurs”

confederate flag2

Some Georgia residents are rallying to protect the Confederate flag and making some interesting requests of protesters who will be attending their event. The Georgia organizers are planning a Confederate States of America flag rally on Saturday at Stone Mountain. Amongst non-prejudiced people, it tends to go without saying that using racial slurs is frowned upon, but the organizers of ...

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