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Rev. Al Sharpton Threatens Hunger Strike Over Loretta Lynch Nomination

Attorney General candidate Loretta Lynch is not confirmed due to race

Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network (NAN) is threatening a hunger strike if Loretta Lynch’s nomination for attorney general continues to be held up by Republicans. Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas) said Wednesday that Lynch’s nomination may continue to be held up so that the Senate can review Iran legislation, an admission that didn’t sit well with Lynch’s supporters. ...

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White Supremacists Preparing Kids for Race War in South Africa


By Nigel Boys The far-right Afrikaner Resistance Movement, Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB), is preparing for the day when South Africa will return to an apartheid era where Whites will once again be separate from Blacks, according to the Daily Mail. The White supremacist movement is preparing to destroy all that Nelson Mandela fought hard to establish by brainwashing thousands of teenagers ...

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Dr Ben Carson spoke to a black audience at NAN, and they loved him


Reported by Liku Zelleke Renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson is deemed by many to be a possible contender for the presidential seat in the Republicans’ bid for 2016. But that didn’t stop him from attending Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network conference, where anyone who had expected it would turn out to be uncomfortable for him found it to be ...

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Meet the Man Who Has Been Leading the Call For Reparations On Capitol Hill


by Doshon Farad Often regarded as the “Dean of the Congressional Black Caucus” and recognized as the longest serving member of the House of Representatives, Congressman John Conyers Jr. has certainly made a name for himself during his five decades on Capitol Hill. He is perhaps best known as being one of the thirteen founding members of the Congressional Black ...

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Innocent Black Man Wins $8M Lawsuit After Spending 17 Years In Prison


Reported by Stephen Kanyi A Los Angeles, California man will be paid a sum of $8 million after winning a lawsuit against the LAPD.  Obie Anthony (pictured) spent 17 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. Anthony and his friend, Reggie Cole, were convicted to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the murder of ...

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Lawyers Want Second Officer Fired, Arrested For Lying About Walter Scott Shooting


April V. Taylor A group of Black attorneys with the National Bar Association are calling for Clarence Habersham, the second officer connected to the fatal shooting of the unarmed, fleeing Walter Scott in North Charleston, South Carolina, to be fired and prosecuted.  Habersham was the second officer to arrive on the scene after Michael Slager gunned Scott down. Habersham filed ...

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While S. Africa Purges Black Immigrants, Whites Prepare for Race War Takeover

South Africa Imiigrant Attacks

In South Africa more than 2,000 foreigners have been displaced amid anti-immigrant violence.  While S. Africans in the country seem focused on ousting other blacks, whites are training in boot camps to take over during a race war. Refugee camps have been set up in Durbin to house the influx of immigrants who’ve lost their homes and belongings to xenophobic ...

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Army Wants Help in Finding Vandals Responsible for Racist Graffiti

fort stewart

Army officials at Fort Stewart in Georgia are asking for the public’s help in catching the vandals responsible for defacing federal property. Over the weekend vandals defaced signs and buildings with racist graffiti. “If anyone has information, we appreciate them coming forward,” Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield garrison commander Col. Kevin F. Gregory, according to Savannah Morning News. “Anyone who does ...

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8 of 10 Atlanta Educators Sentenced to Jail Over Cheating Scandal

atlanta cheating scandal

Atlanta educators who were convicted earlier this month in one of the most publicized cheating scandals in this country’s history were sentenced Tuesday. During the sentencing hearing, 8 out of 10 former Atlanta educators were sentenced to prison. The educators, convicted of racketeering and crimes related to inflating test scores, stood one by one as their sentences were handed down. ...

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