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How The Founder Of Howard University Helped Drive Native Americans Off Their Land

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April V. Taylor When most people think of Oliver Howard, for whom Howard University is named, many think of a deeply religious, moral, benevolent man.  Others think of him as a hero and humanitarian whose work as the Commissioner of the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands helped many of the nation’s freed slaves access education, healthcare and resources ... Read More »

Black Principal Allegedly Fires Teachers For Teaching Black History

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Parents are furious after a black middle school principal has fired teachers for teaching Black History in her school. Howard University Middle School is a school that I guess you wouldn’t expect this type of thing to happen. This is especially true given that the school has an African American principal. Parents were asking questions regarding why there were so many teachers being ... Read More »

Norfolk State University Student Viciously Attacked by Police Dog


The police are supposed to protect the good people from the bad ones.  But the growing police state in America has left many concerned that the government is now confusing the process and treating law-abiding citizens like horrible criminals.  When you hear this young woman’s story, you’re probably going to have some questions. London Colvin, a 21-year old student at ... Read More »

Coverage of Michelle Obama’s Saudi Trip was Racist: Here’s Why


Saudi Arabia is a place where there is a specific role for women.  The role is one that doesn’t sit well with Americans or feminists in particular.  The president is not very quick to criticize this country as it would, say, an African nation, because the country is wealthy and controls so much oil. But the facts are not always what ... Read More »

How Did a Drone End Up On White House Grounds?


By Victor Ochieng The White House has received a warning shot, calling for tightening loose ends in general security. The fact that a quadcopter operator crash-landed a drone within the precincts of the White House grounds is reason enough to send an alert to the executive mansion’s security officers. Early Monday at 3:00 a.m. ET, the drone landed at the ... Read More »

Member of Nebraska School Board Called on to Resign After Calling Obama a “Half Breed”

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A member of Nebraska’s school board is being called on to resign after making racially inflammatory remarks about President Obama. Pat McPherson’s blog included repeated references to President Barack Obama as a “half breed.” McPherson, however, said he didnt’ write the posts and expressed his disapproval before deleting them. Concerned citizens have called in to complain about McPherson’s comments, causing ... Read More »