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Teacher Home Visits Strengthen Relationships Between Schools and Families


In the past, a home visit from a teacher rarely meant anything positive. Nowadays, these visits are being used as a tool to connect teachers to students’ families and increase the possibility of parental involvement and academic success. The Parent/Teacher Home Visit Project is a national family engagement incentive; in the past year, it has extended its program to over ...

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College Prep Blogs You Would Love To Follow


It’s easy to get college information overload online. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and others are shouting “Read Me! Read Me!”. But let’s face it, we only have so much time to assimilate college information and even less time trying to decide what to read. And that’s where I come in. I know who has the best college related blog posts and ...

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Black Parents Team Up With Teachers to Ensure Your Child Becomes an Accomplished Reader and Writer


As your child begins to read, he/she will need a lot of practice. You and your child’s teacher/teachers are the greatest assistants when it comes to helping him/her perfect their academic skills. Team up with your child’s teacher early on to ensure that you can help him/her at home with reading and writing. MOTHER-READING-TO-CHILD Connect With the Teacher A lot ...

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Why Investing in These College Degrees Makes the Most Financial Sense


By Bo Thornton Many ask if a college degree is still worth the time and money that it takes to earn a degree. Some suggest that a college degree will help you make approximately $1 million more over the span of your working lifetime; however, it depends on many variables, such as the degree you earn as well as what ...

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Dr. Sinclair Grey III – 5 Things You Need To Do To Begin Your Journey Towards Entrepreneurship


People who want to jump into being an entrepreneur must understand nothing is promised. Let me say it this way. Your paycheck isn’t guaranteed, customers/clients aren’t promised, and your free time will be compromised and even sacrificed. However, the reward for those who are willing to persevere through the difficult times will be well worth it. Being an entrepreneur means ...

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10 Things You Didn’t Learn About Africa In Social Studies Class


April V. Taylor The misinformation and propaganda peddled by mainstream media about Africa may be more misleading than that of any other country. In addition to misinformation, there is still a lot that remains unknown about the world’s largest Black continent. While some facts are normal, others are quite unique and intriguing. Check out this list of interesting facts your ...

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