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Will This Comedian Replace Jon Stewart on ‘The Daily Show’?

Trevor Noah

Comedy Central’s ‘The Daily Show’ is steadfastly searching for someone to replace Jon Stewart when he leaves, but given that the show’s current comedians are either leaving for other opportunities or rejecting the hosting position outright, the show’s producers are looking elsewhere. Variety is reporting that one of the people the show’s producers are considering to replace Stewart is comedian ...

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Black Lawmaker Who Said He’d Shoot Cop First and “Ask Questions Later” Isn’t Backing Down

Ernie Chambers

Nebraska State Sen. Ernie Chambers has no plans to resign after making statements that some consider inflammatory. Chambers made several statements about police officers, including one where he compares police to ISIS and another where he says he would shoot a police officer and “ask questions later.” During a hearing on a gun bill, Chambers said he doesn’t need to ...

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Members of Congress Attribute Racism to the Delay In Confirmation of AG Candidate Loretta Lynch

Attorney General candidate Loretta Lynch is not confirmed due to race

Reported by Lyonel Laverde-Hansen Last Wednesday, representative Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) spoke with Bloomberg Politics about the ongoing senate confirmation hearings for Loretta Lynch to be the next Attorney General (AG) of the United States. In a few controversial remarks, the congressman suggested that the protracted process had “forced [him] to face the reality that we are not where we thought” ...

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Texans Fight to Have Racist Confederate Flag On License Plates

Handout of the design of a proposed "Sons of the Confederacy" Texas state license plate

Reported by Victor O The Supreme Court is currently hearing a case that will allow the Confederate battle flag to be displayed on license plates in the state of Texas.  Many people feel that the refusal to not display the flag violates the free speech of some citizens. The Sons of Confederate Veterans (Texas division) decided to sue after seeing ...

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Blacks Experience Less Than Three-Fourths The Quality Of Life As Whites


April V. Taylor The National Urban League, a civil rights organization, has issued it’s 39th annual “State of Black America,” report. The annual publication assesses racial equality as it relates to economics, education, health, social justice and civil engagement. The findings reveal that Black people have been challenged “on every front,” specifically in terms of accountability for police misconduct, widening ...

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Detroit Pastor Owing Child Support for 5 Children By 4 Women Accused of Stealing His Congregation’s Money


By Michal Ortner Steve Lee, Pastor of Peter’s Rock Missionary Baptist Church of Detroit, claimed to partner with a local charity in order to take advantage of the needy. The Detroit charity, THAW, was established to help struggling community members keep their heat going during the winter months. In an ad on Facebook, local citizen, Jacqueline Privett found contact information ...

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NYC Protesters: Students Of Color Are Denied School Sports


By: Krystle Crossman Protesters and students have been gathering tirelessly on the steps of the Department of Education offices in New York City to try and protest the budget cuts on small school sports. Recently International Community High School in the Bronx lost all of its sports teams because of funding. Protesters are calling foul because they state that affluent ...

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