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Confederate Rally Organizers Warn Supporters: “No Racial Slurs”

confederate flag2

Some Georgia residents are rallying to protect the Confederate flag and making some interesting requests of protesters who will be attending their event. The Georgia organizers are planning a Confederate States of America flag rally on Saturday at Stone Mountain. Amongst non-prejudiced people, it tends to go without saying that using racial slurs is frowned upon, but the organizers of ...

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NY Man Says Cops Ran Stop Sign, Crashed His Car and Tried to Blame Him


Reported by Liku Zelleke Thirty-one year old Oliver Wiggins, from Brooklyn says that NYPD police officers tried to pin a traffic accident on him after they ran through a stop sign and broadsided his vehicle. After being ransacked by their SUV, Wiggins states police tried to frame him by stating he was driving under the influence of alcohol. Talking to ...

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Man Who Allegedly Beat Black Man and Threw Him on Train Tracks Appear in Court


An African American man who was beaten by a drunken white mob and thrown onto the metro rail tracks says he can’t bear to watch video of the incident. Surveillance video shows Kevin Lockett, 55, being thrown off a downtown T station platform and beaten. “I couldn’t watch it. I had to walk away,” Lockett said outside the courtroom, reports ...

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Was Woman In Cleveland Jail Allowed To Die In Retaliation For Black Lives Matter Protesters Freeing Teen?


April V. Taylor The victory Black Lives Matter demonstrators experienced yesterday when they freed a 14-year-old boy from police custody was short lived. Thirty-seven year old Ralkina Jones was arrested Friday over an argument with her husband; Sunday she died at the Cleveland Heights jail where she was being held. The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner has not determined a cause ...

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Ex-Cop Who Wrote “Typical Hood Rat Behavior” Comment About Blacks Thought It Was “Funny”

typical hoodrat behavior

Former Fort Lauderdale police Officer Jeffery Feldewert said he thought it was funny to describe black suspects as hood rats. When Feldewert was asked what he meant by commenting, “typical hood rat behavior” on a Facebook post, the officer replied that it wasn’t intended to be racist. “What did you mean by hood rat?” internal affairs Sgt. Cecil Stone asked, ...

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Jon Stewart Secretly Colluded With Obama to Attack Enemies, Report Claims

Jon Stewart

by Yvette Carnell After George W. Bush exited the White House, some media observers felt Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show” would go downhill since the liberal comedian wouldn’t have anyone to roast. Stewart, however, began mocking President Obama with the same zeal with which he went after “Dubya”, prompting many to view Stewart as a fair comic who took shots ...

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