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Man’s Life Ruined After He Spends 7 Months in Jail, Acquitted in 45 Minutes

John Blue

The right to a speedy trial is guaranteed under the Constitution, but that’s little comfort to a Georgia man who lost everything after being held without bond for seven months. John Blue lost his kids, apartment, and property when he was accused of attacking a social worker after a car crash. A worker for the Division of Family and Children ...

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Blind, autistic man was the first black man to perform at the White House 


By Angela L. Braden Nicknamed Blind Tom by his “handlers”, Thomas Wiggins made history by being the first African American man to perform at the White House. Born May 25, 1949, Thomas was birthed into the harsh, dreadful institution of American slavery in the state of Georgia.  Adding insult to injury, the young child of Charity and Mingo Wiggins was ...

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Other hospitals were racist, so this doctor created his own


Sometimes, in order to get an opportunity, you have to create one.  Racism is everywhere and during segregation, black people actually had a better ability to build institutions than we have today.  This doctor provides a template for what we can do when we put our minds to it, because the only solution to the black unemployment problem is to ...

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Here’s How the U.S. Government Put Black Farmers Out of Business

John Boyd and his father, Photo Credit: Grist

In any business, be it farming or another enterprise, an essential determinant of success is access to capital. America’s non-black farmers have been flush with USDA loans for years, while black farmers were forced to watch their loans shrivel to nearly nothing. The consequence of lack of access to funding has been the near extinction of black farmers. According to Grist,one ...

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Residents call for Obama to deal with Baltimore man killed by police


By Doshon Farad Baltimore, MD—Two weeks after his death at the hands of police officers, 25-year-old Freddie Gray’s friends, relatives and supporters took to the streets on Saturday to demand justice on his behalf. Gray—who is considered by many to be the latest victim of what several activists are referring to as a nationwide pandemic of police killings of Black ...

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Dr Boyce Watkins: You weren’t born to work for your oppressor

01 Sep 2000 --- Worried businessman --- Image by ©LWA-Stephen Welstead/CORBIS

Podcast: Play in new window | Download One of the most interesting things about being black in America is that many of us are raised with the same message: Work hard, go to school and then, you can get a good job. Most of these jobs are given by companies that are run by white people. Yes, the same white ...

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