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6,000 Drug Offenders Will Be Freed This Month! Largest Release in History


The Justice Department will release 6,000 prisoners nationwide between Oct. 30th and Nov. 2nd of this year. This is made possible because of the policy change by the U.S. Sentencing Commission, an independent agency that sets sentencing policies for federal crimes. The policy which is referred to as the “Drugs Minus Two,” reduced potential punishment for future drug offenders last ...

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Body Camera Leads To The Termination Of A White Officer Tasing An Unarmed Black Man


By Nigel Boys When 10-year veteran white officer Tim Claussen, of the Zephyrhills Police Department in Florida, went to the home of a 42-year-old African-American man who was suspected of shoplifting, he became so impatient with the man that he tasered him. The incident, which was caught on 36-year-old Claussen’s body camera, happened on September 9, when he went to ...

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Diana Ross and the Picture that Has the Internet Buzzing: Pregnant or Bad Photo?


By: Evette Champion At 71 years old, Diana Ross may be the last person you would expect to have rumors flying around stating that she is pregnant. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. @TheShadeRoomINC posted a photograph of the legendary Ms. Ross on Instagram. Diana-Ross-600×599 Almost instantly, the rumors started popping up. Some of the most popular is that she is ...

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Is Amber Rose the Next Great Activist; Thanks to a Walk of Shame?


By: Evette Champion Hundreds of supporters gathered in Los Angeles on Saturday to show their support for Amber Rose’s Walk of No Shame event. Dubbed the ‘Sl*tWalk,’ the walk is to raise awareness of sexual violence, the double standards that are placed on men and women when it comes to sexual liberation, and blaming the victim of rape for her ...

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Inmates Outsmart Harvard Students In Unlikely Debate


April V. Taylor An inmate debate team that is part of a Bard College program that helps give prisoners a chance at a better life when they are released recently went up against Harvard College Debating Union. By all accounts, Harvard University has a pretty strong debate team, but in an unlikely turn of events, the Bard Prison Initiative Debate ...

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