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VIDEO: Violent Online Threat Against Black Students Causes Hundreds To Miss School

pic of Facebook threat

April V. Taylor Parents of Black students at Killeen High School in Killeen, Texas were given reason to fear for their children’s safety after racist threats were made against them on social media recently. KCEN-TV News reports that threatening messages were originally posted to Instagram on Thursday by an anonymous user using the name “jakedajesus254.” Unnervingly, the posts were addressed ...

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College Bound Teen Accidentally Kills Himself While Taking Selfie With Gun

selfie gun

The sister of a Houston man says he was scheduled to begin community college when he accidentally shot himself while taking a selfie with a gun. Deleon Alonso Smith was hit in the throat, KPRC reported. Police claim 19 year old Smith was taking selfies at his apartment on Tuesday when the gun accidentally went off. “It’s the worst feeling ...

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Black Lives Don’t Matter on ‘Fear the Walking Dead’, Says Writer

Walking Dead

In a post on her personal blog, writer and American Book Award winner Tananarive Due discusses the anti-black imagery in the AMC series “Fear the Walking Dead.” According to Due, it’s not only in the streets of America where black lives don’t matter, but also on the screen.  As evidence, Due points to the swiftness with which the black male ...

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“All the Black People” Principal Who Was “Fired” Over Graduation Remarks Kept Her Job

Georgia principal

A Georgia school principal who was supposedly fired in May after making racially inflammatory remarks at her school’s graduation ceremony never left the job, according to a new report. An investigative report by CBS46, alleges that the principal still works at the school. The network reports that Nancy Gordeuk is still working at TNT Academy, and  in the same capacity ...

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White S.C. Cop Gets Only Home Detention After Gunning Down Unarmed Black Man

Richard Combs

A white former South Carolina police chief won’t serve a day in prison for killing an unarmed black man. Former chief Richard Combs was sentenced to one year of home detention after police dropped the murder charge against him for fatally shooting Bernard Bailey, 54, in 2011. Circuit Judge Edgar Dickson sentenced Combs to 10 years in jail as long ...

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White Tenn. Teen Allegedly Attacked After Repeating “N” Word Taunt


A white Tennessee teen was hospitalized after being beaten by black classmates during an altercation. The confrontation that left 15 year old Ethan Humphrey with a broken collarbone occurred on Friday. According to News3, the teen was allegedly beaten in a classroom at Millington Central High School. The teen’s mother says her son suffered a concussion and broken collar after ...

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Black Man Claims Someone Burned N Word Into His Lawn

courtney gordon

A black Florida man claims he was outraged after discovering a racial slur burned into his lawn. Courtney Gordon of Palm Bay, Florida says his lawn man pointed out the “N” word burned into his lawn on Monday morning. According to Gordon, the slur had been burned into the grass using chemicals. Gordon says he called police to report the ...

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Black Utah Man Claims He’s Being Harassed by Racist Neighbors

Sam Smith

A Utah man claims he is being terrorized by neighbors who’ve called him racial slurs and damaged his property, ABC 4 Utah reports. Sam Smith says the trouble began when he tried to move into his Taylorsville home 13 years ago. Smith says he spent six months trying to buy the home because whenever he would call asking for details, ...

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Watch: Angry White Texas Racist Threatens To Kill Black Protesters (VIDEO)

texas white man threatens blacklivesmatter

This video quickly escalates into a violent, racist, tirade against any black person who would dare to protest systemic racism and white supremacy. Nathan Ener of Texas has since pulled this video down from his Facebook page. Before he took down the video, over 100,000 people helped to spread his message by “liking” and sharing. Ener begins his rant discussing ...

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