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RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan Brings Chess to Juvenile Inmates in St. Louis


By Victor Ochieng Many people just sit back and complain about things, while others stand up and take action. The few who choose to do something are the ones who make a difference; they live the change they want to see in this world. RZA, leader of the Hip Hop group Wu-Tang Clan, is one such person. The rapper-producer said that ...

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First Lady Launches Social Media Platform to Encourage Students to Attend College


By Victor Ochieng If you’re a parent and you’re constantly worried about how much time your kid spends on social media, you aren’t alone. Millions of parents feel somehow out of control as their children take to social media websites, eating so much of their study time. The sweeping technological developments and the power of social media cannot be wished ...

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Black Enrollment Is Up, But Graduation Rates Are Down


By Angela Wills The higher education system has seen a large increase in the number of Black students enrolling in colleges and universities. However, on a national level, the graduation rate is disturbingly low, averaging approximately 45%. This is a rate of nearly 20% less than the rate of white graduates. There are several factors that contribute to the disparity ...

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U.S. Tightens Security As Americans Travel During Holiday Season


By Nigel Boys After the recent terrorist attacks carried out by Islamic militants on Paris, France, security at airports has naturally been tightened around the U.S., especially with the volume of passengers who are traveling for during Thanksgiving season. Despite an FBI bulletin sent earlier this week to police departments across the country, warning them to be extra vigilant for ...

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How To Save Some Money This Thanksgiving


Reported by Liku Zelleke As we celebrate Thanksgiving this year, the one thing we need to keep our eyes on – apart from an expanding waistline – is our pocket. It is easy to overspend when you’re having a good time and you wouldn’t want to find yourself penniless once the festivities are over.

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A Period Don’t Stop Nothing But a Sentence: Why Menstrual Sex is Great


I was perusing the internet looking for the latest gossip and I came across a very taboo yet stimulating article on XE Necole entitled “Period Sex: Why Some Men Don’t Have An Issue With It”. I was immediately compelled to read this article because the man I am currently dating has this huge fear of periods. We were talking about awkward ...

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50 Holiday Gift Ideas To Make Your Daddy & Boyfriend Happy


By: Naturally Triece The thing about the holidays is that you never want anyone to feel like they’re being left out. You want your daddy to feel special, as well as your significant other. So, just incase you are having a tough time with finding the perfect gift for your mate and your daddy, here is some awesome gift ideas ...

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