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Freddie Gray Should Have Received Medical Attention, Say Baltimore Police

Gray arrest

Baltimore Police officials are still struggling to explain how a man suffered a fatal spinal chord injury during an arrest. Freddie Gray, 25, was injured so severely during a Baltimore arrest that he had to undergo surgery on three broken vertebrae and an injured voice box. After two days in a coma, Gray died from his injuries. Six officers have ...

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Local NAACP Head Charged With Selling Cocaine to Pay Child Support

Timothy Miles

The president of a local Indiana chapter of the NAACP was arrested Wednesday on drug charges. Forty nine year old Timothy Wade Miles, president of the Muncie NAACP branch, is accused of selling cocaine to an informant for the Delaware County Sheriff’s Drug Unit on three occasions, the IndyStar reports. According to the Star, Miles had only been head of ...

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Nebraska Official Can’t Explain Why He Said “N***er Guns” in Meeting


The human body usually responds to commands from the brain unless there’s some physical impairment. One Nebraska lawmaker, however, has indicated that his mouth was operating under its own volition when he used a racial slur during a meeting. Nemaha County Commissioner Bob Hutton said his use of a racial slur on Wednesday was a mistake and he’s not quite ...

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These diseases are killing us because we eat such unhealthy food


By Dr. Sinclair Grey III Health in the African-American community is vitally important. With so many illnesses affecting people of color, care for one’s health needs to be at the top of the priorities list. However, it’s no secret that for years, the health care system has been unfair to African-Americans. The lack of quality services raises a red flag. ...

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SC Drug Dealers To Go Into Special Educational Program Instead of Prison


By Victor O. Drug dealing is a serious crime in the United States, and to be caught in the act ordinarily means having to spend several months or even years in prison. But the unexpected happened in the case of seven drug dealers caught red-handed in Conway, South Carolina. When the seven drug dealers walked into a recreation center in ...

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This former cop is offended that prisons are making people rich


by Dr Boyce Watkins The War on Drugs has been a hugely destructive force against the black family over the last 40 years. The damage has been enormous and some wonder why there hasn’t been a greater effort by our politicians to deal with this very serious issue. Mr. Ken Williams is a former officer with the Brockton Police Department ...

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