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Fox host refers to Lady Gaga song as “Jigaboo Music”

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We don’t know if your jaws dropped to the floor as quickly as our own, but you have to see this.   One of the hosts on a local Fox affiliate, for some reason, felt compelled to describe a Lady Gaga song as “Jigaboo music.”  The incident occurred in Cleveland, a city with enough diversity that any intelligent news host ... Read More »

Racism is Better Than Hip-Hop, Says Fox’s Geraldo Rivera

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By Angela L. Braden In an interview that aired on HuffPost Live, Geraldo Rivera blamed hip-hop for the destruction of “Black and brown” people in the last decade. Rivera, who has always been outspoken for his over-the-edge views on politics, culture, and society, appeared on Huff Post Live to discuss his rather speedy stint on Celebrity Apprentice. The Fox contributor ... Read More »