Black Men

Judge tells defendant: This “is not your hood. You don’t own that”

hoodjudge (1)

By Nigel Boys When gang member O’Shae Smith appeared in court on charges of attempted first-degree murder, he obviously thought he was entitled to say and act as he wanted, just like he does in his once peaceful suburb of Tennesee, because he believes it to be “his hood.” However, Smith had the shock of his life when Southern Judge ...

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Orphan who begged for new parents finally finds a home

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By Taylor Miller Many people on this planet are blessed with the ability to have children, to raise them, and to love them. Some of these children are born into families that want to love them, but don’t have the means to support them, and for that, there’s adoption. Younger children are often adopted much quicker than older ones, but ...

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Eric Harris Is Dead; His Killer Is on Bahamas Vacation After Pleading Not guilty

eric harris

By Dr. Sinclair Grey III Reserve Deputy Robert Bates, 73, of Oklahoma made the news recently when he—a White man—shot and killed 44-year-old Eric Harris—who was Black. The wealthy retired insurance executive claims that he mistakenly shot Harris on April 2.  Since the shooting and killing of Harris, family members, as well as those within the civil rights community, have ...

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Uber Driver Shoots Gunman After Dropping Him Off


By Nigel Boys When 22-year-old Everado Custodio (pictured) decided to allegedly open fire on a group of people on the 2900 block of North Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago on Friday night, he didn’t bank on a 47-year-old Uber taxi driver coming to their aid and firing at him. The driver of the on-demand taxi service had been sitting in his ...

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Baltimore artist is displaying work that battles police brutality

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By Dr. Sinclair Grey III Artists have the ability to create images that bring about discussions on various topics. It’s because of their creativity that sensitive issues are debated locally and nationally. The way that an artist is able to stir up thoughts and emotions that range from happy to rage is remarkable. Case in point — Loring Cornish, a Baltimore ...

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Man loved impersonating cops….until he ran into a real one


By Nigel Boys John Arthur Benedict, 69, apparently likes pretending to be a police officer so much that he bought “police interceptor” markings because he believed his Ford Crown Victoria was a “police edition,” according to NBC2. The Florida man didn’t stop there, however, because he also installed strobe lights and a spotlight so that his vehicle would properly look ...

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Here’s Michael Eric Dyson being very critical of President Obama five years ago

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Some were surprised about Michael Eric Dyson’s ardent defense of Dr Cornel West.  But what people don’t recall is that Dyson said some pretty interesting things about Obama a few years ago.  Here’s an interview Dyson did five years ago, claiming that President Obama has been ineffective on race.   The question to ask is, “Why did you change your ...

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Nike Owns Tiger Woods’ Name So His New Restaurant Can’t Use It


By Stephen Kanyi Tiger Woods has been working on keeping his golfing skills up to par, but the pro athlete has begun to eye the next step in his career, which is to become an entrepreneur. On Tuesday, Woods announced that he is opening a restaurant in Palm Beach, Florida. Despite Woods’ involvement in almost everything from deciding the price ...

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