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You love New Edition? A movie about the group is on its way

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By Angela L. Braden Johnny Gill spilled several cups of tea in an interview he did with The hosts of the Breakfast Club, a NYC based radio show. In an in studio interview on December 12th, Johnny Gill spoke candidly about a number of topics, ranging from the two decade long rumors about him and Eddie Murphy being lovers, to ... Read More »

Pastor Dresses Horse In a Wedding Dress In Protest of Gay Marriage


Reported by Nigel Boys Since 35 U.S. states have now legalized same-seχ marriages, those still banning the practice are trying to keep the marriage vows strictly between a man and a woman. One pastor in Mississippi, one of the states who struck down the ban on gay marriage, did something rather unusual to demonstrate his views. After U.S. District Judge Carlton ... Read More »

Sony’s private emails said some nasty things about Denzel Washington


It appears that the Sony email hacking scandal is getting worse with each passing day.  Now, the subject of one of the most interesting email threads is actor Denzel Washington.  According to some emails discovered by hackers, executives had concerns about keeping a black lead in major films, mainly because they aren’t able to do very well internationally. “No, I ... Read More »

Yvette Carnell: Sharpton Visited White House 61 Times But Still Lacks Sway With Obama Administration


by Yvette Carnell Rev. Al Sharpton, who has transformed himself from rabble rousing street preacher to MSNBC pundit/activist, held a march in Washington over the weekend to protest police violence. This symbolic spectacle, where Sharpton re-imagines himself as MLK, struck me as curious, especially since Rev. Sharpton worked so arduously to elbow his way to the coveted role of Obama’s ... Read More »

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