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Black Men

BOSS Sports | Meet the Black Teen Who Dominates The Chess World


Reported by Victor O Joshua Colas is more than your average 16-year-old. He is a national chess champion. A visit to the apartment that Joshua shares with his Haitin-born parents as well as a brother and sister, will convince any doubter that this indeed is a chess prodigy. The South Lexington Avenue apartment is filled with all sorts of trophies ... Read More »

Man Licks New Air Jordans During TV Interview


Air Jordans are just tennis shoes right? So why do so many shoe enthusiasts react to them as if they’re gold or some treasured gem? During an interview with Ohio’s ABC 13 on Saturday, one man actually went so far as to lick his recently purchased Air Jordans. The local station was reporting on an out of control crowd that ... Read More »

Why would a man waste $150,000 to look like Kim Kardashian?


Reported by Victor Ochieng Call it obsession or whatever you want, but for this 23-year-old Briton, it’s all about keeping with the looks of the American super beauty Kim Kardashian. Instead of keeping the natural looks, this fan goes a distance to spend a whopping $150,000 on plastic surgery just to look like the star. If you’re thinking it’s a ... Read More »

Black Cop: We’re Not “Sellouts”, We Care About Our Community


A black police detective who encountered demonstrators protesting police brutality says many black officers have been called sellouts by  young crowds. CBS San Francisco describes a scene where a black police officer was engaged in a standoff with protesters on Black Friday. The largely African-American crowd, who were out in force after the Ferguson decision, lashed out at the black ... Read More »

Even BET is done with Bill Cosby


By Anggi Budi Kurniawan It has been a month since TV Land stopped airing the reruns of The Cosby Show following the alleged sexual assault and rape scandals surrounding its first man, Bill Cosby. Numerous accusations were increasingly difficult to avoid, affecting not only The Cosby Show itself, but also leading Cosby to resign from Temple University’s board of trustees on December 1, 2014. ... Read More »

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