Black Men

Do black people feel more comfortable working for whites?

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Podcast: Play in new window | Download The new film “7 am” is coming out in a wide range of cities across the United States. In the film, noted individuals such as Dr Umar Johnson and Claud Anderson speak to the perils of black economic codependence, and how this makes it nearly impossible for our community to evolve into one ...

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Menace II Society 20 years later: Wow, what a movie


By Dana C. Ayres Hip Hop stars are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Menace II Society. sat down with influential Hip Hop artists to get their perspective on the film and the memories it evoked for them. The film portrays the abject hopelessness of black people, men in particular, that live in the economically-depressed, high-crime, gang-controlled environment of South ...

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Chicago Bears Fire Ray McDonald After He Attacks Woman and Child


By Joshua D. Copeland After stories involving NFL players like Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, domestic violence has been a trending extremity involving professional athletes.  The latest assaulter: Ray McDonald of the Chicago Bears. After being arrested on Monday for domestic violence  and child endangerment charges in Santa Clara, CA.  The Bears announced that they released McDonald from the team. ...

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Dr. Cornel West responds to Michael Eric Dyson and it’s interesting


In an exclusive interview with Laura Flanders of GritTV, Dr. Cornel West finally opens up about Dr. Michael Eric Dyson’s criticism of him in the pages of The New Republic. As Flanders notes, Dyson “tried to school” West on “how to criticize Obama.” When asked by Flanders what was wrong with Dyson’s approach, West replied, “He can have the approach ...

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Ben Carson and MLK appear on a t-shirt together: Should we support that?


Roosevelt Mitchell III and Benjamin Dixon expound on the question, should black people get mad if they see Dr. King and Dr. Ben Carson on a t-shirt together. Benjamin Dixon is host of the Benjamin Dixon show and is a political analyst who speaks regularly about politics on his show. His response is very interesting and detailed as he plays ...

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Pastor shot in drive-by right in front of his church

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By Michal Ortner On Sunday, May 24, the Rev. Dr. Augustus Sealy was shot as he placed Memorial Day flags outside of his church, First Church of the Nazarene in Hartford, Connecticut. The shots were fired at around 6 a.m., impacting Sealy twice in his left leg and once in the left shoulder. After receiving several 911 phone calls, police ...

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Elderly man says cops busted into his house and broke his hip


April V. Taylor Eighty two year old Herman Crisp has filed a lawsuit against a local Texas police department for excessive force after he says that officers stormed into his home and used excessive force, causing him to suffer a broken hip. Adding insult to injury, Crisp says that Georgetown deputies refused to render any aid or even call for ...

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Taye Diggs is about to play a drag queen: Good or bad for black men?


By Joshua D. Copeland Actor Taye Diggs is about to make history in his next project.  And for a second there, he had us thinking he was more prepared for it than we ever expected… Taye is going to be the first African American  to play the drag queen lead role in “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” on Broadway.  He ...

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What’s that vial that fell out of Kevin Durant’s pocket?


By Victor Ochieng A suspicious-looking vial that looked to contain marijuana dropped out of Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant’s SUV as he was leaving a Los Angeles night club on Friday. The 26-year-old was talking to the media when the car arrived. The moment the door opened, a bottle fell out of the car to the ground. His entourage ...

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Two stepbrothers shot by a white police officer calls for investigation


By Robert Stitt On Thursday, African-American stepbrothers Andre Thompson and Bryson Chaplin were shot by a White police officer, Ryan Donald of Olympia, Washington. Thompson was last reported to be in serious condition, while Chaplin was in critical condition, according to NewsOne. Donald was called to investigate the attempted theft of beer from a local supermarket by two Black male ...

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