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Sony leaked emails: Studio head wants Idris Elba as the next James Bond

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Leaked emails from Sony pictures contained a long list of surprises for the American public.  Some of these surprises were racial, some were political, and some of them were just business-related.   One of the emails from Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chairman Amy Pascal drew the interest of the fans of Idris Elba.  In the email, Pascal claims that she wanted Elba to ... Read More »

The NBA on TNT Cypher is Everything you Thought it Would Be (Video Inside)


By Brandon Simmons The NBA on TNT crew is regarded as one of the most entertaining crew of analysts on television. Each week host Ernie Johnson, former all-stars Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal offer insightful and humorous commentary on the different games around the league. So of course something interesting had to happen when rapper Nicki Minaj showed ... Read More »

BOSS Sports | Former MLB player shot and killed after a fight over candy

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By Angela L. Braden Reports now confirm that Ryan Bolden, formerly of the Los Angeles Angels, was shot and killed at an apartment complex outside of Atlanta, Georgia late Wednesday evening. Witnesses of Bolden’s murder state that the altercation was prompted by children fighting over candy at an apartment complex in College Park, Georgia. Somehow the adults got involved in ... Read More »

Sony racial controversy leads to partnership with Al Sharpton

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By Angela L. Braden Last month, Sony Pictures was the victim of a sensational cyber crime, resulting in thousands of private e-mails being leaked to the public. Some of the e-mails contained communication that Shonda Rhimes, creator and executive producer of the hit ABC shows, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder, calls “racist” and Al Sharpton ... Read More »

Dyson says Cosby “Rapes an entire black community,” Cosby fires back

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The saga of Bill Cosby has gotten more and more interesting over time.  Bill Cosby has remained relatively silent even though numerous rape allegations have come from over 26 accusers.  The pressure has mounted for the iconic comedian, as several universities have distanced themselves from the embattled entertainer. Now, Cosby can add Michael Eric Dyson to the list of accusers, ... Read More »

You love New Edition? A movie about the group is on its way

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By Angela L. Braden Johnny Gill spilled several cups of tea in an interview he did with The hosts of the Breakfast Club, a NYC based radio show. In an in studio interview on December 12th, Johnny Gill spoke candidly about a number of topics, ranging from the two decade long rumors about him and Eddie Murphy being lovers, to ... Read More »

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