Black Men

A black historian breaks down this image in a way you’ll never forget


Podcast: Play in new window | Download Aaron D. Johnson The Permanence of Racism This week a Belgium newspaper, De Morgen depicted Pres. Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama as apes. It was supposed to be a satirical joke, but failed completely. The reasons or shall I say excuses behind the tasteless depictions were quite perplexing. It was not ...

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This film seeks to shatter the stigma of single motherhood

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On My Own is an eye-opening documentary that shatters the stigma of single motherhood. Sweeping through the black experience in America, On My Own’s comprehensive attitude is a refreshing breeze that cools the heated, and often unproductive, discourse of black family life in America. Through conversations with single mothers, fathers, community leaders and family experts, the documentary offers another facade ...

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How fathers and daughters can talk without killing each other

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Podcast: Play in new window | Download In this first episode of “Daddy Daughter Discussions,” I speak with my daughter Patrice about the importance of fathers and daughters being able to communicate with each other. We are coming together for this important (and on-going) discussion to help other fathers and daughters in our community who are working through their communications ...

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Kevin Hart & Will Ferrell Film “Get” In Trouble – Is Rape in Prison Funny?


By Joshua D. Copeland Somewhere down the line, we’ve been taught to believe that the idea of going to prison – from being “hard” to being raped – is hilarious.  But after the premiere of “Get Hard” starring Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell, many believed the film was downright offensive. According to, “Get Hard,” is a comedy about a millionaire ...

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Meet the Man Who’s Exposing Systemic Racism to Save Our Kids


Reported by Maria Lloyd Rahiem Shabazz, a New York native, is an award-winning filmmaker, a father, and an entrepreneur.  Of all the titles he sports, the one he’s most known for is activist. Shabazz has been on a crusade to expose the school-to-prison pipeline, a form of systemic racism that funnels poor children of color through a cycle to imprisonment. His film ...

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Dr Samori Swygert’s touching tribute to our fallen heroes

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Dr Samori Swygert has set the world on fire with his amazing commentary. But he also has a creative spark, spitting the kind of poetry and lyrical content that you’ll always remember. Here Dr Swgert talks about our fallen heroes and those we’ve protested for in the black community. The movement started a few years ago, and it continues. Check ...

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