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Will.I.Am Launches Exotic Car Company

The ever eccentric beat master of The Black Eyed Peas, Will.I.Am, announced last night on  The Tonight Show that he’s launching his very own car company. And guess what? The cars are just like him; odd looking and quite exotic. OEM parts from Chrysler will be used to manufacture the vehicles and they will all be equipped with Beats by Dr. Dre audio systems. Even if you don’t like the prototype for the vehicles, you can appreciate Will.I.Am’s entrepreneurial spirit and his desire to bring jobs back to his old East Los Angeles neighborhood. There aren’t a lot of people who are keen on creating jobs in the black community, so good for him. Watch the video below to hear Will.I.Am discuss his new car company and view the models. Read More »

Newt Gingrich: Black People Need to Get Off Welfare

by Dr. Boyce Watkins “I will go to the NAACP convention and explain to the African-American community why they should demand paychecks instead of food stamps,” said Newt Gingrich at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire. This is just the latest in a series of insulting comments being made by GOP hopefuls, who seem confused about the fact that they can’t get the African American vote.  Just a week ago, another GOP candidate, Rick Santorum, characterized black people as being on welfare during a visit to Iowa, of all places. I’m not sure where Gingrich is getting his perception of the black experience in America.  I’ve never asked for a welfare check in my life, and neither have most of my friends.  My mother and I received public assistance when I was a baby, primarily because we needed it in order to survive.  But Gingrich, being the “good Christian liar and adulterer” that he is, would have been just as happy if my mother and I had died on the street. The Republican Party is amazing in their inability to move forward in race relations.  They’ve consistently sought out the black vote, but only on their terms.  They get a handful of brave African Americans who are willing to extend an olive branch (after being ignored by the Democrats), and end up testing the limits of this relationship with one insult after another.  A consistent onslaught of racially-offensive rhetoric is a reminder that many of the leaders in the Republican Party grew up during a time when it wasn’t necessary to show respect to people of color. Gingrich was born in 1943.  The chubby, entitled little kid didn’t even have to share a bathroom with black people until he was in graduate school.  He cut his political teeth in Georgia, a state that has no problem incarcerating black men at holocaust proportions, killing black men (Troy Davis) who didn’t commit any crime, and telling black political leaders (President Obama) that they must prove their citizenship in order to run for president.  In other words, we need to start calling Gingrich, Santorum and others what they are:  Good old-fashioned American bigots .  These men have already outlived their relevance in our society, and our country will be better when they have left the earth for the afterlife (no, I don’t condone killing them – mother nature will handle that soon enough). I have no idea why Newt Gingrich is going to insult the NAACP by making an appearance.  There is nothing productive to gain by having him come to a venue full of African Americans only to speak down at them.  He is not coming to speak with an open heart or mind, and only plans to give political orders, not take them.  NAACP members should boycott Gingrich’s speech – you don’t have to accommodate to a man who does not respect you.   Dr. Boyce Watkins  is a Professor at Syracuse University  and founder of the Your Black World  Coalition.  To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.   Read More »

Update: Missing Atlanta Woman’s Car is Found

WSBTV in Atlanta is reporting that the car of a missing Buckhead woman has been found. Stacey Nicole English disappeared from her home the day after Christmas and hasn’t been heard from since. Earlier this morning, Atlanta police announced that the missing woman’s Volvo S60 was found in Southwest Atlanta. English is 36 and works at Sun Trust Bank. Detectives have reportedly returned to her home and are continuing to investigate her disappearance. Source Read More »

Kenyan Man Beats His Wife After She Catches Him Cheating

KENYA  A woman who suspected her husband of cheating followed him, and found him at the hotel with a woman she believed to be his mistress. The woman banged on the door and peaked through the window of the motel, but still, no one answered. After the woman’s knocks were left unanswered, she waited outside by the door. Eventually, the husband came outside and was met by his angry wife, and how he responded was shocking. The husband kicked and beat his wife until the brutal beating was interrupted by neighbors who heard the woman’s screams. Watch video at WHAT THE HA-YELL Read More »

Nas Responds to Promoter who Was Kidnapped After He Didn’t Show Up to a Concert

“Rapper  Nas  is extremely concerned about the safety of a concert promoter who was abducted in Angola … and says he’s ready to cut a big time check to help get the guy back to the USA. TMZ broke the story … the concert promoter,  Patrick Allocco , claims  he was kidnapped at gunpoint  by a local “concert impresario” who was FURIOUS when Nas no-showed at a heavily promoted New Year’s Eve show. Click to read More on YourBlackGossip.com       Read More »

Black Life Coaches: The Dos and Don’ts of Leadership

Last week while at the grocery store I heard a dad tell his son, ‘Don’t put any more juice in the cart!’, AFTER his son already did it. The other day I heard a mom tell her daughter ‘Don’t touch my phone!’, AFTER her daughter had already started making a phone call. Yesterday I heard the sheriff on television tell the viewing audience ‘Don’t drink and drive after ringing in the New Year’, only to wake up and read about dozens of drunk driving arrests. The last I checked, when someone said don’t do something, it was clear and nonnegotiable. It appears the word Don’t causes a great deal of confusion. My addiction to understanding how the words we use influence our physical behavior leads to this brief but powerful lesson to think about. Why is it that people tend to ignore us on the requests we mean the most? Perhaps the problem is not with their listening but rather with our word choice. Let’s go there… Read More on BlackLifeCoaches.net       Read More »

Video Shows Teen Choking Herself in the Back of a Police Car

It’s hard too imagine why someone might be choking herself in the back of a police car.  But authorities are saying that this woman did just that.  What’s worse for the poor woman is that she was caught on video trying to choke herself.  Just a mess. Click to read more on JustKhaotic.com               Read More »

Madam Prezident: Kanye West Wants To Reshape Education

Kanye West Mr.Alpha male spent time on twitter discussing how he wanted to change the world. Kanye West  used his  twitter account  last night, after his dreams woke him up in London, to reveal his new company named after his late mother, how the billionaires need to re-shape the world, and how he wants to reform education to heighten our senses.  He wants to pick up where  Alexander McQueen  and  Steve Jobs  left off. After getting inspired during his Watch The Throne tour with  Jay-Z , Kanye said he was impressed with how many different walks of life were impacted by music.  So he wants to revamp the world through a new creative company that heightens our musical, visual, and all our senses.  He’s named it Donda, after his late mother who was an English professor. Click to read more on YourBlackGossip.com       Read More »

Credit Card Interest Rates Skyrocket

If you thought credit card companies would be inclined to lower rates in the midst of the recession, you thought wrong. Credit card rates are at record levels, averaging 15.22 percent, according to CreditCards.com. As struggling Americans begin using credit cards more and more, even for every day necessities, the credit card companies are increasing interest rates to fatten their bottom lines. In addition, credit card companies are also trying to make up for revenue lost at the beginning of the financial crisis, a time when many Americans tightened their belts and reduced spending. Reportedly, credit card companies have also began marketing again to subprime borrowers. These companies are, again, targeting people with bad credit or no credit in an effort to make a quick buck. If it’s any solace, although consumer’s late payments are still increasing, they’re still slightly below the levels we saw at the beginning of the recession. Read More »