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What Happens When You Drink Coffee Before Your Workout


By: Krystle Crossman We all know that you must stay hydrated before a workout. You need the water to help your muscles move and to help your heart pump the way that it should. There is another drink that is great for a pre-workout routine that you may not think about. It isn’t a sports drink and it’s not a ...

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What Women Don’t Know About Egg Freezing


By: Krystle Crossman Women are choosing to start their families later and later these days. Sometimes it is due to not finding the right man to settle down with, sometimes it is because they have a great career, and other times they just are not ready to have children. Whatever the reason it doesn’t change the fact that as you ...

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6-year old girl found hanging from a jump rope

foster1 (1)

The New York Daily News has reported the kind of tragedy that almost none of us want to think about.  A six year old girl was found hanging from a jump rope in what many believe to be an apparent suicide. It appears that after being placed in foster care, the girl’s suicidal and homicidal thoughts began to increase, leading ...

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Losing Holiday weight with your workout in the bedroom


by Anna Bella Well, the festive season has come and gone, you’ve had one turkey dinner too many, and your man is handling more booty than he used to. And that’s okay – if you’re comfortable with it. If you’re not, here are some things you can do to get your booty back to where it used to be. 1. ...

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The Problem With Calling Yourself “Thick” When You’re Overweight

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By Tamala Perkins Many women have the challenge of trying to lose weight and failing over and over or working very hard to lose weight only to gain it all back and sometimes even be heavier than before the original weight loss. Going on fad diets and trying to lose too much weight too quickly is often what leads to ...

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BOSS Sports | Watch: ESPN host breaks down in tears as she remembers the great Stuart Scott

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Stuart Scott is a sports legend, we all know that. He touched so many lives with his energetic commentary and strong spirit that fought hard in the face of cancer. The cancer took Scott’s life at the age of 49, but his legacy and energy live on in those that knew him in life. Hannah Storm, one of the commentators ...

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This woman’s entire family got Ebola and she emerged victorious


Reported by Kacie Whaley When Fatu Kekula discovered that her entire family contracted the Ebola virus, she was the only one willing to save them. With three years of nursing school behind her, she did everything she could to nurse them back to health, and she used her own unique method that saved three out of four family members and ...

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Montel Williams is 58 years old with a six pack and 32-inch waist


Victor Ochieng For many who’ve seen Montel Williams on his television shows or films, he comes forth as one who’s got everything in place. He has this brave face, passion for what he does, and is always ready to drop one piece of advice after another. Although there has been news that the former US Marine had been officially diagnosed ...

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This Couple “Beat Fat” By Losing Over 500 lbs | Healthy Black Woman


By: Krystle Crossman Angela and Willie Gillis knew that they were overweight and for most of their lives they did nothing about it. But when their goddaughter was born they realized that if something didn’t change they may not be around to watch her grow up. The married couple had been together for three years and they decided together that ...

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