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President Obama uses the n-word


President Barack Obama is now speaking publicly about the state of race relations in America. In a recent appearance on WTF with Marc Maron, the president used a tough and forbidden term in order to make his point. First, the president started by describing his own experience in race relations and strongly believes that race relations have improved a great ...

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Two black women do an amazing tribute to Charleston Shooting Victims

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Madam Prezident and Derrickaaa do this amazing tribute to the victims of the shooting which occurred in Charleston, South Carolina. It is touching and powerful and we are grateful that these two young women have loaned their talents to help the nation grieve for those who’ve been impacted by this horrible tragedy.

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Rachel Dolezal compares herself to Caitlyn Jenner


Rachel Dolezal is known as the woman who pretended to be black for years. But she says it’s no act. In fact, some have compared her to Caitlyn Jenner, the man formerly known as superstar athlete Bruce Jenner. Caitlyn made the conscious decision to shift her gender due to feeling like a woman on the inside, and a man on ...

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7 things you might do to ruin your chances at a relationship


Ladies … you need to get over yourselves! During my 12 years as a relationship expert, I’ve noticed a trend repeating itself over and over (… andover) again. What might that trend be, exactly? Bright, beautiful, professional women succeeding at everything except one thing — Dating.  But more specifically, online dating, with a great majority of women who go out on a first ...

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Dr Roosevelt Mitchell III: Some “black” movies are flat out depressing

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Roosevelt Mitchell III speaks with film director Marcus Small about his latest film, The Melanin Code. The Melanin Code is an instructional video for black people to create a better community and world for the race. The film, inspired by Dr. Umar Johnson and Tariq Nasheed, includes a new “code of conduct” for black people. The code of conduct addresses ...

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Reporter tries to Jam Marilyn Mosby: She goes Michelle Obama on her

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In the interview below, Baltimore City States Attorney Marilyn Mosby is being charged by a reporter who is asking her questions that might cause her an ethical conflict.  We love the way she handled the question, powerful.   If you can’t see the video below (it should populate in about two seconds), you can watch it at this link.    ...

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