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Samuel L. Jackson Challenges Celebs to Sing Against Police Brutality


Celebrities seem to be down for every cause except the ones that could possibly change the way that the public views them, but there are some actors who are not afraid to put their reputations and careers on the line for causes that they believe in. The indictments that did not follow the murders of Michael Brown and Eric Garner ... Read More »

Nomalanga: Camille Cosby should not be shamed for standing by her husband


By Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses In recent weeks and months while the media has covered stories about her husband, Bill Cosby drugging and then r@ping women, Camille Cosby has remained completely silent. While most of the allegations are decades old, the women consistently accused TV-Dad, Cosby of drugging and r@ping the women. On Monday, Camille Cosby finally broke her silence and came ... Read More »

Camille Cosby finally speaks about her husband’s nasty allegations


Camille Cosby has been criticized by writers like Angela Braden and many others who felt that she’d been too silent about the numerous disturbing allegations against her husband.  Right after Braden wrote about the issue on NaturallyMoi.com, Camille came forward with a statement about her husband’s situation. Camille seems to feel that her husband’s situation can be compared to the ... Read More »

Ex-NFL Player Darren Sharper Indicted on Rape Charges


Former New Orleans Saints player Darren Sharper is facing numerous counts of rape after he allegedly drugged and sexually assaulted women in several states. The latest charges against the retired football player were handed down by a New Orleans grand jury which indicted Sharper on two counts of aggravated rape. The indictment charges the former NFL safety with giving women ... Read More »

Tiara KJ Williams: Jordin Sparks Slams Jason Derulo In a Diss Record


by Tiara KJ Williams Of all of the diss records in the world, who would have thought that we would find one from the sweet and innocent Jordin Sparks? Sparks is usually characterized as a sweet and humble person that, for the most part, stays out of messy drama, but the recent happenings in her life have apparently changed her ... Read More »

Sanaa Lathan finally Breaks Her Silence about Her Relationship With Tyrese Gibson

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Celebrities can never get a break. Every single thing they do will eventually be turned into something bigger than what it actually is if any type of fan or journalist happens to catch it. The main thing that people are good at is linking two celebrities together romantically after they have been seen together. Sometimes it is true, and sometimes ... Read More »

Sony silences Kevin Hart’s media in midst of leaked email scandal


The recently leaked emails from Sony executives revealed some nasty sentiments toward comedian Kevin Hart.  The executives in question have apologized, and Hart has shown his concerns about what was said.  But when it’s all said and done, it’s easy to remember who the boss is and who’s the employee. According to Inquisitr Sony has basically silenced Kevin and decided to keep ... Read More »