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Life After Comedy Central: Where Is Dave Chapelle?

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by Raveen Johnson How many people do you know would walk away from a $50 million contract? I do not know many, but I do know of Dave Chapelle and he definitely turned the other cheek when Comedy Central offered him another contract for his hit show “Chapelle’s Show.” There have been so many inquiries as to why Chapelle said ...

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John Legend doesn’t co-sign on Common’s statement about racism

The All of Me Tour

April V. Taylor Unlike many celebrities, John Legend spoke out within days of Michael Brown being gunned down in Ferguson, Missouri this past summer. At a concert less than a week after Brown’s death, he stated, “Black and brown people are just treated differently in this country. One of our original sins in this country has been racism and slavery. ...

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Man With 34 Children by 17 Women Gets His OWN Reality Show


A man who has 34 children with 17 women, and was once featured on Iyanla Vanzant’s “Fix My Life”, will get his OWN show on Oprah Winfrey’s network. Jay Williams, a native of Atlanta, will be featured on a show that chronicles his struggle to reconnect with his kids–aged 3 through 27–and the mothers of his children. According to OWN, ...

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Terrence Howard reportedly had Malik Yoba fired from Empire


The show “Empire” has been a huge hit, drawing millions of viewers each week up until the season finale.  According to the UK Daily Mail, the drama from the show has spilled over into the off-screen lives of cast members, who are finding themselves dealing with the conflict that often comes with having a lot of success very quickly. It’s ...

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Doshon Farad speaks with Last Dragon cast for 30th anniversary

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Do you remember Bruce Leroy and The Last Dragon? Well, Doshon Farad at Your Black World remembers them too. Farad took the time to appear at the 30th anniversary of the very popular film, and took some time to speak with cast members in this very special presentation. Enjoy!

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How Hip-Hop is Helping Kids Learn More than Just Sex and Violence


by G. Brown How do you help a 7th grader grasp Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion…try adding a little “0 to 100” by Drake and you may have the magic formula. NASA is using hip-hop to get middle school students interested in science and math in a fun and memorable way. NASA’s award-winning program is called FMA (Forces in Motion) ...

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Tarajii P. Henson Sends Her Son to a HBCU Due to Racial Profiling at USC


by G. Brown You work hard to raise kids and teach them to do the right thing, treat others fairly and stay out of trouble. Still, sometimes trouble comes looking for them simply for the crime of being black. “Empire” star Taraji P. Henson’s celebrity doesn’t give her any passes as the parent of a black male. Henson told Uptown ...

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Watch Serena Williams Smack It to Beyoncé’s 7/11


The woman named America’s greatest athlete by The New Yorker recently took time out to have some fun with one of Beyoncé’s many hits. A YouTube video shows Serena practicing and dancing to Beyoncé’s 7/11. “Our April cover star Serena Williams pulled a Beyoncé at the BallenIsles Country Club, practicing power shots and Bey-worthy dance moves to ‘7/11.’ Watch her ...

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Damon Dash gives a powerful response to The Breakfast Club Interview

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Damon Dash has received a great deal of criticism after his call for black men to embrace entrepreneurship. Some consider his words to be inspirational and others have considered them to be an attack on working class people. Damon responded to this criticism in the video below. Tell us what you think. READ MORE via Damon Dash gives a powerful ...

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