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Frank Ocean’s Dad Sues Russell Simmons…AGAIN


Who has beef with a multi-million dollar hip-hop mogul and faithful yogi? Frank Ocean’s dad, that is who. The man sued Simmons for $142M back in September 2014 because he felt like Simmons defamed him, but the case got thrown out. Now he is back to plead his case…Again. Calvin Cooksey—who has not been active in Frank Ocean’s life since ... Read More »

Nomalanga: Chris Rock’s misery showed his divorce was inevitable and predictable


By Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses Many people, including me, were surprised to hear that Chris Rock and his wife were going their separate ways. The comedian and his wife of 19 years are going through a divorce which will hopefully be amicable. There are people though, who say that they saw the divorce coming…for years. Apparently if you have been watching Chris’ ... Read More »

Gospel music star Andrae Crouch dies at the age of 72

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Gospel superstar Andraé Crouch, whose career spanned for more than 50 years, has gone to the afterlife at the age of 72.  Crouch was known for merging the gospel world with mainstream music as a singer, songwriter and choir director.   He had been hospitalized for the past few days in Los Angeles after reportedly suffering a heart attack. Crouch ... Read More »

Did Ludacris get married quickly just to avoid paying child support?

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By: Naturally Triece We all saw that beautiful proposal from rap star Ludacris to his girlfriend, of 6 years, Eudoxie, just a couple of days ago and not long after the proposal they were then married. We all loved the idea and thought that they made an amazing couple. But according to the mother of his daughter, Tameka is claiming ... Read More »

Jay-Z: “Hip-Hop Has Done More For Racial Relations Than Civil Rights”


Racism is still alive and well—that is pretty obvious—but there are more than a handful of incidences where we see people of various races and cultural backgrounds coexisting. There are a number of factors that we can accredit with that coexistence, but Jay-Z thinks that hip-hop is the most important one. Jay-Z is one of the most influential rap artists ... Read More »

Naturally Triece: Snoop Dogg Being Sued For Cyber-Bullying over this image


Snoop Dogg is known as the funny man on Instagram but have his jokes officially gone too far or finally caught up with him? After posting a picture of a young man to his Instagram page with the caption, ‘who’s auntuncle is this?’ the young man caught wind of the image and reported it to Instagram as inappropriate but the ... Read More »