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Towanna Freeman: How to overcome a cheating spouse

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Podcast: Play in new window | Download When we have infidelity in our relationships, some of us just want to throw in the towel. But most long-term relationships must overcome some form of betrayal. This video serves as a guide post to figure out how to move forward after such tragedy. There is a video you can watch with Dr ...

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Flavor Flav was great with Public Enemy, but he’s really had a rough 20 years


Reported by Victor Ochieng Controversial Public Enemy hype man Flavor Flav was arrested early Thursday morning in Las Vegas. He was pulled over by highway patrol officers and was booked for many different crimes. The Nevada Highway Patrol apparently spotted Flav at 12:30 a.m. in a 2005 black BMW while speeding way beyond the recommended limit of 45 mph, actually ...

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Watch: Fox News host gets annoyed with racist questions from co-hosts

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Fox News is known as the most racist television network on the air right now. But that doesn’t mean that every host on this show is out of his or her mind. Some people are tipping their hats to Shepherd Smith after he manhandled several of his co-hosts during one of their racist rants as a result of the looting ...

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YBW TV: Bill O’Reilly’s daughter claims he’s just a violent thug

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Here’s some of the latest from this week on YBW TV.  Just click the link to watch any video you’d like.   WATCHED 5:14 Bill O’Reilly’s own daughter reveals he both a racist and a thug 1 day ago 5,722 views From Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly was accused during a custody battle of having physically abused his ex-wife, ...

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Dr Roosevelt Mitchell III: Harriet Tubman should be on Mount Rushmore

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Harriet Tubman recently won the fan poll to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 dollar bill. While this is exciting for some people, it is disrespectful to others who view Harriet as a historical figure. I think she is arguably the greatest American ever produced and should not be on a $20 bill but on Mt. Rushmore. She was known ...

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Former NFL star just got to prison and is already in trouble


By Victor Ochieng Convicted former NFL player Aaron Hernandez has found himself in trouble in prison. A source revealed on Tuesday that the 25-year-old former New England Patriots player acted as a lookout in a fight involving  two inmates. One source that requested anonymity said that “it was two-on-one, he was part of the two.” Hernandez, who’s locked up at ...

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Watch: Danny Glover goes beast on reporter for cutting off his interview


Danny Glover is quite the spirited activist, fighting on a large number of issues that are near and dear to his heart.  One of his recent issues is the battle for postal workers across the country.  The US postal service is suffering from major drops in traffic due to reduced use of their services by Americans who are now opting ...

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New scholarships will honor Michael Jackson and Ray Charles


Reported by Ryan Brennan The legacies and icon statuses of two musical legends is being remembered, thanks to two scholarships that are getting started. Headed by the United Negro College Fund (UNCF), two new scholarship programs will be created in remembrance of pop icon Michael Jackson and soul legend Ray Charles. Both scholarships will serve different areas, but both will ...

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Denzel told not to speak about Jesus, so he spoke about God instead

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by Raveen Johnson If there were an award for most encouraging pep talk of the year, actor Denzel Washington would definitely have a great chance of winning it. Aside from being an amazing actor with many accolades under his belt, his most inspiring moment was during the speech that he gave at Dillard University. Graduates patiently waited for Washington to ...

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