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BOSS Sports | Chris Brown’s Probation Revoked Over Club Shootings


BY:  John “Hennry” Harris Chris Brown may be headed back to jail after having his probation revoked from the Rihanna case. This is due, in part, because he was present at two separate nightclubs where people inside were shot and officials are expressing concern about more shootings.  Chris Brown was not implicated or connected to any of the shootings which ... Read More »

Janay Rice speaks her mind, and twitter users abuse her for it


Wednesday was Janay Rice’s birthday and she bragged on social media about how her husband went all out on her special day. Advertisement Twitter, however, didn’t agree with Janay’s assessment and took the opportunity to mock her Instagram post. “Ok first off I literally have the best husband in the world, he went above and beyond to make my birthday ... Read More »

Spike Lee on racist Oscars: “F*ck em”


by David Miller A lot has been said about the recent Oscar snub of black films.  At the top of the list of films that were left behind in this very predictable sequence of events is the film “Selma,” which has been released to much critical acclaim. Spike Lee is never one to hold back his words, and was firm and ... Read More »

Chris Brown Responds to Shoοting: No More ‘Hood’ Parties With “N**gas Being N**gas”


R&B singer Chris Brown has been plagued with issues, most of them involving violence. In a now infamous incident, Brown abυsed his then girlfriend Rihanna, but now Brown seems  at the center of violence caused by others. As Naturally Moi reported,  five people were shοt while Brown sang “Loyal” at a San Diego concert. The scene became one of total ... Read More »

8 Celebrities That Have A Reputation For Being “Difficult”


When working as a successful entertainer, a great part of the gig is the access that you have to anything you want. Which can be good and terrible at the same time. When a person is not used to hearing the word “No,”  it can really influence the way they deal with others. With enough negative interactions they can come off entitled, arrogant, ... Read More »

Aziz Ansari Destroys Fox News Owner Rupert Murdoch For Racist Tweet


If you’ve seen Fox News, then you know how the network feels about minorities, especially black people. Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch learned the hard way that he can broadcast racially charged stories on his network, but Twitter don’t play that! Comedian Aziz Ansari used his razor wit and hashtags to bring the Fox executive to his knees. It all ... Read More »

President Obama among many who mourn the loss of Andrae Crouch


By Nigel Boys Thousands of people are mourning the loss of the legendary gospel singer Andraé Crouch, who died at the age of 72 on Thursday after fighting several battles with his health over the last few years, including cancer and congestive heart failure. Among them was Bishop T.D. Jakes, pastor of the Potters House Megachurch in Dallas, Texas who ... Read More »

Has Singer Rihanna “Found Love” with Actor Leonardo DiCaprio?

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 2.44.28 PM

Politics’ makes strange bedfellows…and apparently so does fame. Hollywood and New York are buzzing after Rihanna and DiCaprio were supposedly spotted at a recent party at the Playboy Mansion making out. Reports of the two hanging out started popping up about a month ago and it sounds like things are starting to heat up between the two. 40-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio ... Read More »