Black Celebrities

Check out the trailer for Morris Chestnut’s new project, it’s interesting


by G. Brown FOX is lining up some big names to guest on season 2 of its mega hit “Empire…the Obamas’ love story headed to the screen and here’s  your first Reel look at Morris Chestnut’s and Mike Epps’ new shows.  Here’s this week’s First Reel Look… Chris Rock, Alicia Keyes, Lenny Kravitz headed to “Empire” Season 2 of “Empire” ...

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Should we care that people want to kill George Zimmerman?


by Raveen Johnson While all of our black men and women are constantly fighting for their lives, George Zimmerman is out living the life. Well, that was until he got shot in Florida. And, in case you are wondering, the injuries were not fatal. Here is another not-so-surprising fact: the shot did not come from a police officer. Shocking, right? ...

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Diddy Says Marriage is Not an Option: What’s Happening to the Black Family?


By Dana C. Ayres Diddy recently made a statement concerning the institution of marriage. He claims he’s going to be the male Goldie Hawn which means he’s never going to marry. “I don’t know [if I’ll ever get married]. It’s the whole thing of; I think you have to be ready for it because it’s somebody else’s heart involved. That’s ...

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Benjamin Dixon: Why White Supremacy Will Only See Riots and Never Protests


White Supremacy will never distinguish between the method and motivations of protesters and rioters when it involves marginalized groups–particularly black people. To those who are willfully or tacitly blinded by white supremacy, the peaceful protests against police violence that were held on Saturday in Baltimore are equivalent to the rioting we witnessed on Monday. OnSaturday, elders and young people gathered to let their voice ...

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Motown the Musical reps a phenomenon that shaped an entire generation


by Kristina Byas  “I Heard it Thru the Grapevine”, “Please Mr. Postman”, “I’ll be There”…as soon as you start the long list of songs, every music lover immediately identifies with the sound of Motown. In the late 1950s, when Motown was founded by Berry Gordon in Detroit, Michigan, it introduced a new sound to the world that would forever influence ...

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A million moms march and mourn: Will this end police brutality?


By Joshua D. Copeland Thanks to the epidemic of police brutality, there are millions of mothers who will never get to celebrate Mother’s day with their children again.  The mothers whose children were killed by police officers joined together and formed the Million Moms March to call an end to the injustice. The Million Moms March took place May 9th ...

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Cissy Houston says Bobbi Kristina is not progressing


By: Naturally Triece Cissy Houston, the mother of the late Whitney Houston, has recently made claims that her granddaughter Bobbi Kristina’s condition has not changed and the 22-year-old girl has shown little to no improvement. “She’s the same. She’s not progressing at all,” Houston tells ‘Entertainment Tonight’ over the weekend. “She’s the same.” Whitney Houston is the late mother of ...

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Listen: Prince makes a cool Freddie Gray protest song


It looks like the singer Prince is getting in on the action in Baltimore. The Freddie Gray protests have led to nation-wide outrage, with some black celebrities having the courage to speak in support of the initiative of the people. “With everything going on there this week, I had a lot I needed to get out,” Prince said. Kudos to ...

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