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The Truth About Elmo Accuser Exposed

  Elmo accuser and aspiring model, Sheldon Stephens past has come to the surface. The 24 year old from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania has a heavy criminal past that is sure to haunt him wherever he goes. Sheldon has had run in after run in with the law, dating back to 2009. The list includes reckless driving, writing bad checks, and robbery. ... Read More »

Deion Sanders Calls ‘Caucasian’ Reporter Who Criticized His Prep School an ‘African American Killer’

Deion Sanders tried to maintain a “Put Jesus First” outlook during his divorce from Pilar Sanders, but now, it looks as if the pressure has finally gotten to him. In an interview with a Dallas-Fort Worth radio station, Sanders responded to allegations that the school he founded, Prime Prep Academy, was illegally recruiting athletes for its athletic programs, with racialized outrage. ... Read More »

Is Rapper Big Boi Irritated with Andre 3000?

By Victor “Doc V” Trammell There  is no denying the fact that Outkast is a legendary hip hop group responsible for releasing some of the genre’s greatest hits and most classic albums.     From 1994′s “Southernplayalisticcadillacmusic” to the 2003 diamond-selling smash album “Speakerboxxx/The Love Below,” fans have enjoyed a diverse plethora of music that is inspiring, fun, realistic, and ingenious. In 2006, the duo starred in and co-produced a movie called “ Idlewild.” The film’s soundtrack featured music by Andre 3000 and Big Boi. However, the project was not what fans considered to be a full-fledged Outkast reunion album. All of this begs the questions: When will the tons of Outkast faithful get another album? What are the reasons behind the super long delay? Group member Big Boi (aka Sir Lucious Leftfoot) recently conducted an interview with Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg and spoke on numerous subjects. One of the things he was asked about was his partner-in-rhyme’s verse on T.I.’s song “Sorry,” which will be featured on his upcoming album “Trouble Man.” On the song, Andre 3000 (aka Three Stacks) delivers a line where he apologizes for ”f*cking up the tour.” Big Boi said the following statements refering to the song lyric: “I don’t really get it. Awkward… I don’t get it. He’s apologizing for being awkward at shows? Apologize for turning down a million dollars a night….He didn’t want to perform no more, but that’s understandable. I just kept on pushing. Kept on going. To me, the whole thing about the performance thing is, I know fans want to see us do the songs together. But I never stopped touring. I’m on my second solo record.” When Big Boi was asked about a possible Outkast reunion album he stated:   ”It’s whatever man. If Dre’s ready to do it and I’m not on tour all around the world, let’s go, for sure.” For exclusive footage of the entire interview, click on the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=oc-_zLzMIQI Read More »

Scrappy Left Broke,Dissed By Promoter

  Posted By AArnold Lil Scrappy was set to perform at Club Vizion in Louisville, KY, on Sunday, but ended up with no money ,no hotel room, and in an encounter with police. All of this after the promoter, at Vizion, had no money to pay the rapper. Since the promoter could not pay him, Scrappy refused to perform. In ... Read More »

Former NBA Player Etan Thomas Gives Insights on the Lakers Coaching Circus

Former NBA player Etan Thomas has some interesting insights into the silliness that has come to define the search for a new head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.   It appears that the Lakers are doing all they can to ruin the last few years that Kobe Bryant has left: 1. It was  reported  that Mitch Kupchak called Phil Jackson in the middle of the night (after telling him that he had until Monday to make a decision) and told him that when it comes to the Los Angeles Lakers you will -- dramatic pause and Maury Povich voice -- not be the new head coach. Hasn't Phil Jackson earned the right to be treated with a little more respect than that? 2. Here is Phil Jackson's  official statement . After reading this, should Laker fans be just as mad as Fox News was after election night?   Saturday morning, Jim Buss, called to ask if he could come and visit. I did not solicit or ask for the opportunity, but I welcomed both he and Mitch Kupchak into my home to discuss the possibility of my return to the Lakers as the head coach. We talked for over an hour and a half. No contractual terms were discussed and we concluded with a hand shake and an understanding that I would have until Monday (today) to come back to them with my decision. I did convey to them that I did have the confidence that I could do the job. I was awakened at midnight on Sunday by a phone call from Mitch Kupchak. He told me that the Lakers had signed Mike D'Antoni to a three-year agreement and that they felt he was the best coach for the team. The decision is of course theirs to make. I am gratified by the groundswell of support from the Laker fans who endorsed my return and it is the principal reason why I considered the possibility.   3. How do you fire a coach after five games? That is not only insulting but just bad business. I played for Coach Eddie Jordan with the Wizards and that Princeton offense takes awhile to learn. Did everyone really think they would run it with the fluidity of Princeton overnight? That's about as ridiculous as people thinking that President Obama was going to clean up eight years of mismanagement overnight, but that's another topic. 4. Scoop Jackson listed a number of  issues  that Mike Brown had working against him. Are these legitimate things that should have been taken into consideration before his early axing? READ MORE The post Former NBA Player Etan Thomas Gives Insights on the Lakers Coaching Circus appeared first on Black Like Moi . Read More »

Russell Simmons, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke to Lead HOPE Summit for Financial Literacy

By: Victor “Doc V” Trammell Russell Simmons has been known as an advocate for financial literacy in the hip hop community for a long time. The efforts of his many philanthropic causes are commendable and do a great job of informing the masses. His Hip Hop Summit Action Network (HSAN) is a non-profit organization that is committed to various causes that have to do with social change. A successful function HSAN sponsored in the past was the national Get Your Money Right Tour , which was dedicated to educating youth across the country about the importance of personal finance. Simmons along with other American financial leaders, such as Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will be hosting the HOPE Summit on Global Financial Literacy. The two-day event will take place in Atlanta at the Georgia International Convention Center on November 14th and 15th. The main goal of the HOPE Summit is to motivate various leaders in government, private sector businesses, and non-profit organizations to address solutions to important issues involving the American and global economy. For more information about the HOPE Summit on Global Financial Literacy, visit the organization’s website at www.summit.operationhope.org .   Read More »

Is Swizz Beatz In Hot Water For Not Paying Taxes?

Sure Swizz Beatz has a beautiful wife and family, but he has made quite a mess of his financial and professional life as of late. In the summer, Swizz Beatz, CEO of supersite Megaupload.com,  found himself in hot water when the site was taken down by the F.B.I. on charges of internet piracy.  In response, his attorney said  Swizz Beatz was “was ... Read More »

Swizz Beatz Tax Woes Exposed: Allegedly Owes $2.6 Million

By: Victor “Doc V” Trammell Rap stars seem to be very resistant to Uncle Sam. Grammy Award-winning rap producer Swizz Beatz (real name Kaseem Dean) is a target of the U.S. government and the State of New York for failing to pay taxes for the year 2010. The state tax bill he owes the Empire State totals $98,246. A tax lien was recently levied against Dean by the State of New York for the undpaid debt. The “On To The Next One” producer also has federal tax liens against him that were filed in early 2011. According to SOHH.com, the federal tax liens come to a whopping total of $2,600,000. He even involved his ex-wife Mashonda (who was once a singer signed to him) in the embarrassing financial meltdown. Her name is also included in the charges the IRS filed alleging that the couple failed to pay taxes in 2006, 2007, and 2008. Swizz Beatz was recently on Forbes Magazine’s Top 20 Hip Hop Cash Kings list that was published this past September. He landed the number 16 spot on the top 20 with earnings of $7 million so far in 2012. How then is he not able to pay debts to the state and federal government that total around 2.7 million? Financial priorities of some celebrities can be very fickle. With all the luxuries they afford, you’d think they’d make taxes a priority before everything else. Read More »

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