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Out Of Control Rihanna Catches Flack From Fans For Posting Gun Pics

 Rihanna has hit an all time low, in an effort to keep the attention of her fans. What she thought was fun and cute to do, has turned some of her fans completely off. RiRi posted two pics, one of her friend brandishing a gun in the middles of a hallway and the other of a gun totting grandmother. Her ... Read More »

Terrence Howard Sued By AMEX For Unpaid Credit Card Bill

According to Global Grind, American Express is completely fed up with the Red Tails actor’s reluctance to pay his credit card debt and is slapping him with a lawsuit in an effort to recover the unpaid money. The financial service corporation is also requesting that an additional ten percent be paid on top of the money owed. How much money does a person have to owe before American Express gets fed up enough to drag them to court, you ask? Legal documents, which were filed back in November in the Los Angeles Superior Court revealed that the Hustle & Flow actor owes the company $33,474.79. It is also being reported that AMEX is not only filing claims against Terrence as an individual, but also against his company, Al Chemist Productions, Inc. So far, the actor’s legal team has not filed any court documents in response to the claims made by American Express. Hopefully Terrence has the money to pay his bill and mistakenly forgot to send out his payment, although he wouldn’t be the first celebrity who attempted to completely bail on debts owed. The timeframe in which Terrence was given to repay his debt was not revealed; however, one would think that taking Terrence to court was probably AMEX’s last resort in getting him to pay his bill, since I highly doubt the company wants to be making headlines for suing a famous client. Source The post Terrence Howard Sued By AMEX For Unpaid Credit Card Bill appeared first on Black Like Moi . Read More »

Lil Flip Released From Jail; Taunts Police On Instagram

By: Victor “Doc V” Trammell Platinum-selling Texas rapper Lil’ Flip (born Wesley Eric Weston) has been released on bond following an arrest this past Wednesday. The 31-year-old entertainer and entreprenuer was previously incarcerated at DeSoto Parish Jail in Mansfield, Louisiana. He was formally charged with speeding, possession of marijuana and illegal gun possession. His $35, 300 bond was posted yesterday after spending approximately 24 hours in custody. After being released, Lil’ Flip expressed his disgust with his incarceration experience. On his Instagram page, Flip taunted an arresting officer and blasted the validity of his weapons charge. He wrote: “#FRESHOUT???? GOOGLE OFFICER#9845 DENNIS, BUCKINGHAM IN MANSFIELD ,LOUISIANA I HAVE A GUN LICENSE..???? AND BLACK N MILD GUTS AIN’T GANJA???? ME& SAVAGE BEEN OUT SINCE YESTER DAY…IF MY GUN WAS A PROBLEM WHY IS IT STILL IN MY TRUNK.. IT’S ALL GOOD. ME& QUANELL X ABOUT HAVE A FIELD DAY…WIT DEEZ SUCKAS… STAY TUNED!! ???? #clovergang #mob,” (Lil’ Flip’s Twitter) Flip was arrested along with an associate named Olanza Sanders who was released on $25,000 bond this past Wednesday. Read More »

Tyra Banks Graces the Cover of Harper’s Bazaar Singapore

Who says Tyra Banks has lost her fierceness? The Harper’s Bazaar Singapore cover girl proves the doubters wrong. She gives us lots of fierce model face in the January 2013 spread wearing designers we love, including Giorgio Armani, Chanel and Donna Karan. Tyra shows off her veteran modeling skills in avante-garde and geometrically shaped pieces. In the issue, she speaks about wanting to become a mother. Oh my I can see the mini fierceness now. [“I want to have kids and I think it needs to happen very soon. I feel like I was born to be the experiment of the definition of beauty and to be a mother. It’s something I have to do. I won’t be happy if I’m not a mother.”] I love Tyra, she taught me the art of Smizing- “Smiling with your eyes”! Tyra coined the phrase on the thirteenth cycle of America’s Next Top Model. Ever since its introduction, the term became part of the daily lexicon of Tyra and her minions. The art of smizing is epitomized has become legendary. Other beauties of color that have adorned the cover of Harper’s Bazaar in the past, including Beyoncé, Janet Jackson, Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez .                                                                         Read More »

Private Investigator Says He Has Evidence Of Foul Play in Whitney Houston’s Death

Mega-star Whitney Houston’s cause of death has been officially ruled as a  drowning, with heart disease being the suspected cause of that drowning. According to the medical examiner, Houston, who said she’d gotten clean, had cocaine and marijuana in her system. But now a private investigator says he has evidence that Houston was m*rdered, and  didn’t die of an accidental ... Read More »

Rapper Rick Ross Spices Up Django Unchained Soundtrack

Director, Quentin Tarantino, is known for choosing the best songs for the soundtracks of his movies, often choosing from an old stash. This time around he chose to keep it fresh and new with the soundtrack for his recent film, Django Unchained. Tarantino told MTV, “[I’ve] never really asked an artist to write a composition for any of my movies ... Read More »

Rapper Drake Wants Walgreens and Macy’s To Pay What They Owe

So Drake wants to sue Walgreens? Really?  It’s alleged that Walgreens is using a motto that the rapper helped to make popular in one of his rap songs. Drake used the phrase on his so song, “The Motto” from his hit album, Take Care. But here is the problem. Drake cannot stop Walgreens from using the slogan for merchandising, as ... Read More »

Rihanna Stunned by Intruder Who Broke Into Her Villa

When you’re as big as you want to be, you always have to watch out for those fans who aren’t quite connected to reality.  Rihanna is disturbed after a male fan attempted to enter her villa while she was staying in Barbados.    According to the Sun, the singer and her friends were interrupted when the man worked his way into the house.  The group was sitting by the pool and found themselves alarmed to see the unwanted visitor in the home. The villa has 10 bedrooms, making it easy for an intruder to hide out undetected. Security came onto the scene and got the man out of there fast.  Police were called, but fortunately, the man was already gone.  He was later arrested and questioned, but they only charged him with being a bit overzealous. Earlier in the week, Rihanna donated three items worth a combined total of $1.75 million dollars to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Barbados, where her grandmother died in the cancer unit.   Clara ‘Dolly’ Braithwaite  died earlier this year, and because of Rihanna’s massive gift, the unit has been named after her. “This was my way of giving back to Barbados. I believe that this will have a huge impact. This was all done to save lives, or at least extend them,” she said.   Read More »

Vigalantee The Hip-Hopologist: Fat Joe, Fat Taxes, Fat Problems – Why Do Rappers Get Financially Slammed?

In this interview, Vigalantee The Hip-hopologist from Reason4Rhymes discusses the recent conviction of the rapper Fat Joe for tax evasion.  Joe is going to be headed to prison in the spring and some are wondering, “Why are rappers having so many financial issues?” To think about the matter more deeply, Vigalantee speaks with Wayne Hodges from Mass Appeal News. The two discuss the hip-hop music industry and whether or not the blinging and balling lifestyle leads a lot of artists to put themselves into serious financial problems.   When it comes to money, rappers love to brag about how much they have, even if they don’t have any.  But then, when the IRS comes knocking, that’s when cars, houses, jewels and everything else end up getting repossessed. Is there  way to change this cycle? The interview is below:   Read More »

Joan Smalls #1 Ranked Supermodel Graces Vogue Brasil

Joan Smalls is on a roll! The Puerto Rican born beauty has just landed another Vogue issue. Joan is already ringing in the New Year on the January covers of Vogue Turkey and Vogue Japan–and now she’s adding Vogue Brasil to the list. Vogue Brasil’s gorgeous January 2013 “Black Issue” cover, which was shot by Henrique Gendre, shows the host of MTV’s “House of Style” and current Versace campaign gal striking a pose on the water’s edge. Joan has appeared in campaigns for Gucci, Lacoste, Gap, H&M, Givenchy, Roberto Cavalli, Giambattista Valli, Chanel, Fendi, Calvin Klein, David Yurman, Barneys New York, Rag & Bone, Estee Lauder, and Stella McCartney. In 2010, she began modeling for Victoria’s Secret and appeared in their 2011 fashion show. Joan presently serves as co-host (along with model Karlie Kloss) of MTV’s fashion series, “House of Style”. If it couldn’t get better for Joan, she is currently the #1 supermodel in the world according to models.com since September 2012. Wowzas! Go Joan! Read More »