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Nick Gordon Allegedly Paid For Footage “Grieving” At Bobbi Kristina’s Gravesite


BY:  John “Hennry” Harris On August 17, 2015, Nick Gordon, boyfriend of Bobbi Kristina Brown, made an emotional visit to Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, NJ, the final resting place of Bobbi Kristina and her mother, Whitney Houston. People reported that Gordon was flown “by some generous friends” to the gravesite after he was banned from the Atlanta-area funeral by Bobby ...

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Whites Loved Him and Blacks Hated Him For It: Did You Know Louis Armstrong?


by G. Brown Louis Armstrong gave the world one of its most unforgettable songs “It’s a Wonderful World”, but it certainly didn’t start out wonderful for Armstrong. He grew up in a dirt poor section of New Orleans nicknamed “The Battlefield”—and it lived up to its reputation. Armstrong’s family fought to survive after his Dad abandoned them while Louie was ...

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Teen’s Video on How Black Youth Can and Should Stop the Violence Goes Viral


By Dana C. Ayres A video of an inquisitive Rochester, New York teenager has gone viral and it prompts the very important question of why so many of our young people chose misery and violence over seemingly common sense solutions to the question of “why gangbang at all?” Could it be all the Scarface, Godfather and Goodfellas movies that, in ...

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Sprinter Justin Gatlin Points Out His Mom’s Heckler From Podium


“Chill out with that,” 100 meter sprinter Justin Gatlin told a man who was heckling his mom. If Gatlin had said this while walking on the street or sitting at a restaurant, it may not have made news, but Gatlin was standing on a podium when he called out the heckler. When Gatlin spotted a heckler bothering his mom, he ...

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Straight Outta Chill: See Why Nicki Minaj Cussed Her Fans Out On Instagram


By Joshua D. Copeland Instagram trolls had to learn the hard way that Nicki Minaj is not the one to mess with… The rapper let out fire like a dungeon dragon on Twitter followers after receiving backlash from supporting the success of the new N.W.A. biopic, “Straight Outta Compton.” And boy, was she relentless. Nicki posted a photo Image result ...

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Coach Snoop Dogg: From American Gangsta Rapper to All-American Dad


By Joshua D. Copeland Snoop Dogg has just been announced as your newest Addidas Football Recruiting Director. Talk about changing your image! If you haven’t been able to tell, Uncle Snoop knows a thing or two about the sport of American football. That’s because he is a die-hard football fan, and is very active in the community. In fact, he ...

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