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The Your Black World Network (YBWN) is a digital platform composed of a collection of websites providing thought-provoking content that aims to inform, influence, and engage readers. The YBWN has been independently owned since its conception in 2007. The YBWN’s websites continue to to have consistent growth, as evidenced by the data.

In addition to informing, influencing, and engaging readers with its content, the YBWN has Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts that enable readers to engage with the YBWN’s contributors — including the highly respected social commentators, Dr. Boyce Watkins and Yvette Carnell. The YBWN is highly engaged with its cumulative 500,000 social media fans. ¬†We also have hundreds of thousands of email subscribers and nearly 100,000 twitter followers as well.


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