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Minister Farrakhan Visits Newark

Minister Farrakhan visitsNewark

By Doshon Farad


Newark, NJ-Well it appears that age isn’t at all slowing down Minister Louis Farrakhan. On Sunday May 6th the Nation of Islam leader spoke at Newark’s Muhammad Mosque #25 on Elizabeth Avenue just barely a day after keynoting a WISOMMM(Women in Support of the Million Man March) fundraiser.

The Minister spoke for approximately two hours to a very attentive audience in a packed house.

During his address Farrakhan reminded his audience of the city’s black history. “Newarkis a powerful city with some great black men and women.” His lecture touched on, among many things, black self-genocide by saying, “We should be grieving that black people are killing each other all over the country.” He later said, “We don’t love each other the way we should.”

Farrakhan also mentionedNewark’s rich Islamic legacy. “This is an Islamic city and we will make it that again.” He was explaining the Nation of Islam’s role the city and black communities acrossAmerica. “When the Muslims were strong, criminal behavior in our communities began going down.”

During his fiery lecture, the Minister scolded the black community for not being self-reliant by saying, “In 2012 we are still begging another man to do for us”. He asserted to the attendees that the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad would set blacks free. “If you let Elijah Muhammad into your life, you will be restored as a powerful black man.”

The N.O.I leader also warned that “White America is the valley of the shadow of death for black people” and that blacks should not be attempting to further integrate into white society.

In regards to past leaders Farrakhan made very clear “they did a great work but it’s our job to finish it”.

He also mentioned what he felt was an attack on President Obama. “They’re planning to kill our president. And they’re setting the stage for it now”. Minister Farrakhan made clear his defense of the president very clear by boldly stating, “I’ll be damned if I sit around and watch them make Michelle Obama a widow.”

Towards the end of his talk, Farrakhan criticized a possible war withIran. In his sharp criticism, he discouraged young blacks from joining the military by claiming, “You’re not fighting forAmericainstead you are fighting for Zionists”.

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