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A Woman Threw Out Of Michigan Mall For Wearing ‘Inappropriately.’


Are you the “my dress my choice” character? If YES, just know that you are right on your own way, but more importantly, also know that you are doing a disservice to yourself. It is because you will exclude yourself from entering some places—Woodland Mall being one of them.

During her recent shopping at Woodland Mall located in Kentwood, Michigan, Hannah Pewee, 20, was approached by a security guard and asked to leave the property. It was after an anonymous person reported Pewee to the mall’s security for her “inappropriate” outfit.

Later on, Powee posted a pic of the “Finding Nemo” tank top and denim shorts she was wearing to Facebook, adding a furious message about the encounter.

“As many of us know, it’s 90-DEGREES today in West Michigan,” she wrote. “So, of course, I opted to dress for the weather: a tank top and shorts.”

“I’m very angry right now. I am shaking,” Pewee added. “I felt so embarrassed that I almost cried. All because one stranger didn’t like how I dressed.”

The issue in question was with “the length of her shorts,” the mall official told her.

“Their argument was that their policy requires ‘everything to be covered,'” Pewee stated. “This isn’t correct, because when I got home and browsed their website, their policy only read, ‘Appropriate attire, including shoes and shirts, is required.’”

Woodland Mall Code of Conduct, also bans clothing with inappropriate graphics or words. Pewee’s Facebook post quickly went viral, attracting over 17,000 likes. As Powee’s story drew nationwide attention, she was contacted by other ladies sharing their personal dress code experiences at Woodland Mall.

“Several women contacted me saying that this had also occurred to them, in the past!” Pewee revealed. “They’d been kicked out for reasons, all related to their attire. They all felt, like me, that ‘they hadn’t been fairly treated.’”

A day after Pewee’s post hit the waves; she was contacted by Woodland Mall’s management team. She said “they apologized for the incident” and promised the mall would soon revise its clothing policy.

“Woodland Mall has its dress code policy that we enforce. However, we’re currently reassessing the extent of detail in our dress code policy and will train our staff on it so as to avoid [such] situations in the future,” said, Woodland Mall’s spokesperson, Mary Ann Sabo,

Pewee later said.

“I’ve been shopping in Woodland Mall since I was young,” she added. “However, after being treated this way, I think I would only have returned were there no other option.”

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