Michaela Coel Joins Those Supporting Wigs among Black Women


To women, the power of beauty is so much valued that we can’t overlook it.  Maybe it is because of their nature, or it is because women are so much judged and looked upon to the extent that this long jumper felt that she could not do her job minus having long hair.

Long Jumper Blessing Okagbare, jumped very high on the track that she snatched her own wig, literally.

In the viral video clip from her recent Oslo Diamond League’s performance, Blessings can be seen jumping an impressive 6.2 feet. But as she glides through the air—her wig flies off her head and then lands behind her body, immediately she hits the ground.

Just Like any true professional would do, athlete Okagbare simply gets up, rubs off the dust from herself and adjusts her wig cap as she waits for the last score.

And while the moment did not seem to bother her too much, Twitter had a day filled with memes and laughed about the encounter.

However, Chewing Gum creator, star Michaela Coel also find her way in with a hilarious video clip of her snatching her own wig—in a show of solidarity with Okagbare.

Coel also captioned the video with some relevant commentary on the history of the hair of Black women and the overall beauty being prejudiced.

“The real crime here isn’t that Blessings was wearing a wig as the majority of you do, or as many of your girlfriends across ALL races do. Instead, the crime here is that women are so much judged and looked upon to the extent that Okagbare felt could not do her job minus the illusion of long hair,” Coel wrote.

“Black women MORESO ‘4C type’ hair women are usually told that they can wear braids, but not weave; that they can wear weave but not wigs, and that they can put on curly wigs but not straight ones,” Coel explained adding. “That they must create a strong illusion for men to be duped and keep on living in their delusion. But then others tell us: ‘Ohh you look so beautiful naturally, and all the fake hair isn’t nice’ and ‘look how gorgeous we look with Afro’s,’ only for the Whites to jizz over—while they stroke it.”

It was an educative post, indeed.

The above moment was just another teachable experience in the complexity and diversity of Black hair, and also a reminder to put those wigs down!

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