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School’s ignorance led to the 8-Year-Old’s Death


Psychological trauma is the worst suffering, so please if you know of anyone vulnerable of committing suicide just call: 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Let’s save lives!

On Mother’s Day, Cornelia Reynolds remembered “my only child, my first true love, and my best friend.”

Gabriel was found dead on January 26 after hanging himself with a necktie in his home.

Attorneys for the mother of Gabriel Taye, 8, said Gabriel committed suicide 2-days after being attacked by a fellow student at the school.

Attorney Jennifer Branch said, the Carson Elementary School’s surveillance footage shows student Gabriel Taye being pushed against the wall and then knocked unconscious by a fellow student in the boy’s bathroom on Jan. 24. The aggressive student had allegedly been hiding out in the bathroom—assaulting and threatening other students.

In the video, it’s reported to show the 8-year-old child walking into the bathroom and trying to shake the attacker’s hand—but the attacker pulls him forward forcefully and slams him to the wall.

Taye ended up on the floor, unconsciously, for 7.5-minutes before the school nurse and assistant principal came to his aid. Several other students are then seen mocking and kicking the boy while he was still down (in the video).

School officials briefed the boy’s mother that her son had fainted. However, they skipped the part about the violent attack.

Taye vomited several times that night, so his mom took him to the hospital—where it was assumed that he had the stomach flu. Two days later, Taye took his life at his Cincinnati home just after school.

“If the school had alerted the mother that her son was assaulted; that her son had lost consciousness for 7-minutes,’ she would’ve taken him to the hospital immediately for examination,” Branch said. “She was devastated that her only son’s second-to-last day was so much painful for him and that she wasn’t aware it—so she could not protect him.”

Also, Taye’s family blames the school for not telling them about the possible bullying at the school. But the School officials have not responded to the comments, though.

And although Cincinnati Police said they’d investigated the incident, the boy’s mother say “I just feel like enough isn’t being done, and I feel like the stuff is being swept under the rug.”

“Gabriel was a shining light to everybody who knew and loved [him]. We really miss him desperately, and we suffer every day. His life wasn’t only stolen from him—but from those of us, who expected to see him grow up enjoying his life. If I could; I would give anything to have Gabriel back,” read the statement from Gabriel’s mom on mothers’ day.

Rest in peace kid!

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