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WTH – Man Killed Over Hot Pockets

By Dr. Sinclair N. Grey III

No one deserves to lose their life over senseless matters. Sadly and shamefully, too many people are killed over stupid reasons. As a matter of fact, killing/murder is never justified.

Can we be honest and say that everyone has a hot button? In a real sense, there is something within a person that snaps whenever they hear something or see someone.

This week, Nathaniel Mathis of Atlanta was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of her sister’s boyfriend 34-year-old Rodney Benton. Now one would probably assume that Benton did something to Mathis’ sister. However, there was nothing he did to her that warranted him being killed. No domestic abuse. No assault. No disrespect. So why was Benton killed? Because he went shopping for Mathis to purchase some pepperoni Hot Pockets and when he returned empty handed, that’s when he was shot and killed.

According to reports, Mathis asked his sister and her boyfriend to buy some pepperoni Hot Pockets from the store. However, when the store was out of Hot Pockets, the couple proceeded to purchase some groceries using Mathis’ EBT card. Just one thing – they didn’t have the pin number – it had been changed.

The Daily Mail said, “The Fulton County District Attorney said Nathaniel was still furious when his sister got home, and he ‘approached the SUV’ after it pulled up in the driveway. WXIA reports Mathis walked up to the passenger side of the SUV, where Benton was sitting, and said: ‘you know what’s going on.’”

Benton was shot eight times.

When Mathis killed Benton he fled the scene into a nearby park. There was a stand-off between Mathis and police and he would later surrender.

In a note to his sister, Mathis said that he ‘just snapped.’

A terrible shame that someone was killed over Hot Pockets.


Dr. Sinclair N. Grey III is a speaker, author, and success coach. Contact him at or on Twitter

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