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Steve Harvey Isn’t The Harvey You Know. Totally Different!


It seems like everyone usually wants to have some private life and not “prison” life. This is why Steve Harvey had to do something! He had to write a No Pop-Ins memo!

“I couldn’t find a way to walk to my dressing room from the stage, to sit in my makeup chair—to walk peacefully to the stage from my dressing room, or to just sit and have my lunch without someone just walking in,” Harvey told ET. “I’ve always had a policy where, ‘you know, you can just come and talk to me.’ And so many people are great around here; unfortunately, some just began taking advantage of it.”

“I’m in my makeup chair—they walk in the room. I am having lunch—they walk in, without knocking,” he continued. “I’m in the hallway, I am getting ambushed by guys with friends. “

“I just did not want to remain in this prison any longer where I’d to be in this little room, so scared to go out and have a breath of fresh air minus someone approaching me—so I wrote the letter.”

Harvey, who is shifting his daytime talk show, from Chicago to California, appears to have angered some of the Windy City crew that he’ll leave behind. Seemingly one such person leaked an old memo by Harvey, to a local media blog in Chicago—and the portrayed persona of Harvey therein is not exactly a man of the people.

“I promise you I won’t entertain you in the hallway,” Mr. Harvey wrote in the instructional memo to ‘Harvey show’ staff at the commencing of the 5th, and final season in Chicago. “And don’t attempt to walk with me.”

Below is a sample of Harvey’s email that went viral.

“Good morning, everybody. Welcome back.

I’ would like you all to review the following rules for Season five of my talk show

And adhere to them.

There’ll be no meeting in my dressing room. No popping in or stopping by. NO ONE.

Don’t open my dressing room door. And if you open it, expect to be removed.

My security team will bar everybody from standing at my door—who intends to speak or see me.

I want all ambushing to stop immediately. That includes the TV staff.

So you must schedule an appointment.

Don’t approach me while I am in the makeup chair unless I ask to speak to you directly. Either use the doorbell or knock.

If you are reading this, yes—I mean you.

Everybody, don’t take offense to this new way of doing business. It’s for the good of my enjoyment and personal life.

Thank you all,

Steve Harvey.”

And that is how Harvey won himself personal freedom and enjoyment!

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