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Jay-Z and His Mom, Team Up to Help Empower Underserved


Thanks Carter for generosity!

Gloria Carter—mother of hip-hop star Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, is ensuring, even more, students get access to higher education—just in time for graduation season—thorough her  Shawn Carter Foundation.

Carter is looking for funds for the ‘Shawn Carter Foundation,’ (the nonprofit she co-founded with son Jay-Z to assist underserved individuals further their education at the postsecondary institutions, through the partnership with ‘eBay for Charity’ for a special auction.

“It’s important as there are so many children needing financing to get to where they want to go,” Carter told HuffPost. “In partnering with eBay, I am able to touch many people. The deal we made gave us the potential to get huge cash that can truly assist the underserved. And you know, it is a great thing since it comes around the time of graduation.”

Since Carter founded SCF with her son in 2003, they’ve raised over $4-million for initiatives: promoting youth empowerment, and communities in need. The foundation is hosting an annual historically black universities and colleges tour and offers a scholarship fund, counseling initiatives and study abroad experiences.

Gloria says she want to continue her 91-year-old mother’s legacy.

“I tell my mom every day, ‘when I grow up; I’d want to be you,’ because [this] came from my mother. My mom was that person who always believed in the community, who did several things for the community,” Carter added. “My mom brought people together, and I just took it to next level. She couldn’t begin a foundation. She couldn’t transform people’s lives through education, but she changed many lives by just being part of the community and touching it. And that was kind of instilled in me.”

Gloria prides herself in passing [that] giving spirit on to son Jay-Z, so that he can also pass it on to his children.

“Jay-Z comes from learning to give back.  And so he’s touched people’s lives. He’s changed their lives too. And in the process of doing so, he also transformed his life,” she said.

The proceeds from the auction that run from May 14 to 24 is happening at the SCF’s educational programs and a scholarship fund for the underserved students. Fans can bid on the exceptional experiences and memorabilia, including a VIP lounge party held at the 40/40 Club in New York City; Made in America VIP passes; and an autographed guitar from Nick Jonas. They’ll also be able to win a VIP day at ‘Roc Nation Headquarters.’

Supporters are able to donate some gifts that will go to the Foundation: $10 for those students who cannot afford public transportation fare to get to school, $25 for students who require food to eat. The $50 to assist in catering for educational costs, and $100 to help finance a one-day college bus tour—for first-generation students.

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