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Chanel Apologizes For Racially Profiling Sidibe in Their Store


Laggardness may sometimes land you into problems!

Chanel apologized to Gabourey Sidibe after the Oscar-nominated actress publicly shared her encounter of being racially profiled while at the fashion house’s stores.

In one essay published in ‘Lenny Letter,’ Sidibe claims she “felt offended and unwelcome” when she tried to purchase a pair of sandals and a pair of glasses for Empire co-star Taraji P. Henson—at a Chanel store neighboring her apartment in Chicago. She adds, one of the store clerks didn’t want to give her adequate service.

“To be fair, I don’t understand why that saleswoman did not want to assist me,” Sidibe wrote. “I suspect it is because I’m black. But it could also be because I am fat. Maybe my entire life, every time I thought somebody was racist—they were actually mistreating me because I am fat. That sucks too. That isn’t okay.”

“I have felt unwelcome in several stores throughout my life, but I just deal with it,” she added. “As a successful adult, I sometimes walk out of the store in a huff, and without getting what I want, I deny them my hard-earned cash. Sometimes I spend my money in unfriendly stores as if to say ‘F—k you! I will buy this whole damn store!’ Either way—[they] win and I lose.”

Finally, another store clerk of color acknowledge Sidibe and immediately provided her with better service.

Chanel apologized saying they would investigate the scenario.

“CHANEL expresses our sincere regret for the customer service experience at the boutique—which Ms. Sidibe mentioned in her essay—published on a website,” the company’s statement read. “We are sorry that she felt offended and unwelcome. We took her words seriously and immediately investigated to know what occurred, knowing that this’s absolutely against the high standards which CHANEL wishes to offer to our customers.”

“We are highly committed to providing best customer service to anybody who comes in our boutiques. and we hope that in the future, Ms. Sidibe will come back to a CHANEL boutique and get to experience the actual CHANEL customer experience,” read the statement.

At this point, I am sure you will be confused whether Sidibe was making a joke or was she serious about receiving poor services.

“I was looking pretty cute. Other than wearing a long and wavy wig, I was also wearing my prescription Balenciaga shades and new ankle boots. I had a vintage Chanel purse placed on my shoulder—over my winter coat which has a fur hood,” Sidibe wrote. “I looked as if I were in a Mary J. Blige video! Just how I like to look!”

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