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5 Facts About The Black Girl Powerhouse Campaign


The Black Girl Powerhouse campaign is an ongoing project conceptualized by author and entrepreneur, Brenda Hampton. This magnificent estate will be located in the suburban part of Missouri and will be built for the members of the Black Girl Powerhouse club. The property will display portraits of highly successful African American women who earned their popularity and status through their various personal achievements.

These powerful women include Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, and Serena Williams, to name a few. This sanctuary is going to be developed to gather black women who are seeking for support in their businesses and are searching for opportunities that may help enhance their personal development and livelihood. The Black Powerhouse club will host seminars to help empower women entrepreneurs as well as create programs to relax and entertain the members.

  1. Facilities

The estate will feature a bookstore and gift shop that will sell books by female African American writers so that members can purchase and support their fellow black community. A common room will allow members to freely gather and meet each other while there are several meeting rooms that will be used for weekly events and activities.

The seminars will feature significant topics related to education, politics, health, wealth, beauty, and motivation to help inspire the members to develop into their full potential. The property will also include a movie theater, spa, and an art gallery. Meanwhile, the huge outdoor space will have an Olympic-sized pool, golf course, courts, and concert venue.

All of these facilities are going to be established to promote the well-being of each member. The objective of the Black Powerhouse campaign is to provide a solid support system for women to educate, motivate, and encourage black women to stand for their rights on issues they believe in. 

Events, Seminars, and Activities

  1. Politics

Some events and activities will include inviting politicians to visit the members and discuss relevant government issues and situations in the community that the average black women face on a daily basis. Such discussions will allow the members come up with suggestions and solutions to help improve the community.

  1. Business

Female entrepreneurs will also discuss and share their experience and thoughts on how to start and grow a successful business. Financial planners, on the other hand, may provide tips to members on how to effectively build wealth, invest money and learn how to manage finances.

  1. Health

Health counselors can help address various health issues, especially problems that affect the mental state of the members. These professionals may provide information and support for people who are experiencing depression or any similar complication. Fitness coaches will encourage and motivate members to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

  1. History and Culture

Historians are also going to be invited to educate the members about the history and culture of African American society.

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