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Ways to Resolve the Immigration Issues


Here are some of Trump’s legitimate options that might help cure the current “immigration disease” that has made him popular world-wide.

Every guest worker in the U.S. should be biometrically identified. Nation-widely (retina scans, fingerprints, retina scans among other) for visitors has been developed specifically for the “U.S-VISIT” program. Developing “WORKER-VISIT” program will be of helpful in enforcement process and would enable U.S companies to authenticate foreign workers efficiently. As we speak, there is no efficient system to enhance internal implementation. It’s good the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has in place (a program of basic pilot employment verification) which demonstrates the possible effectiveness of adopting such technique with the guest workers so as to discourage undocumented arrangements of work.

There should be a framework to enable the current guest workers, to register with the guest work program. Developing a guest worker program which is unattractive and harsh to migrant workers will fail. This is to say, the new legislation for guest workers should have both generous incentives for compliance purposes and punishment/ adverse incentives for non-compliance. For instance, a policy that limits the working tenure of guest workers at seven years could experience greater noncompliance at the seven-year point because people won’t be happy, being constrained by the seven-year working limit. If the aim is to cut the population of undocumented foreign laborers, then adopting short-term but renewable work permits have a greater chance of success than one permit having an inflexible date of expiry.

Some reasonable waiting period (at least few days), should be adopted, to enable law enforcing agencies have enough time to verify incoming workers’ biometrics against terrorist and criminal databases. Remember no U.S Patriot will want a terrorist on the U.S soil, including those opposing Trump, all they need is a peaceful worldwide relation.

Offering efficient legal entry won’t be amnesty, nor will open the “floodgates.” Such a system will motivate exit of many migrants, apparently knowing that they will return under reasonable procedures and regulations. This is a contrast to the status quo, where the uncertainty and difficulty of efficiently reentering the U.S. discourage aliens from departing. Documented and legalized migrant laborers would upgrade to a new status: not illegal, not a citizen, but just temporary workers.

Employers and Migrants who fail to comply with the new policy should be punished. Migrants who deviate from registering then subsequently are apprehended inside the U.S., should face punishment more than deportation. Read Cornyn-Kyl bill (S. 1438), and you’ll understand why deportation isn’t a disincentive. A 15-year ban on migrants who decline to comply with the new law, might work better.

Not negotiable that every migrant must respect laws and traditions of America. So, while we insist and encourage on the primacy of American norms to those who join us in our workforce, we also shouldn’t forget the full spectrum of our values. The like of; Statue of Liberty that reminds us about “our equality”, regardless of origin, or ethnicity, and that America will always be a land of opportunity.

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