This Mom Teaches Her Daughter What All Other Mothers Avoid


Growing up, blogger Christina Brown was told that she was beautiful, but did not always know it for herself. For a lady, learning to believe that you’re actually beautiful – without makeup, hair, and all other glam fixings—is a lifelong process that needs self-affirmation and constant reminders.

It took Brown years to become comfortable in her own skin. She says “My blog ‘LoveBrownSugar’ has considerably contributed to helping me tell my story and developing confidence by connecting with the other women who want to acknowledge the beauty in their uniqueness too.”

She greatly believes that one of the greatest gifts she can give her daughter Cadence on every day and Mother’s Day, is the gift of self-confidence—because: “a woman with confidence is unstoppable.”

As a mom to a beautiful Black girl, she wants Cadence to know that her beauty existed from that day she was born. She wants Cadence to fully know that no amount of lipstick or edge control or deep conditioner could ever transform how beautiful she already is.

“I think this’s a misconception which many of us grow up with. Since we see the women in our lives applying makeup and hair in preparation for special occasions—so we automatically conclude that beauty equals to rounded lips with bright color, perfect eyebrows, perfectly shaped curls, and smooth edges. We assume that beauty equals to sitting upright, smelling good, dangly earrings, Chanel No.5, high heels and Spanx.” Brown says.

She wants Cadence to understand how blessed she’s to have kinky curls and curves. She wants her to know first that “Mommy is beautiful—with or without a red lip.” When the time comes for Cadence to wear makeup, Brown want her to realize that it does not define her beauty; and that “it isn’t as a necessity as brushing your teeth or drinking water.”

Cadence loves to dance, and so while 2-years-old, Brown put her in ballet and tap class. Ever since that first time—Brown puts lip gloss and highlighter on Cadence before her dance photos—Cadence has now been obsessed with makeup.

“She’ll put her Chapstick on 3-times a day in the mirror—not because her lips are dry, but because it’s what mommy does, and so it must be necessary,” Brown adds.

One day Cadence was looking in the mirror and then asked her mommy for the 497th-time if she could apply makeup. But Instead of saying ‘NO’ like she always did, Brown asked her why she wanted [it] so badly. Cadence replied, “Because I really want to be pretty.”

“My heart was broken into a million pieces since I really wanted her small toddler eyes to see what I saw.” Brown, talks about Cadence response. “I said to myself, ‘Damn. Should I stop applying makeup in front of her?’ But with all red carpet events and my press interviews—I knew that wasn’t realistic.”

At that moment Brown told her adorable daughter (but it can still apply to YOU as well) “Baby, makeup does not make you pretty. You’re already pretty.”

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