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Why NBA Star J.R. Should Continue Smiling Each Day


Touch a kid in the presence of her or his parent then you will know the true meaning of bearing a child. It seems that this law does not only apply to human beings but also to other animals too.

A lioness is said to be much more dangerous when it has cubs. Let’s leave the jungle alone, and go with the typical example. A hen is usually unfriendly especially when it had just hatched the other day. Do you ask yourself why? It is because your kid is the greatest investment that you ever invested in—and therefore you can’t afford to lose it.

And apparently, this is what was in the mind of this star when he decided to use his platform in the society to express his paternal love.

Just recently, J.R. Smith, a star at Cleveland Cavaliers decided to share a happy update on his lovely baby girl, Dakota—who was born some five months before the normal due date.

There is the reason why Smith was happy because [this] is actually rare:

Baby Tiny Dakota weighed just 1 pound when Smith and Jewel Harris (his wife), welcomed Dakota at just 17 weeks—back in January. But the infant has since made incredible progress, and her proud father posted on the social media to share this good news.

“Our baby has now made it to 6 lbs!!! #my_kota_bear #kota_strong #daddys_girl,” Smith wrote on his Instagram page.

Harris and Smith, who have been married since August last year, shared the news of Dakota’s early birth via a video posted on Jan. 7.

“Hi, everyone,” Jewel said. “We have decided to share with the entire world what has actually been going on with our family—in the past 5-days. We know that many of you guys congratulated us—on the expectancy of our little-baby-girl, but we received her 5-months early. Today, she is 5days old, and she is named Dakota. And she weighs 1 pound.”

“We know that we aren’t the only family undergoing through this. There are those who have passed through this, and others who’ll at one go through it. That is the reason why we have decided to share what we’re experiencing with you guys. Please just keep us in your prayers, and we will also do the same for everybody else.”

Harris has always been posting the updates on Dakota on her specific blog, ‘’

So far things are promising, so no need to worry too much mama Harris—Dakota is a survivor, and she will survive through this.

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