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How to Achieve a Better Sleep


“What is the one most valuable advice for having the best sleep?” it’s simple: decide a wake-up time and always stick with it!

Optimally, one should have a consistent bedtime and more important a consistent wake time too. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with people experiencing sleep problems. Sleep times can wildly vary in these individuals, and they sadly don’t seem to acknowledge that this haphazard lifestyle is a significant contributor to their problems. In fact, in most cases, they strangely see it as a step towards a solution.

Some guys control their sleep schedule fully. Regardless of what happens in their lives, they’re up at 6:00 a.m. and immediately rush to the gym to get their BodyPump class. These people are the dogs who wag their tails—meaning the dogs who are fully in control of their tails. Others get up and exercise only if their evening went perfectly as planned, but if they experience a problematic sleep in one night, their schedule is entirely disrupted. If it takes them 1-2 hours longer than usual to fall asleep, they abandon their exercise plans and then sleep in. For such guys, their wake time usually depends on their sleep quality. They’re not in control, so for them, the tail wags the dog (dog wagers). Their sleep schedule is determined by their sleep failures or successes.

Below are some cases of dog waggers:

“My alarm went off at 6:00 pm, and since I could not fall asleep till 3:00 a.m., I hit the snooze and later called into work saying I was sick.”

“I went to bed early last night—since I had a terrible night of sleep at my fiancé’s apartment the night before.”

When one sleeps in this way, all sort of bad things happen. You’re programming your body to be sleeping, only when it’s exhausted. Just Like a cow grazing for food, you are grazing for sleep. If you’re independently wealthy and you don’t have to work– congratulations! Maybe the world’s schedule doesn’t apply to you, and so you can improve on, your freewheeling program for as long as you wish. But for the rest of us—the world is full of deadlines, appointments, and many times we need to be awake.

so, when should you- go to bed and- wake up? You need to pick a realistic wake time which works for your life. Choose a time that you’ll actually feel awake. No one opens her eyes feeling like Mary Sunshine in the morning. So be assured to give yourself some time to move from groggy to human.

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