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Racist Follows Serena Williams to Her Love Affair


Life will never seize to have the haters. Even the times that you decide to sit down and strictly focus on your own life, someone somewhere will look for ways to get into your life—not positively but for all bad reasons.

The annoyers will follow you right from schools to your place of work, from the places of worship to your home, so please you have always to be prepared for them. Because as long as you are still kicking, expect them!

I am happy because Williams seems to be very much conversant with this fact and so she developed the adaptive mechanisms.

As we may be knowing, this is a joyous moment for Serena Williams, since she is expecting her first born with her fiancé, Alexis Ohanian—Reddit founder. This follows her recent pregnancy announcement on Snapchat. To prove her happiness, she has embraced her new role as mom-to-be on the social media, right from her beautiful babymoon all the way to the beautiful note which she wrote to her unborn kid.

But this story didn’t seem okay to everybody—Ilie Nastase to be precise.

Soon after Serena posted the note, she composed another one in response to a remark made by a fellow star in the tennis field. Ilie Nastase, 70, the former top-ranked men’s player, was heard at a press conference commenting about Williams’ child, (saying in Romanian), “Let us see what color it has—Chocolate with milk?”

Serena Williams, whose man is white, took it to Instagram writing, “It disappoints me to know that we are living in a society where people like Nastase can utter such racist comments to myself and unborn child.”

She added that even though “the world has come so far,” it still has got “so much further to go. Yes, we have removed so many barriers — but, there’re a plethora more to go.


But born a heroine, always a heroine, Serena seemed not to wither by the comments

“This or anything else won’t stop me from pouring light, positivity, and love, into all that I do. I will continue to stand up and take the lead for what is right.”

Serena quoted the ‘Still I Rise,’ poem by Maya Angelou which includes these lines, “You may shoot me using your words … you may kill me using your hatefulness, but still, just like air, I will rise.”

This message came a day after the ‘International Tennis Federation’ (ITF) issued out a suspension of Nastase. The ITF had earlier on announced that it is investigating Nastase for his unacceptable behavior—as Romania’s Fed Cup captain at a tennis match over the last weekend—and for the previous comments he had made earlier in the week.


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