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Janet Jackson’s Male Friend Reveals Her Inner Secrets


Minding your own business is sometimes a good idea, if not the best.

Indeed marriage is a two person affair, and it simply implies that if you see a struggling marriage relationship, the best thing to do if you can’t help it, is to ignore it but not to negatively comment on it.

The couple might be facing a severe internal conflict, but mark me, if you as an outsider tries to intrude into their conflict, they will all turn against you. This is because they are only sending a message that you keep out of their affairs and mind your own—that is if you have one.

Although the warnings in the experience I am about to say didn’t come directly from the couple as such, the spokesman seems like he didn’t just rise from nowhere and utter his sentiments—he appears to be one of the spouse’s spokesman.

Janet Jackson‘s creative director and best friend clapped back at haters in Janet’s honor.

Gil Duldulao took it to Instagram just recently to express his opinion towards people who claim that Jackson is running away with a huge payday after terminating her marriage with alienated husband Wissam Al Mana—just three months after she gave birth to baby Eissa.

“Hi. I want to say what I’ve to say as a friend,” he started. “Even if there was a possibility that [Jackson] my friend could make $500 million off of having a child. It isn’t in her character to accept and or want 500 million. It is a character of people, but she isn’t the type.”

“She wouldn’t want a payout or accept a payout,” Duldulao added. “That is the human being I know.  And so to you f–kers who are saying that—f–k you. That isn’t my friend and will never be, Point blank period.”

Indeed he acted as someone send” AND if you checked your facts before. She has been married for 4-years, not five and something months—to claim she will get 500million. So keep on trying you as–holes. Goodbye.”

Later In a series of angry Tweets, Duldulao then asked the public that, “You know how much Jackson worth?”

The billionaire Qatari businessman and the pop star wed in 2012. The News of their breakup arose earlier this month—when a source revealed the separation occurred shortly after she gave birth in January.

It is estimated that Jackson is worth up to $250 million and Al Mana is reportedly worth $1 billion. So we as outsiders don’t know the main agenda here—we can only speculate, therefore, let’s not comment.

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