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Why You Shouldn’t Be So Fast To Quit


Marriage has always been considered as the sweetest thing ever, especially when you get a partner who you feel so ‘compatible’ with. I chose the word compatible because this is a person who you are expected to live together with until you get old or death separates you. But in the recent past, it’s evident that finding a compatible partner has been a very hard task, that it’s nearing extinction.

This is depicted with the mushrooming rates of divorce and separations that are all over the social media. The truth is that the only cases that come to the spotlight are those dealing with stars and celebrities. What that simply mean is that there is a lot of divorce cases happening but which never get the public attention—and which are the majority.

That being the reality, I suggest that you do further analysis on top of what you already know, before tying the knot with anybody. The best way to do it is by learning from the failed marriages—and which are determined to reunite again, like the one below, because you will never get a perfect compatible partner.

La La Anthony sounds ready to accept anything that will be offered to maintain her relationship with her estranged husband—Carmelo Anthony.

Although La La has not yet officially discussed her separation from the NBA star, she opened up about how their relationship won’t be interfered in any way by Carmelo’s future career (he is expected to be traded)—since a trade of this summer likely to influence the pair’s future life together.

“Whatever is meant to be, will be. I am an adamant believer in that, and I will make it work,” as the 37-years-old actress on 13th April 2017, days before her separation from Carmelo was made public.

The former couple, share 10-year-old son Kiyan but separated after being together for over a decade. They wed in 2010, about six years after their engagement on Christmas Day 2004.

Though the pair is currently living separately after a tough few months, it doesn’t imply that everything is ‘over’ with them.

“I’ve to figure it out,” said Carmelo, 32, of his rumored trade. “I am going to have to do thorough figuring things out, right now: sit down with my FAMILY, sit down with my team, to figure this out.”

Since chances of their reunion are promising, that is enough to save someone else’s marriage that is nearing a split—as he/she will realize that it don’t have to be so quick, since people make mistakes and people change.

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