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Palmer Williams: The Most Passionate Actor in His Career


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Palmer Williams has been climbing the entertainment industry since 2008. He has featured in hit films like “The Marriage Counselor” and TV shows “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” and “Love thy Neighbor.”

Palmer has consistently stated that he has a career that he loves to do. “I enjoy making people laugh, and I get paid to do what I’m passionate about.”

He attributes his success drive from his wife and children who have already taken a step towards their dad’s footsteps in the film.

Outside the television business, Palmer has many other talents. He has a musical quartet group known as OHA (Old as Hell). Some of his hidden talents include singing.

He has a gospel album called Neo-Saved. Besides, Palmer released a DVD of stand-up and comedic skits. Additionally, Palmer owns a landscaping business since he likes well-maintained yards.

Additionally, he has a landscaping business called Williams Lawn Care Group that is based in Atlanta. The venture started out as a punishment from his Dad but ended up being a way to put food on the table for him and his family later in life.

The man of many talents for sure knows how to balance family life and The Industry. As a devoted husband, Palmer understands his role as head of the household. He believes in keeping God first and has relied on his faith to get him where he is today. He has a firm foundation on God in everything that he does.

Like other successful celebrities, Palmer has faced quite some challenges in his career. He once went through depression after a failed play that almost ruined him financially. He had the intentions of selling his rental property and had to file for bankruptcy. Before that, his oldest daughter lost twins.

Palmer’s big dream role is to play Stevie Wonder in a movie since he has an attraction to his undying music and life story.

Another prominent role that Palmer would like to play is the type of life that he has led. He would like to show what he has been exposed to in his life.

Given a chance to change about his TV character, Palmer would like to get a consistent girlfriend or wife who is well-rounded in nature and cares a little bit.

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