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Hidden Reason Why Chris Brown Punched This Man


Should we call it ‘being over proud’ or should we call it as ‘personality’?

Most of us usually enjoy different forms of entertainments be it sports, music or drama, among others. If you fall in one of these categories, then you must have either a player or an artist who drives you crazy whenever you hear or watch him.

But it feels so embarrassing that some of the stars take advantage of knowing how much people love their work, to insult and create harm to others.

Maybe we might say that it’s the star’s personality, but as a person of massive influence, it’s very much important that you control your temperaments, however much tempting the situation might be.

When we hear the name “Chris Brown” the first thing that we think of is sweet music lyrics and awesome dances, but to other people—and of late a cameraman, the first thing that rings into their mind is ‘an aggressive young man’ who doesn’t need a second to throw a blow.

Police in Tampa, Florida, are doing an investigation on an allegation that Chris Brown beat a club photographer just recently.

According to a police statement, that case is categorized as a battery, but Brown, 27, had not yet been arrested by the following day.

Police say that the singer allegedly sucker punched a club photographer in Tampa during a paid show at AJA Channelside about 1 a.m. on Easter Monday.

The alleged victim reported that Brown attacked him since he was taking pictures after Brown arrived at that venue for an after-party showing, according to the police statement.

The star had left by the time police officers arrived at the scene. The victim declined to seek medical attention, although he suffered a minor cut to his lip, as the police report.

By Tuesday the police had not completed the investigation.

“At this point in our investigation, we have not yet been able to contact Chris Brown,” said a Tampa police spokesperson adding that. “The investigation continues.”

In a statement send via Facebook, the club wrote that “Incidents like the one caused by Mr. Brown and his team are so sad to see. … Our employees and AJA Channelside apologize for the inconvenience.”

The statements indicate that Brown was only in that club for “a few minutes,”

For those who know the star, this is not a surprise. Brown has had numerous cases with the law for years — most commonly known for assaulting Rihanna, in 2009, who was his then-girlfriend—for which he received community service and probation.

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