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The Biggest Health Problems Facing Middle-Aged Men


The issue of “loneliness” has now become a growing health threat affecting 1 in 5 Americans, as per a 2015 study researched by Brigham Young University.

Feeling lonely at the most time can be as worse or bad for long-term health, just like gaining too much weight or heavy drinking–for middle-aged men.

“It is a risk factor with effects almost the same size as obesity’s, and the prevalence is comparable,” says John Cacioppo, a psychologist at University of Chicago and co-author of ‘Loneliness: Human Nature and the Need for Social Connection,’ book.

Consistent feelings of loneliness can raise mortality risk by 26%, says, John.

Loneliness has been escalated by the fact that 35 percent of U.S. workers are freelancers, working from home, so there’s not even the social interaction that an office provides.

Most lonely people tend to think that they are losers for feeling that they never spend time with buddies.

However, John discourages the “I’m a loser” feeling as it misses the point.

“We tend to think that loneliness isn’t being popular, lacking friends, and being a loser, but none of these are true,” John added. “We did some population-based study, and when we manipulated loneliness, people’s social skills went down.”

“The reason they went down is that their brain goes into a self-preservation mode since we are fundamentally social creatures.”

Loneliness typically functions as a warning system which tells us we have to be more social so as to protect ourselves from harms and generally enjoy all the advantages of survival. According to John

Men wouldn’t talk to other buddies about how they feel ‘like a loser’ because they “have the misconception that if you ever complain about that, you are considered weak-minded,” John said.

For those looking to eliminate loneliness, John offered some clues.

  • You need to extend yourself.

This implies going beyond commenting on an Instagram picture or posting on your friend’s Facebook page. Using social media as a connection channel in real life will reduce your loneliness while using it solely to amass the highest comments and likes will make you lonelier.

  • Find guys with similar interests.

You are more connected when you spend time with those who enjoy the same things as you do, so find them out. That could imply, training for a particular event together or volunteer in a local sports league, but you’ve to make the effort of finding them and get involved.

  • Find buddies who intend to spend time with you beyond material benefit reasons.

Indeed there is a reason why billionaires spend their leisure with billionaires— they know that they do not want anything more from each other, other than friendship.

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