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3 Reasons Why Black People are Still Enslaved to White People

At one time, it might have been said that America was headed in the right direction, when came to racism and enslavement. However, now with the hate crimes, the fight to keep the Confederate flags flying high, and Black people losing their lives at the hands of White police officers, America seems to be taking a step backwards. But, is it really going backwards, or has Black people been blind to the fact that they are still enslaved in what has always been White America. Here are 3 reasons why Blacks are still enslaved.

White Educational System Dominates Schools

Since the Black community does not control the educational system. The African-American history will never be truly know, and future Black children will see the world through the eyes of White people. If you ever heard the someone say, “he has black skin, but white eyes.” The meaning is the person sees everything through the White community and associates everything cancel thoughts and dealings with the Black Community. Month after month, day after day, White history is taught in the school system, but Black people get one month (February to celebrate and learn of their history). Even then, there is only certain information that is being allowed to be taught to the students.

Everything Has to Be Validated by White Americans

Let’s face it! Unless inventions, athletes, science, medicine and other great achievements are validated in the White community by Black people, they will never see the light of day. Black people have to struggle ten times harder than people in the White communities. Even those who attend some of the highest ranked Universities in America, and graduate top of their class, still have to prove themselves to be qualified to take an entry level position.

Black People are Too Infatuated with the White Culture

Sure, Black people are going to love the Western Culture. Why not? That is all they have been taught through the educational system. So, they are going to want to travel abroad and explore the lifestyle and culture of the countries. But, what about traveling back to your African roots, and helping the people out in those areas. Black people spend money touring and helping make the Western countries richer, but just what are you doing for your motherland? However, not every Black person gets to travel and visiting different countries. Many people who cannot just sit and dream of someday exploring a European country. There should be no surprise that no one sits and dream of visiting parts of Africa. No, Black people are still not in chains and being beat on a daily basis. However, the mindset in many people are still enslaved to the White community culture.


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