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New Surprising Look of Jaden Smith!


Although being born a son or daughter of a star, lays a solid basis for one becoming a star as well, it doesn’t guarantee you that you will automatically become a star. it needs a lot of personal efforts and talent to be able to maintain the image of your parents. On that note, it’s obvious that Jaden Smith has a talent when it comes to acting.

Another character that is very evident from this teenage actor is ‘bravery.’ Jaden Smith is fearless by all counts, but more precisely when it comes to hair choices and fashion.

And unlike his father’s hairstyle (will Smith), Jaden has chosen to have locs—something unique given the fact that many expect him to take after everything, if not all, from his dad.

But now, there is something strange which has happened and that has come to the spotlight of the public—and which you also have to be aware of—so that you should not confuse him when you come across him.

The 18-year-old, who has been spending many years growing out his locs, recently undergone a major transformation in his life. With the assist of his father Will Smith, Jaden decided to say goodbye to his signature coif, and then showed off the outcome on his Facebook page.

“Getting Jaden ready for the first day of the filming #Life in a Year,” the veteran star wrote adding that. “…Maybe I should have used scissors?!”

A set of playful pics shows the father-son pair posing before and after that big chop, with Will Smith modeling the cut hair on his own head. That post has since received several thousands of likes from their fans, including a fellow actor Antonio Banderas.

Jaden will be showing off his new outlook alongside model Cara Delevingne in ‘Life In A Year,’—a romantic drama produced by Overbrook Entertainment, owned by Will Smith. The story explains a teenager who intends to create lifetime memories with his girlfriend—one year after discovering that she is fatally ill.

Jaden now joins a long list of Black stars in 2017, who’re coveting the big chop. Just recently, Zoe Kravitz exposed a platinum pixie, as Danai Gurira unveiled her bald head for ‘Black Panther’ at a recent gala.

And let us not forget the gorgeous Michaela Coel, who’s also sporting a short cut in preparation for the upcoming film ‘Been So Long.’

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