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John Legend to Produce and Star in Virtual Reality Series


Virtual reality is where John Legend is heading next. Not long after a co-starring role in “La La Land,” he is set to star and produce in a new virtual reality series.

The new undertaking will revolve around Native American tales. Specifically, it draws its theme from the origin of the fire.

In the upcoming series titled “Rainbow Crow” by Baobab Studios, Legend is poised to work as an executive producer. He is also going to take up a voice role behind the title character.

With the first part of the series making its debut at Tribeca Film Festival later this month, the company was expected to announce John Legend’s involvement in the project.

Commenting on the new series in which he is to take up two roles, he said “The story is really about community. It is about love and inclusion. It’s about sacrifice and doing something good.”

His further comments stated that the subject “Rainbow Crow” had some similarities with some of his music.

The film’s combination of both folklore and music is likely to bring a new experience in entertainment. Eric Darnell co-founder of Baobab and director of “Madagascar” will be the director.

In general, it’s about a bird with the most beautiful feathers and an incredible voice. After it turns dark and cold, it is sent out by others to bring back light and warmth. The journey is of humility and love for others.

The new encounter comes after exploits in the production of WGN American Series “Underground.” Notably, it was about abolitionists and slaves’ years preceding civil war.

In an interview with Los Angeles Times, John had this to say about his involvement in the project, “I thought it felt like a cool story that could do a lot of things.”

Legend says that he has always thought of art as a powerful way of speaking to the idea of love, human connection, and seeing each other’s humanity.

Although Virtual Reality is still an emerging form of conscious creation, Baobab Studios is likely to be a pacesetter.

The first work of the kind “Invasion” proved to be a success. Its nomination for Emmy Awards was encouraging to the production house.

Well for VR fanatics it gets better. At least, for the time being, there are no intentions to charge people for the premiere show.

It is with the hope of getting more people subscribing to the idea first. With this done it will be much easier to charge them, as they will be hooked and willing to pay.

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