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Crazy Drama in Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion


Real Housewives of Atlanta has never seized from its’ dramas even when it is unnecessary. On April 16, all the women sat down with the host Andy Cohen for the first part of their reunion series. And a lot happened.

  • Kandi vs. Phaedra

Things had not got better in the relationship between Kandi and Phaedra. Kandi revealed that Phaedra was only “all positive” on camera but as soon as she realized that she wasn’t being taped anymore, Phaedra would say crazy things. However, Kandi did give Phaedra credit, for her charity contribution for Flint children in Michigan. And even Kenya agreed that she was indeed “honored” for participating in the Flint camp.

  • Kenya vs. Phaedra

Here is where a lot of drama was felt. After watching the video of the ill-fated “divorce” party which Kenya tried to throw for Cynthia and Phaedra—you would be able to understand what exactly is among these stars. Phaedra went off on Kenya again. “She texted my hubby, and that is a fact,” Phaedra said.

Phaedra emphasized that Kenya’s action to text Apollo Nida was why their friendship fizzled, but Kenya disagreed saying it was because they had, had a disagreement over a workout video—which they worked on together—which Phaedra had turned down to pay Kenya for. “You want to be having two different lives,” stated Kenya. “You readjust to maintain this false image that you have had to yourself.”

Then Kenya and Phaedra argued about who between them was a bigger “freak ho.” It ended up with Kenya telling Phaedra that she was “full of s–t, phony and fake.”

  • Porsha’s Anger Management was Tested Again

After watching the clip of those women asking Porsha 20 questions—about her anger management treatment, later Kenya admitted she probably should not have chased Porsha out. “You’re an angry person,” said Porsha adding, “You are really evil.” She continued that Kenya not only followed her across the street but also got right up in her face.

“When I am trying to better myself, all you all think is ‘it’s something bad,’” Porsha explained.

At this point, Kandi jumped in and; Kandi and Porsha began going after each other — ‘with their words’ (not their fists, thanks). Kandi started to scream about how she donated $5,000 to assist Porsha during her ‘Celebrity Apprentice stint.’ Porsha argued that the donation was for charity. Porsha and Kandi were loudly screaming over each other—which made it so impossible to listen to either one of them, while on the other hand, Andy looked on in a stunned silence.

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