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A ‘Coming to America’ sequel on the way


Going with the latest news, I think we should be prepared to see some of Eddie Murphy’s crew in “Coming to America” heading back to the fictional world of Zamunda—if Paramount Pictures has its way.

Though the project is still in its early stages—Kevin Misher, who produced the 2013 “Carrie” remake—is set to produce. What is unclear is whether Eddie Murphy will replay his role as Prince Akeem.

The 1988 film, which starred Murphy as the ‘Crown Prince’ of the fictional African country called Zamunda—who attempts to get a woman who he can marry in America– was a huge success upon its release (earning $288 million worldwide). It was also nominated for the two Academy Awards (Best Makeup and Best Costume Design) the following year.

29-years down the line from the release of the original film, The Hollywood Reporter, said that Paramount is behind the sequel just as they were back in 1988, having recruited the original writers Barry W. Blaustein and David Sheffield to work on this new project.

Although, the film’s star Eddie Murphy has not yet declared whether he will commit to the sequel, it is hoped that the idea of working with Blaustein and Sheffield—who together takes us all the way back to Murphy’s time on ‘Saturday Night Live’ in the early 1980s—could convince him to sign on to the project.

I think producers might have started to miss their previous works as this idea of the sequel thing seems not to be new to us.

If all goes as planned, Coming to America will be adding to the already growing list of ‘80s movies which are receiving sequels or remakes.

Among the films that were rumored to be reproduced in 2016 include Stephen King’s, ‘female Ghostbusters reboot,’ ‘Overboard,’ and ‘Splash.’  All have been tapped to reappear on the big screens this year or next. The 1987’s ‘Dirty Dancing’ will come to ABC this year as a ‘Musical Re-imagining’ starring Colt Prattes and Abigail Breslin in Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey’s iconic roles, respectively.

This news might not be ‘new’ as such, because last month, Murphy’s Twitter account ‘raised the notion’ of a Coming to America sequel, however, the entire account disappeared shortly afterward.

Murphy’s representatives did not immediately react to a request for comment.

This also comes at difficult times since, earlier last week, Murphy paid tribute to Charlie—his brother following the sad news of his death.

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