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Brooklyn Principal Arrested For Beating 7-Year-Old P.S 202 Student

Brooklyn Principal Arrested For Beating 7-Year-Old P.S 202 Student

By M. Swift

A 7-year-old Brooklyn student was attacked by the 42-year-old principal of the borough’s P.S 202 Ernest S. Jenkyns elementary school. The principal has since been arrested.

The Attack

Hasheem Welch was seen running in the hallway wearing a hoodie, banned in the school. Diagnosed with ADHD a few months earlier, he was also observed hitting school staff. Principal Machael Spencer-Edwards pulled Welch from the lunchroom and into the hallway. With the student on the ground, Spencer-Edwards went on to punch and kick him.

The principal towered over the 7-year-old at 6’3 and has been in charge as principal since 2013. Prior to taking over at P.S 202, he was principal over Queen’s P.S 132.  Last year he made news in the city for banning students from attending the school’s Valentine’s Day party if they weren’t wearing pajamas.

According to Welch’s mother, Shema McKenzie, her son returned home with bruises on his back, face, and stomach from the attack. In speaking with the The New York Daily News, McKenzie said that Spencer-Edwards “needs to be put away.”

“I didn’t send my son to get beat up by an adult, especially by the principal who’s supposed to be caring for these children,” McKenzie said.

On Tuesday Machael Spencer-Edwards was arrested on several accounts of misdemeanor assault and endangering a child. He has denied any assault occurred despite there being video evidence.

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M. Swift writes on Black history for Your Black World and Black Then. He also writes on wrestling, comics, gaming, and Black sci-fi and fantasy.

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